What is the thunderlord and how to get it



Finally, the new exotic quest comes to an end. This Quest started all the way back in the festival of the lost and finally releases the last step of the quest 2 weeks ago. This quest nets the player the exotic heavy machine gun called the ThunderLord. This is the first gun of its type to be released in D2. It takes up a power weapon slot and packs a huge punch. The gun produces lightning strikes that rain down from above upon killing an enemy. Also, holding down the trigger increases the rate of fire of the gun and getting kills with the ThunderLord increase its reload speed. Currently, there is a skin for the gun in the Eververse that gives the gun a cleaner look.

                Now, how to get the ThunderLord is a little bit of a process. At the time of writing, all the quest steps are out, and the time gates are removed. To start off the quest, talk to Amanda Holliday in the hunger. She will give you a quest called the Journal of the Reef Cryptarch. This is an exotic quest that can be found in your pursuits/bounties page in your inventory. From there, travel to the EDZ and get hunting. The player must find 10 pages of the journal. To find these pages, you must kill yellow bar Fallen. I would recommend finding a “glimmer mining” public event. They usually drop a lot of yellow bar Fallen. You should be able to complete this step in one or two of those public events.

                After this step, the player must find three lost sector bosses. Lucky, each boss are in the three lost sectors surrounding Devrim Kay in the EDZ. The lost sectors are Atrium, Widow’s Walk, and Terminus East. Once the player defeats the lost sector boss, the player must loot the lost sector chest to get progress on the quest step. After that, the must go to the lost sector Whispered Falls. This lost sector can be found in the Outskirts part of the EDZ map. It is tucked away in the top left-hand side of the area. Same as the last step, clear the lost sector out, kill the end boss, and loot the chest. After that, the quest will update.

                The next part ill take you back to Amanda Holliday. Talk to her and will give you the next step of the quest. The next step will take you back to the Whispered Falls lost sector. A quest icon will appear in the lost sector and will talk you to a familiarly yet forgot place. For D1 players, it will be a major nostalgia trip, but for new players, it might not make sense why this place means so much. The quest drops you off where it all began, the Cosmodrome. Now, to the new players reading this, the Cosmodrome is where your character started in D1. It is where your ghost found you, and where your character became a guardian. There is even a little Easter egg, if you can call it that, that allows the player to scan a car near where the spawn in. This is the car that your character’s body was found in back in D1. Ghost even comments on founding you. It is a really nice call back to the original game and I wish they added more.

                Back to the quest. Follow the path of enemies until you find yourself in a huge open room. It will have a massive black hole in the wall. Enemies will start spawning all around you. They won’t be too hard if you are around max light level but may pose a challenge for players under 560. After a wave of enemies, the boss will show itself. After taking him down and his goons, you are prompted to head back to the teleporter that brought you there. Once you get near, Amanda Holliday will say “This is going to be your last time in the Cosmodrome”. I would use the opportunity to explore the area. Look around and get some screenshots, because it is looking like this is going to be the last time we see the Cosmodrome. Once you get close to the teleporter, the quest will end and boot you back into space.

                The quest will update one more time and will bring you back to Amanda Holliday one more time. After speaking with her, you will get a special engram that you must head to Rahool to decrypt. This engram will give you the Thunder Lord. Hopefully this small guide helps you net the ThunderLord. If you are having trouble getting this weapon or don’t feel like grinding, head to the D2 Boosting tab to see our options. Eyes up Guardians, and be brave.