What is D2 Forsaken




What is D2 Forsaken - The first expansion?

D2 has changed a lot over its second year. New and old exotics were introduced into the game, three new raids were added, and the story of the universe of Dexpanded upon. With the season of opulence just being released and year 3 coming in September, lets take a look at everything that D2 year 2 had to offer. The second year of D2 can be broken down in 4 major seasons. Forsaken, Season of the Forge, Season of the Drifter, and the all new season of Opulence.



Forsaken was the first major expansion that started off year 2. Forsaken added a full campaign, new Strike missions, new Crucible maps and modes, 2 new locations, a New raid, and the new game mode Gambit.


The expansion introduces a new faction of enemies, the Scorn. In the lore, they are undead Fallen that where released from the Prison of elders. The Scorn were an excellent addition to the pool of enemies to fight.

In addition to new enemies. Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans all gained new super abilities for each of their subclasses. Hunters got the new super for Gunslingers called Blade Barrage, Spectral Blades for Nightstalkers and Whirlwind Guard for Arcstriders.

Blade Barrage

The player can throw flaming knives from high in the air. The spread of these knives are great for clearing out a room, taking out fellow guardians in Crucible or Gambit, and deal massive amount of damage to strike or raid bosses.

Spectral Blades:

The player can form two void light daggers and be as stealthy as the night itself. Players can turn invisible and see through walls. Making this a perfect super to use in PVP.

Whirlwind Guard

This super is like the original Arcstrider subclass but with a twist. Players can now block and reflect projectiles by spinning their Arc Staff. This improves the survival right of using this super in PVP and also hunters to be more defensive rather than being purely offensive.

For Warlocks, the new super for Voidwalkers is called Nova Warp, Chaos Reach for Stormcallers and Well of Radiance for Dawnblades.

Nova Warp

This new super allows players to teleport and unleash a Void explosion. Great for clearing adds or wiping out the enemy team.

Chaos Reach

This super unleashes a ray of Arc energy that can be cut short to save super energy. This is a great dps super for gambit and killing strike bosses and is fun to use in PVP.

Well of Radiance

Players can create a supersized healing and empowering aura for other players to stand in. Paired with the Warlock exotic “lunafactions” makes this super the backbone of any raid team.

For Titans, the new super for Strikers is Thundercrash, Burning Maul for Sunbreakers, and Banner Shield for Sentinels, allowing players to use their Sentinel Shield to unleash a protective barrier that players can also shoot their weapons through.


Players can launch into the air at a high rate of speed and slam onto the ground causing a larger wave of arc energy to be released.

Burning Maul

Players wield a large flaming hammer that can be used to land repeated blows on enemies.

Banner Shield

Players can now use their Sentinel Shield to unleash a protective barrier that players can also shoot their weapons through. Damage taken by this shield generates light orbs for other players to pick up and weapons fired through the shield gets a damage buff.

Each new subclass supers can be unlocked by obtaining an item called a Seed of Light. The first Seed of Light is obtainable through playing the campaign of Forsaken, while the other two can be obtained by playing through blind well and through the Last wish raid.

Gambit is a new mode that combines PvE and PvP. In this game mode, two teams of four players play against each other by defeating PvE enemies. These enemies drop an item called motes that can pick up and deposit in a bank in the center of the arena. Depositing 5, 10, or 15 motes sends small, medium, or large enemy blockers to the opposing team's side and stops them from banking motes. Once these blockers are defeated, the bank reopens.

Once 25, 50, and 75 motes are deposited, a portal where one team member can invade the other team's side. Motes are removed if a player is killed. After depositing 75 motes, a Primeval boss will spawn at the bank. The bosses can heal if a team member is defeated by an invading member of the opposing team. The first team that defeats their Primeval wins the round. First team to win 2 rounds, wins the match.

