What is D2 Trials of Osiris Boosting



What is D2 Trials of Osiris Boosting?


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The D2 Trials have always been highly appreciated and enjoyed by the playerbase. Although they were removed from D2 for some time, now they are making a return. The D2 Trials of Osiris Crucible mode will be available once again. We would like to talk about the various ways we can help you with them. Before we do that though, let us first check out what the Trials of Osiris are and what you can earn from them.

The Trials can be played every weekend with a start date of Friday 10AM PST and will last until Tuesday 10 AM PST. The time seems to be set so that most people will be able to play during this weekly competitive event which. This encourages more players to be active and hopefully it will bring some of the older players back into the game.

The Trials of Osiris are basically a 3v3 competitive match with Elimination rules where you have to have at least 960 Power to participate in them. Another thing you should keep in mind is that there are no matchmaking options and you need a pre-made team before entering. This unfortunately causes issues with some solo players but fear not as we can help with that. Our professional players are always up to the task of helping you win matches. They are available at any time of the day, especially if you set it up with them before the event starts. They will try their best to accommodate any wishes you might have.

Now you might also be wondering how the fights progress. Overall before entering the Trials, you will have to purchase a ticket. This ticket gets points if you win or lose. When you reach 3 losses total, you will stop playing and receive a reward depending on your performance. Now in regards to winning, you will have to get 7 wins for the best rewards and to finish the Osiris Trials. Keep in mind though that the matchmaking depends on how many wins you have. This means that if you have 6 wins for example the team you will be facing off against will either also have 6 wins or 5 in some cases. This is made so that every game is challenging and getting the maximum 7 wins feels more rewarding. The best reward though is getting a flawless run which is 7 consecutive wins without any losses prior or during them. By doing that you will get access to the Lighthouse, which is an area with special loot chests. It is definitely worth the hassle to get there as the contents are quite good. If you have any difficulties with this though, always remember that we are here for you at any time. Our professional boosters will be able to get you the flawless run without an issue.

Now you might also be wondering how to get to the Lighthouse more frequently. There are Passages which are sold by Saint-14. They are useful tools to help you with the grind to a Flawless Run. Five of them exist currently and you can only have one of them equipped at a time. They are the following:

1.       Mercy Passage – This one will forgive one loss per ticket. It can be useful so that you do not have to start over every time a single loss is achieved.

2.       Ferocity Passage – With this one you can get an additional win. If you do not have any losses, the third win you achieve will count as two. Quite helpful for teams that want to quickly complete the Trials.

3.       Confidence Passage – This one will unlock only after you have completed a Flawless Run once. It grants a bonus reward from the Flawless Chest.

4.       Wealth Passage – This one is unlocked after you achieve five wins in the Trials of Osiris. It helps by providing more Trials Tokens from completing and winning matches.

5.       Wisdom Passage – This one is unlocked after you achieve seven wins in the Trials of Osiris. It will help out by granting you more XP from Trials wins based on the number of wins achieved during a ticket.

Now in regards to rewards there is no need to always get a Flawless run in order to get good gear. If you achieve three wins you will get a Tier 2 Powerful Gear, five wins will get you Tier 3 Powerful Gear and lastly seven wins will provide you with Pinnacle Gear. It is quite a nice system that incentivizes more frequent play during the weekly event. Keep in mind two things when farming Trials of Osiris. First, all unused Trials Tokens are removed from your inventory every Tuesday so you cannot stack them indefinitely. Second, all the rewards you get weekly can only be received once per character until the reset next week. So you should remember these two things so that your time is not needlessly wasted.

Lastly we will take a look at the Flawless Rewards. They are for those few players that reach the Lighthouse. After successfully getting there you will receive exclusive cosmetics and extra Pinnacle Gear. You will be able to show off to your friends by equipping a yellow glow on your armor so that people can recognize the skill it took to get a Flawless Run. Overall it is quite fun challenging to get there but in the end it is completely worth it. That is why if you face difficulties with the Flawless run, always feel free to contact us 24/7.