What we know about D2 latest expansion - Shadowkeep




What we know about D2: Shadowkeep


The expansion is set for release on the 17th of September 2019 but still we have quite a lot of information going around on what it will include. The new expansion for one will be set on the Moon and will be called Shadowkeep. So let us dive into the juicy stuff and tell you what we know for now. 

Since the new expansion will be set on the Moon, which was quite a prominent location in D1, some players will find it quite familiar. Bungie has announced that there will be most of the same areas but they will be kind of different because of Hive meddling. Also something to look forward is that the size will be twice the one of the original, meaning there will be quite a lot of new stuff to explore and experience. 

The story will revolve around a mysterious ancient force waking up on the moon. And there will be a lot of resurrecting of old foes from both games. We will experience some of the enemies we defeated in the past but in their shadow versions, the ones we know for sure that we will see are Crota, Dominus Ghaul, Omnigul, Skolas, Phogoth, and either Zydron or Atheon. This will bring a new take on what we already experienced and also make a lot of us nostalgic players quite happy. 

Even if there are a lot of players that jumped on the Dtrain during the second game, seeing Dominus Ghaul back Is a welcome sight. There will also be a new Raid introduced located in a world called Black Garden. It is a Vex world and there space and time works a little bit differently compared to normally. We still have no idea what Guardians will be doing there but most likely there we will fight with a final boss. While we might not know a whole lot in regards to this new world, there will definitely be some interesting things there as after all who doesn’t love a little time and space distortion. 

Up next we are continuing with something quite interesting and new for the game

For the first time Bungie is introducing something that they call a dungeon. The Shattered Throne is a so called dungeon that is a three player mini raid. There are three encounters, which are two bosses, one puzzle arena, as well as many hidden secrets and platforming challenges. In the product page of Shadowkeep Bungie has promised a new dungeon for the latest expansion as well. 

Many fans speculate that it might be set in the Scarlet Fortrees, which is a place seen in the marketing materials. While we don’t really know and are just speculating it will most likely be this as the Scarlet Fortress is quite mysterious at this time.

Something else we can expect from the new expansion are some brand new amazing exotics as well as old ones making a return. For now we have three weapons we know that are coming with the latest expansion. The studio has previewed them and they are quite interesting and worth taking a look at. The first one they showed off is the game’s first heavy bow. It will utilize Power Ammo and will push you back when fired because of its amazing power. 

Next up will be a Vex-themed trace rifle which will create a large critical spot on the enemy for your allies to shoot at and take advantage of. The third Exotic is still in development and can change on release but it will be a hand cannon with a scope on. We know that this may seem amusing at first but it will be an interesting concept to look at. 

Also they have mentioned that players should be careful when using it, as it can set them on fire. This is information for the hand cannon is quite interesting but this is the weapon most likely to change during development. A returning weapon we can expect to definitely see is the Monte Carlo auto rifle from the first game of the series.

As some of you might remember it had a perk called the Monte Carlo Method, which would decrease the cooldown of melee abilities when dealing damage. As well as each kill with this amazing gun would have a chance to instantly restore a Guardian’s melee ability. 

Up next is a little bit of a guess but it is quite likely to actually be introduced. That is the Khvostov 7G-OX. This is a gun that a lot of you that played D1 will fondly remember as the first ever weapon picked up in the game. Also that gun was reintroduced during the D2: Rise of Iron expansion as an exotic weapon with no perks but a lot of customization options like firing mode, stat modifiers, rage of fire tweaks as well as scope tweaks. 

While we still aren’t sure about it being brought back it is quite likely as the first Cosmodrome mission will be back this fall. There will be a lot more weapons introduced in this expansion and by the looks of the ones we currently know we can expect some amazing stuff. We are quite happy that they are bringing back old iconic weapons but we still hope that the new stuff will be quite amazing and interesting. The guns in this game rarely disappoint so we can be sure that Bungie will live up to the hype here.

We talked a lot about weapons but now let us take a look at some major armor changes coming up as well. Bungie is introducing a whole new system made to change up how we look at armors. They will implement perks that can change up everything and not only have to choose between quality and aesthetics. 

Each armor piece will have energy slots into it and we will be able to attach perks to them that will cost a said amount of energy. For example they showed off the Noble Constant Type 2 helmet that will have eight energy capacity and a mod has been slotted to it costing 5 energy. This will mean that most likely there will be a variation of energy costs for each mod. 

Something else that people are speculating about and will most likely happen is that the year 1 armors will also be changed up to include this function. Hopefully this will happen as then people will be able to use their old armor sets from previous expansions which will be great. While it is still not announced if all old armors will be changed to include this new and interesting mechanic but we still hope that they will. 

A lot of players are hyped about this new focus on PVP that the upcoming expansion will offer. The studio has announced that they plan on rebuilding the whole system and including a lot of new and interesting stuff. It is unknown how they plan on changing the Crucible but we can all expect something new and fresh to be put in the game. As well as some old maps from D1 being reintroduced there will be new PVP ones as well. 

Lastly we will take a look at a mechanic a lot of us gamers are familiar with, finishing moves. Bungie has previously implemented this in Halo:Reach with players being able to pull of an animation when holding the melee button behind enemies in order to assassinate them. Most likely here we will see its return in a form more similar to the one used in Apex Legends where guardians will be able to kill off enemies on low health with a stylish animation. 

The developers didn’t mention how they will be acquired and how many new animation will be implemented but most likely we will be able to purchase them through the Eververse. There will be quite a lot of more information released as the expansion draws near, but even so what we know for now is still quite amazing and interesting. 

The upcoming expansion for now seems like something that will try to bring new life to the game and also reintroduce some old nostalgic things from the first game. But in the end keep in mind that some of what we mentioned is still speculations only and we will only know for sure when the expansion comes out.

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