The new raid mission that was add is called Last Wish and was opened on September 14, 2018; unlike the Calus raids, there is no Prestige mode. The first completion of the raid triggered a three-week curse cycle in the Dreaming City, opening up new activities and missions for players. An all new weapon type, Bows, was also added in the expansion. The EXP level cap was raised to 50 and the Light level cap was raised to 600

The Plot of Forsaken


Forsaken focuses the story of Prince Uldren Sov and his sister, Queen Mara Sov. Uldren is in search of his lost sister, believing her to still be alive after the events of the taken war that happened back in D1.

The player and Cayde-6 travel to the prison of elders, where they meet up with Petra Venj in securing a prison break carried out by an enemy called the Scorn. During the assault, Petra discovers that someone else had released the prisoners and escaped. Cayde-6 goes to find them, only to be attacked by the Scorn, have his Ghost destroyed and be severely wounded. In the end, Uldren Sov murders Cayde-6 with his own gun (Ace of spades) before fleeing.

The Player flies Cayde's body back to the Tower, where Ikora holds a funeral for Cayde. Ikora wants blood, but Zavala refuses to go to war. The player vows to deal with it and sets out alone to hunt down Uldren Sov. The player hunts down his Barons one by one, makes allies with Petra and The Spider, which is the leader of a Fallen crime syndicate in the reef. Meanwhile, Uldren Sov is guided by visions of Mara to free her, and takes a shard of the Traveler from the European Dead Zone. The Player eliminates six of the eight Barons:

  • Hiraks (The Mindbender) and his Hive throne world

  • Araskes (The Trickster) and her plan to sabotage engrams for the Tower

  • Kaniks (The Mad Bomber) from blowing up the Tangled Shore

  • Yaviks (The Rider) and her gang

  • Reksis Vahn

  • Pirrha

After this, the player is contacted by Petra. She informs the player that Uldren is headed for the Awoken Watchtower in the Tangled Shore. After killing the seventh Baron, Elykris (The Machinist), the player fights through waves of Scorn and ends up killing Fikrul (the final Baron). The Guardian makes their way through the Watchtower, as well as the Ascendant Realm in search of Uldren. Once the player finds him. Uldern offers the shard and his own Darkness to open a gateway to the Dreaming City.

Though, instead of his sister, Uldren is devoured by a grotesque Taken creature called the Voice of Riven. The player kills  the creature and releasing a weakened Uldren. The player retrieve Cayde's gun, and soon after, Petra arrives, with Uldren adamantly declaring that everything he did was for his sister. The Guardian and Petra then point their weapons at Uldren and the screen cuts to black.

Black Armory

Following the events of that unfolded in Forsaken, the Player is given a mysterious seal by The Spider, leading them to a hidden section of the Tower known as the Annex. This is where all the dlc takes place for the rest of the year. In the annex, The player meets Ada-1, an Exo who is the curator of the Black Armory. This is a weapon foundry that was founded during the late Golden Age.

Despite Ada-1 one wanting to kill the player at first, the player eventually earns her trust and wares by showing her the seal spider gave to them. The player slowly starts to piece together the identity of the Black Armory's mysterious assailant who has been stealing the Lost Forges and getting them back online.

After discovering three of the forges (Volundr in the European Dead Zone, and Gofannon and Izanami on Nessus) the player finds that the mystery assailant is a Fallen captain named Siviks, Lost to None, the forsaken brother of The Spider. Siviks, wants to plunder the Black Armory vault that is in the Last City. He dispatches an invasion force led by Insurrection Prime, a Prime Servitor built into an immense bipedal war machine for itself. This leads into the new raid “scourge of the past”. Upon discovering and igniting the Bergusia Forge, the player is able to unlock a mysterious box, containing a unique weapon frame, of which Ada has never seen.

After a lengthy quest involving returning to Eleusinia and once more igniting the Bergusia Forge, the player returns to Ada and forges "Izanagi's Burden", the same weapon used by Ada centuries prior to take vengeance on the founders' murderers. One last time, the player returns to the Bergusia Forge and confronts Siviks, killing him and returning a device known as the Obsidian Accelerator to her, restoring her lost memory and rebuilding the Black Armory once and for all.


