What is D2 Iron Banner?




What is D2 Iron Banner?

Today we will take a look at the D2 mode of play called Iron Banner and the different armor sets rewards. First off let’s start with a bit of background about the mode in the original Dand how it transferred to the second game of the series. 

In the original Dgame, guardians had the option to compete in a limited time event with some light level advantages enabled. This meant that weapons with a higher level respectively did much more damage and also higher level armors absorbed quite a bit more depending on their level. Lore-wise you are incentivized by Lord Saladin and Lady Efrideet who would try and encourage guardians with interesting loot rewards, like unique shaders, emblem as well as powerful weapons and armors.  

In D2 we see Lord Saladin make a return in the tower, with many more new offers of amazing armors, weapons and much more. In the second game though the Iron banner has gone through some changes that make it much more accessible to even casual players so that more people are invested in it.

And let us go on with the next step in our explanation, that being the entry requirements. It always begins at each weekly reset and lasts until the following weekly reset, meaning you will definitely have enough time to farm out what you need from it. If you are interested weekly resets can change during Daylight Savings Time and they will be like the following times:

  • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) – Reset will be at 10 AM Pacific while Daylight Saving Time is active from March to November.

  • Pacific Standard Time (PST) – Reset will be at 9 AM Pacific while Daylight Saving Time is active from November to March.

There are a couple more requirements except being on time for you to be eligible to play this amazing mode. The Red War campaign must be completed as well as it’s mandatory to be level 20 to be able to talk to Lord Saladin in the Tower Courtyard so that you can participate in the Iron Banner events. The good thing is that even if you don’t own any of the expansions you can still play, as ownership of an expansion is not mandatory to be qualified for the Iron Banner.


Let’s check out what Lord Saladin has to offer in terms of rewards

His location is at the Tower Courtyard next to the gunsmith.  He can exchange valuable and interesting loot for Banner Tokens when you rank up your reputation by turning them in. They can be acquired the following ways:

  • Match Completions – When completing an Iron Banner Crucible match all players will be given out tokens to turn in for a rank up in reputation, although keep in mind that wins always give out more tokens compared to losses. Wins will award you with 5 tokens while losses only give out 3.

  • Weekly Bounties – Additional token can be acquired by completing different Weekly Iron Banner Bounties. They can be completed on various characters if you want to farm them out a couple of times. They give out 25 tokens that can be redeemed as well as powerful gear.

  • Next up is to check out what can be purchased from Lord Saladin and they are the following: 

  • Iron Banner Gear – As you rank up different gear will be offered for sale to the guardian.

  • Iron Banner Weapons – There are always a fixed-roll Iron Banner weapons specific for each event, additionally there will also be a masterwork fixed-roll weapon offered as well, that can be acquired by completing Iron Banner triumphs.

  • Iron Banner Emblems – Guardians can receive the emblem by completing various objectives during the Iron Banner Event.

With the season of the Drifter there were some new things implemented that players can try out to make their game easier or more difficult depending on what you wish for. Consumables were implemented and they can reduce or increase the power of a guardian while playing in the Iron Banner.

The Iron Burden is a consumable for those players that wish to challenge themselves by lowering their power level to 100, by doing this they focus much more on strategy, positioning and gunplay compared to what they do normally. This consumable can be purchased for 5 Iron Banner Tokens directly from Lord Saladin, but keep in mind that even though it might be more challenging and riskier using this the reward is amazing and definitely worth it. 

To receive the reward, which is an updated version of Wizened Rebuke that is fully Masterworked and has a curated roll, the player must defeat 500 opponents while the debuff is active. While it may seem a lot to defeat 500 enemies all during one event don’t worry about this, your progress will carry over to the following events so that you can take your time if you aren’t that much in a rush.

The other consumable you can acquire is called “Wolf’s Favor”

This is designed especially for players who are a tad bit more PVE focused. They implemented this consumable so that they can bring in part of the PVE playerbase to the Iron Banner event. This consumable will drop with kind of a limited availability and will grant a 100 power increase to guardians that use it and it stacks up to 7 times meaning that you can raise your power by up to 700 for a limited amount of time of 30 minutes. This was implemented for so that those players that normally don’t play Crucible can try their hand at it.

If you want to try and acquire the Wolf’s Favor it can be done by completing the following daily and weekly challenges.

