What is the Light?



What is the Light?

Up next in our deeper dive into everything D2 lore related we will be talking about what is the Light? The magic like essence of the D2universe that is related to every living being and is all around us in the game world! 

Its opposite is the Darkness and they are forces of the Cosmos that have existed even before the beginning of Time and Space. It is something that exists in order to encourage the growth of new life forms all around the universe. 

The Traveler is something that is closest to the Light itself and it emanates from it but keep in mind though that it does not create it

Think of it as something like a conduit that enhances the Light itself and makes it stronger. All living things have Light in them as it is the spark of life itself. Imagine what we currently think of the Soul and you will get a better idea of the Light. For a long time it was though that the Light is all connected and later on it was proven by the Hive siphoning it from the Traveler from a piece of itself. 

The Hive even capture it and offer it to their gods as sacrifice while also feeding off it. The Guardians are the only ones that have such control over it that they can even use it as a weapon to fend off their enemies. Their faithful ghosts are even beings created from the Light and that is why they are also closely connected to the Guardians. 

All around us there are also orbs of it that can enhance and power up the abilities of Guardians that know how to utilize them

We have given you some general idea of what exactly it is, so let us also dive deeper into its origins and everything that came after it. It is hard to even call it the origin of this power as it never exactly came to be but was here ever since the beginning. 

This is a power alongside the Darkness that has existed even before the start of time as we know it. These two powers have always just been there and have helped shape the universe itself through their influence. 

These two powers can be considered something like gods and also us at the same time, however confusing that might sound. The Light the Darkness have engaged in something called “the game” ever since before time itself. 

The thing that they have occupied themselves with is a constant battle which always ended in a repeating pattern with no change. While the Darkness enjoyed this outcome, the Light never did like it due to it being always the same no matter what. 

That is why it decided to change things up and to promote different and interesting outcomes

The Light put itself personally in their game and started influencing everything around it and that is also the reason the Darkness interfered personally as well as to counteract its rival. The two have constantly fought each other and it can even be said to be the oldest conflict ever even if it is at a level that none of us can comprehend.

The earlies documentation of the Light was recorded in the lore texts created by the Hive, called “the Books of Sorrow”

There the Light was described as a symbol of cooperation, gentleness and harmony in society. While its opposite the Darkness was the power of surviving and dominating others to ensure the continuation of yourself. 

These two opposites were what the Hive had experienced due to the interference of these Cosmic powers. They even recorded the disciples of the Light, called the Leviathan and the Traveler. This was their first interactions and documentation of these two amazing entities.

During the Golden Age, the Traveler arrived at the Sol System with the desire to terraform various worlds and make them inhabitable by humans. Interestingly enough it chose the humans as suitable representatives of its ideals and hopes. 

Sadly as always the Darkness intervened by arriving at the Sol System as well and engaged the Traveler in a cataclysmic battle which left the disciple of Light into a largely inert being which could not do much. Because of this battle large chunks of the Traveler were scattered all around and the largest one even falling in Europe, making it the European Dead Zone.

During the City Age, which is the one we are most familiar with, the Traveler created numerous of machines infused with Light, in order to have them bring back, long dead individuals with the powers of the Light itself. These various warriors which can come back from the dead were called the Risen and later on renamed as the Guardians. They became the paragons of Virtue in this broken galaxy and fight for the survival of humanity and the ideals of the Light itself. They became what many including the Red Legion envy. 

This was the reason they invaded and even captured the Traveler in a cage designed to syphon its Light. Dominus Ghaul pleaded constantly with the envoy of the Light but to no avail. Every time it refused and shunned him. 

This brought him to a rage which led to him directly stealing the power for himself and corrupting it as that was an action of the Darkness. The moment we defeated him though and overcame all difficulties was when the Traveler was officially freed and its decision to grant humanity the Light was justified.

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