Season of the Drifter

After the events of Black Armory, the player is summoned by the Drifter, who has moved down to the Annex. In this season, a new version of Gambit is released called Gambit Prime. The drift also invites the Guardian to visit his ship after the completion a couple matches. The player, upon exploring the Drifter’s ship, discovers that the mysterious haul tied to the back of the ship leads into the realm of the Nine in unknown space.

The Guardian fights waves upon waves of Taken inside the haul, including powerful Taken copies of Nokris and Oryx. The player also meets the Emissary of the Nine inside the haul (she is from trails of the nine back in year 1) , who reveals to the player that it was the Nine who gifted the Drifter with the haul itself, and that the Taken and Primevals bosses that the Drifter uses in Gambit originate from there. These creatures are created by the Darkness and the Drifter's force of will.

The Drifter finds out about this and advises the Guardian to not trust the Nine and to stop talking to the Emissary; he reveals that the Emissary was an Awoken named Orin who was close to Mara Sov before dying and being resurrected as a Guardian herself, and that she sought the Nine to gain power and was subsequently transformed into the Emissary. Despite the Drifter's objections, the player continues to make contact with the Emissary via Xûr over the course of nine weeks, which leads to a dark omen from the Emissary, foretelling the return of the Darkness.

During the season, the player is contacted by a Praxic Warlock named Aunor, who strongly advises the Guardian to not trust the Drifter (big shocker there). Aunor has been investigating the Drifter due to his connection with the Shadows of Yor. A group of outcast Guardians known as Dredgens who idolize Dredgen Yor. He was former Guardian who had been corrupted by the Hive and the Darkness. He ended up being killed by a legendary Gunslinger Hunter named Shin Malphur.

The major plot twist is that the Drifter has been training Guardians to become Dredgens themselves through Gambit and Gambit Prime. Aunor has made several attempts to talk the Vanguard into expel the Drifter from the Tower by any means necessary. In light of this revelation, the Drifter contacts the player and asks where the Guardian's loyalties lie. With the Vanguard or with him.

Regardless of the choice made by the player, they learn more about the Drifter and his past through recordings found across the EDZ. In these recordings, it is revealed that the Drifter was resurrected by a Ghost during the Dark Age of humanity. He became one of the first Guardians known as the "Risen", but he did not trust the Traveler's Light nor His Ghost. After several years trying to survive and live a normal life, the Drifter departed the Solar System during the City Age with a crew in search of a power "greater than Light". It was also revealed that the Drifter was also part of the Shadows of Yor for a short time until he had a falling out with a fellow Shadow named Callum Sol, followed by a confrontation with Shin Malphur. The Drifter warns the player of an impending second Collapse, and that the new game mode, the Reckoning, in the Derelict's haul was created to prepare Guardians for this looming apocalypse.

Season of Opulence

In this newly released season, the player is given an imperial summons by Benedict 99-40 on the orders of Emperor Calus of the Cabal. The player is invited to take part in treasure hunts and play in the game mode called Menagerie that is onboard the Leviathan. After the player participates in the Menagerie, the player returns to Werner 99-40 on Nessus and is informed by Calus that one of his Loyalist Shadows, Gahlran, the Sorrow-Bearer, was given a Hive artifact called the Crown of Sorrow in an attempt to control the Hive, but instead triggered a trap laid by Savathûn, causing Gahlran to fall under her control.

This is what leads into the new raid “Crown of Sorrows”. Wanting the Leviathan cleansed of the Hive infestation, a fireteam of Guardians assembled by Calus make their way into the vessel's treasure vaults and confront Gahlran. With the aid of Savathûn's magics, the Guardians slay the mad Shadow, rendering the Crown of Sorrow inert. Calus rewards the Guardians with treasure and formally makes them his Shadows.