What is best way to level up in D2




What is best way to level up in D2

D2 is growing substantially with every expansion bringing with that newer and newer ways are being added to reach the maximum level. Passing the main campaign is always a sure fire way to reach a higher level for example level 20, although it is rare that games actually get your near to the max, just by passing their main story missions where you can also get powerful weapons. We are going to be covering the newer systems added, which in their own unique way are going to be helping you with the push to the highest power level cap. 

Let us just cover quickly what D2 Power Levels are, as we are going to go in depth with them in the next paragraph. The Power Level is what old players may know as Light Level, but there are some changes with it and not just the name. The changes are that now it is a visible number and advised to be worked on as soon as you enter the game.

One of the newer expansions added to the game is ‘’Season of the Drifter’’ which adds a new way to reach the power level up to 640

The aforementioned power level is gained from doing various bounties in the game aptly named ‘’Drifter’s bounties’’. Approximate completion time of these bounties varies from one to two hours at max, while not just steam rolling through them, but also taking your time and appreciating your surroundings. As soon as you load into the game while having Season of the Drifter installed, head right for the tower. 

In ‘’The Annex’’ you will find the Drifter just minding his own business and waiting for people to interact with him. If you do so talk to him, four challenges will be presented to you called ‘’Power Surge Bounties’’. To complete these challenges, you are going to be required to complete two specific tasks and in return you receive two pieces of 640 gear. Now we are going to cover all of the available bounties, however they are all relatively straightforward. 

The ‘’Inner Systems Tour’’ is the first one to be introduced requiring to complete two Public Events as well as three Destination Bounties, these bounties are given by planetary vendors, an example would be Devrim situated on Earth. Next up is ‘’Fireteam Up’’ which gives you the task of defeating 50 enemies in a Strike and to complete the bounty you need to complete said Strike. Coming up third is ‘’I’ll Make You Rich(er)’’ here you will have to compete in a Gambit match, sending 5 blockers and also completing the match is what you need. Lastly we have ‘’Tactical Refresher’’, which tasks you to compete in a Crucible match, killing 10 Guardians and completing the match. The bounties offered are quite easy to complete, each one requiring one match to complete or do as what the bounty calls for. Furthermore, despite it having no power level requirement for these bounties, you will need be at least level 50 before you can accept them. 

In the previous expansion ‘’Season of the Drifter’’ the Power Level cap was raised to 640, but now with the newest one ‘’Season of Opulence’’ that cap was raised to 750 and with that even more options were introduced. The soft although does remain at a solid 500, getting to 750 works basically the same as when ‘’Forsaken’’ first arrived. Getting to 750 does unlock the games richest end-game content, from the ‘’Nightfall’’ to the new Raids. Learning as soon as possible which sources give you what Power Loot is key to faster and more effective levelling. 

Albeit the vast majority of activities will drop loot at the aforementioned soft cap of 500, which in turn means that it is easier to simply, play the game how you so choose to and gradually level up. Certain activities an example would be Legendary Engrams and Vendor rewards will gradually cap out and their weapons and armour will not help, which in turn forces players to find an alternative to keep going up in levels. The Legendary Engrams as well as standard loot will stop at 500, so you must seek out ‘’Powerful Gear’’. *Disclaimer* The ‘’Powerful Loot’’ scales with you, but with a pace of 10 levels behind normally, a player at 551 will have loot drops of max 541. 

Activities that scale with you until the cap are as follows: Blue and Purple loot that drops from enemies, Decrypting Blue and Purple Engrams. Other ways are getting rewards from vendors situated in the Tower, Zavala (Strikes), Shaxx (Crucible) and Gunsmith (Gunsmith materials). Completing activities (such as Public Events, Lost Sectors, Strikes and Crucible) and opening Loot Chests. Once you reach 500, you have to switch and work on specific activities to increase your level, including the game’s many ‘’Powerful Gear’’ sources. 

Not all ‘’Powerful Gear’’ sources are equal 

To make things even more complicated, the community came together and have worked out that sadly not all ‘’Powerful Gear’’ sources are equal per say. However, all ‘’Powerful Gear’’ is useful, most will only increase an individual item’s power level by just one after 650, making the whole process very long. Focusing on activities such as ‘’Scourge of the Past’’ which drops give a higher jump per loot. Up next we are going to cover all sources to get to 750 slowly.

There are three main ways to get these sources: Daily, Weekly and those who are both. First off we have those that are both ways to reach the cap, the ‘’Heroic Adventure’’ in that week’s Flashpoints, which in turn means that Flashpoint is weekly. Crucible, Gambit and Strikes are both daily and weekly. Following next we have those that are weekly, completing 20 Challenger for Ikora is one way. Getting Clan Experience as well as Clan Crucible, Nightfall, Raid and Gambit completions. Completing and winning in ‘’Last Wish’’ also getting completing and getting a high score in Nightfall. Achieving the final Wanted Bounty is the final weekly way. Here are those who do not fall under any of the categories, but are unique in their own way. Iron Banner bounties is one, Black Armoury forges and completing Reckoning (activity given by Season of the Drifter).

Now we are going to cover sources that can get you from 600 to 750, however if you have not yet reached 600, the ways covered in the paragraph above will help you, but these upcoming ones are going to be giving you better results, which in return makes things faster.

- Prime and Exotic Engrams

- Second Year Raids (the likes of Last Wish, Scourge of the Past and Crown of Sorrows).

- Menagerie completions (capping put at four per week)

Next up we are going to cover optional ways to reach that all so desirable level of 750, but these work only once. 

- Zavala quest (Complete Strikes wearing set of Season 4 Vanguard Armour)

- Shaxx quest (Win Crucible match wearing set of Season 4 Crucible Armour)

- Drifter quest (Win a Gambit match wearing set of Season 4 Gambit Amour)

- Ikora quest (Complete three daily or weekly challenges)

- Spider quest (Complete four Lost Sectors in Tangled Shore)

- Forsaken Exotic quest completions (the likes of Ace of Spade, Chaperone and Malfeasance)

As with before, increasing your Power Level makes you attack and defensive abilities better, but it while also opening doors to newer and newer activities. Many of the end-game events require that you have a certain low and max Power Level. Post-Warming this difference has been made even greater, having 50 levels difference between you and your enemy is substantial to say the least. From that points, enemies will have an ‘’???’’ icon next to their name, signalling that they will not take any damage what so ever from the player. Furthermore, with the arrival with Forsaken, that is changed, now you are even rewarded with even more upgrades depending on the difference you have with your enemy. Here is the list of all most prominent activities that require a specific Power Level:

- Strikes – 300, 400 or 500 Power Level options

- Leviathan Raid / Raid Lair – 300 Power Level

- Daily Heroic Adventure – 320 Power Level

- Spire of Stars Raid Lair – 370 Power Level

- Spire of Stars Prestige Raid Lair – 380 Power Level

- Escalation Protocol – 380 Power Level

- Nightfall – 540 Power Level

- Final Wanted Bounty Adventure – 540 Power Level

- Last Wish Raid – 550 Power Level

- Black Armoury Forges – 600+ Power Level

- Scourge of the Past raid – 640 Power Level

- Menagerie – 690 Power Level

- Crown of Sorrow Raid – 740 Power Level

We are eager to see all the players raiding on and about through this ever extensive game and what next is going to be offered by Bungie.


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