  1. Daily Heroic story mission

  2. Vanguard Strikes

  3. Nightfall

  4. Flashpoints

  5. Gambit

  6. Weekly milestones from Ikora and Hawthorne.

Let’s look at some trivia as well. Remember that power level matters a whole lot as people with a higher one will deal much more damage to lower level ones. Also Iron Banner rewards will be capped at the maximum power level available for guardians that don’t own D2: Forsaken or D2: Forsaken annual pass. Upon the conclusion of the event if you have any leftover tokens in your inventory, keep them as they will be viable for use at the next Iron Banner. 

Although if you have bounties left in your inventory you can keep them in there until the next season where they will be removed. Also a known bug is that if during the event you don’t see Lord Saladin, just return to Orbit and try relaunching again.

Now let’s take a look at what is offered now and what we can expect next season which will be called Season of Opulence (season 7).

Each time Lord Saladin offers different weapons, although the armors stay the same throughout the season. To purchase specific items you will need to complete the bounty that is attached to it. You can purchase the following:

  1. Class armor- It comes with two perks “Better already” and “Special ammo finder” the corresponding bounty you have to complete is “Oath of the pack”

  2. Leg armor – The three perks are “Mobility enhancement mod – restorative mod”, “Pulse Rifle scavenger”, “Pulse Rifle dexterity” and the bounty you need is “Around the fire”

  3. Gauntlets – The three perks are “Mobility enhancement mod – Plasteel reinforcement mod”, ”Hand Canon loader”, “Sniper Rifle Scavenger” and the bounty you need is “Maneuver warfare”.

  4. Chest Armor – The three perks are “Plasteel reinforcement mod – Restorative mod”, “Unflinching Kinetic Arm”, “Hand Cannon Reserves” the bounty you need is Victory Banners.

  5. Helmet – The three perks are “Plasteel reinforcement mod – Restorative mod”, “Remote connection”, “Sniper Rifle Reserves” and the bounty you need is “An arsenal of tricks”.

  6. Crimil’s Dagger – The four perks of this hand canon are “Fastdraw HCS - Crossfire HCS”, “Drop Mag”, “Rangefinder”, “Opening Shot” and the bounty you must complete is “Iron Confidence”.

  7. Swarm Of The Raven – This grenade launcher  has four perks which are “Quick Launch”, “Proximity Grenades”, “Threat Detector”, “Quickdraw” and the bounty you need to complete is “The Rout”.

Let’s check out what these bounties are all about, they have the following requirements:

  1. Oath of the pack – Defeat opponents while assisted by at least one other teammate. You will have to defeat 100 opponents. The reward is 25 Iron Banner Tokens and powerful gear.

  2. Around the fire – Capture zones in the Iron Banner playlist. Earn bonus progress for each additional teammate in the zone with you. You will have to capture 100 zones. The reward is 25 Iron Banner Tokens and powerful gear.

  3. Maneuver warfare – Defeat opponents while your team holds Zone Advantage. Earn bonus progress during the Hunt. You will have to defeat 75 opponents. The reward is 25 Iron Banner Tokens and powerful gear.

  4. Victory banners – Complete matches in the Iron Banner playlist. Wins award bonus progress. You will have to complete 40 matches. The reward is 25 Iron Banner Tokens and powerful gear.

  5. An arsenal of tricks – Defeat opponents with final blows from any ability. Earn bonus progress for Supers and opponents with a higher Power level. You will have to defeat 200 opponents. The reward is 25 Iron Banner Tokens and powerful gear.

  6. Iron confidence – Defeat opponents with final blows from any weapon. Earn bonus progress for Energy weapons, Power weapons, and opponents with a higher Power level. You will have to defeat 250 opponents. The reward is 25 Iron Banner Tokens and powerful gear.

  7. The Rout - Defeat opponents in the Iron Banner. Earn bonus progress by landing final blows on opponents with a higher Power level. You will have to defeat 250 opponents. The reward is 25 Iron Banner Tokens and powerful gear.

Also if you are lucky there is a possibility to get randomly rolled Iron Banner loot at the end of every match, and thankfully this loot includes the amazing weapons and armor included for the current season.

Up next is the data mined and leaked information for the next season of the Iron Banner. There will definitely be some changes implemented in the upcoming update. For example dataminers have found out that there will be a new Iron Banner quest called Test of strength. It will be a five part quest that will challenge guardians through something like a journey through this mode that will only be available in the Season of Opulence. 

Most likely we will get the new season on the 18th of June according to the Season of Opulence schedule although the end is not announced it should be a week later. All we know currently is that Bungie is definitely trying to push more of a team play dynamic this time around. You will get much more rewards and be pushed into playing with other people. We can’t wait for the upcoming update we can only hope that they will continue to improve our beloved game. But we shall see if everything is up to the hype quite soon we just hope that there won’t be any disappointment.

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