Which are the best Weapons in D2




Which are the best weapons in D2


Today we will be taking a look at the best weapons in the game. There are a lot of amazing guns like grenade launchers, sniper rifles, assault rifles or even swords and bows.  These are guns that you should try to acquire as they will definitely help you improve yourself and make you a powerhouse. Be it in PVE or PVP try or even if you prefer kinetic to ark damage for example they are worth it so try to get at least a couple of these exotic and not only weapons as they will be incredibly useful for you. 

So let us start with them, they are the following:

Mida Multi-Tool


You will be able to acquire this gun by completing the Exotic quest you pick up in Earth’s EDZ, once you’ve completed the series of Quest missions that unlock after the main story campaign is complete.  This is a scout rifle designed for rapid movements and quick reactions, if you manage to land headshots it does serious damage. Its perks make it a perfect hit and run type of weapon. When you have it equipped you will have faster movement speed and the reload time is extremely fast once you land a precision kill.


Rat King


This weapon is a bit hard to get as you will need someone with you also doing the Rat King quest or he has already done it. You’ll receive the quest when you complete the Quest line on Titan after the story unlocks. You need to complete Patrols, Public Events, Crucible matches, and the Nightfall with another player using Rat King. 


For the Nightfall, you need to finish it with five minutes or more on the timer. It has quick firing rate and decent stability. If you make a kill with it and then reload it will make you temporarily invisible, which is great for emergencies. Another interesting thing about it is that the more people on your team with Rat King the more powerful it becomes. This is definitely a gun worth the trouble.


Sweet Business


Basically this is a minigun, and it does what people might normally expect from such weapons. It will shower your enemies with tons of bullets and will melt the big ones fairly quickly. It is also incredibly useful for places with lots of enemies, such as Nightfalls as it’s a great crowd control weapon. An interesting thing about it is that when you pick up ammo it automatically goes into the gun and also the more you hold down the button the more stable it becomes when firing. 

Vigilance Wing


This incredible pulse rifle comes from random drops and is perfect for Trials of the Nine, the Crucible, and Strikes where you’ll have a team with you. Its main bonus is that, instead of firing a three-round burst, it fires a five round burst. If you’re a precise shooter destroying enemies be it humans or NPCs alike will be a breeze. 


The perks of this gun make it more like a last stand kind of weapon. The reason being is that when your teammate gets killed your health regeneration will restart and you will get an increase in movement speed.




We are putting these two weapons together as separately they don’t make the best pistols but together they could make you a powerhouse. When Sturm is paired with Drang you get to make use of the Together Forever perk. Kills with Drang reload Sturm from its reserves, and Sturm’s Accomplice perk uses kills to reload Drang. You can continually switch back and forth between the two guns as you rack up kills and never have to reload.


Garden Progeny 1


This is a scout rifle that is weird looking and fires slowly, but hits very hard, and doesn’t have a ton of kickback.  To get it you will have to complete the lengthy Prophecy Tablet quests from the curse of Osiris expansion. It makes for a great long-range alternative to an auto rifle.




One of the most beautiful weapons currently in the game, it is incredibly unique and useful for PVE and PVP alike. Its perks are incredible and quite powerful Banned Weapon gives Crimson a three-round burst. Cruel Remedy heals you every time Crimson bags a kill. 


If it’s a precision kill, you get more ammo in the magazine. You can acquire it through Powerful Milestone rewards or if you have the Warmind expansion it can drop a Masterwork version from random enemies in the world.


Braytech Winter Wolf


This is quite the useful auto rifle, the reason for that being is that it’s incredibly easy to use. A very stable, long-range auto rifle, the Because of Armor Piercing Rounds and High-Impact Reserves the gun is great against shields and especially effective toward the end of the clip. 


Overall its simplicity makes the gun so good as anyone can pick it up and do decently with it. You can find the Winter Wolf after unlocking the encrypted nodes scattered around Hellas Basin, which you can open once you gather up Resonant Stems.


Inaugural Address


This is a pulse gun acquired from the Leviathan raid of course if you are lucky enough to get it. Its biggest benefit is Kill Clip: Reload directly after a kill and your entire magazine will receive bonus damage. When you Pair it with the Outlaw perk, where you get a high-speed reload after a precision kill, you can raise your damage pretty quickly.




An incredibly easily acquired gun as it becomes available to you in the main campaign of the game. This heavy hitting gun is best paired with a good auto rifle for maximum performance. It’s a slow-firing Energy weapon with explosive rounds, one that turns enemies killed with critical hits into Solar bombs that damage those around them. Those explosions have been greatly increased in the Warmind expansion, making Sunshot a great gun to have with you in all circumstances.


Skyburner’s Oath


This exotic scout rifle can be acquired from random drops and is quite good for strikes as it’s an anti-cabal type of gun. It’s been tweaked in the Warmind expansion to give its rounds a slight bit of homing that makes it great for firing from behind cover. It also has good range and good handling, and its Slug Rifle perk increases damage when aiming down sights, making it ideal for people who stay back and fire away from a distance. The big benefit of Skyburner’s Oath is that it does increased damage against Cabal targets in general, meaning will definitely have to bring it to the Leviathan raid.




This Rasputin themed hand cannon can be acquired by completing all the story missions on Mars as part of the Warmind expansion, and then returning to Ana Bray and completing the blue Quest missions that appear after you speak with her again. 


Its perks are quite good Seraph Rounds give it an armor-piercing flare, and the Rampage perk means the hand cannon powers up the more kills you get with it. This is a reliable second weapon, great for pairing with a good auto rifle or pulse rifle, for when you need to some surprisingly big damage.


Tractor Cannon


You can get this gun from exotic engrams or if you want there is a masterwork version of it that can drop from fighting enemies in the world but you will need the Warmind expansion for that. Its Repulsor Force perk actively pushes enemies away when you hit them, giving you some distance from the enemies. It also sports increased range over other shotguns. 


Perks such as Particle Repeater and Composite Stock mean Tractor Cannon also has solid stability to help you deal with its recoil. When using the Scientific Method perk, damaging enemies also increases Tractor Cannon’s speed and handling. 




This is quite a useful gun for those of you out there that aren’t the best shots. It has a bigger magazine compared to other fusion rifles and it comes with a perk that increases the gun’s charge speed. Something else that is quite good is that after you get a kill it automatically reloads and the weapon’s damage increases. So with this gun just hold down the trigger and make lots of kills.


Curtain Call


You can get this weapon from random drops and it’s an incredible rocket launcher.  It deals heavy damage to a big area, making it great for crowds and boss enemies alike. The big benefit of Curtain Call, however, is that, along with its big explosions and fast rockets, it launches cluster bombs upon impact, which fly out from the shell and explode around it. This makes it an incredible gun for clearing a lot of enemies all at once or destroying a whole team of guardians that are close together in the Crucible.




Some of you might recognize it from the first Dgame as it returns to the sequel as well. It fires a burst of energy which is like other linear fusion rifles but its bursts stick to the character and then detonate a second later. Overall it makes the enemies into walking bombs. Keep in mind that the rounds can also attach themselves to walls and floors so you can still do damage to them even if you miss.


Wordline Zero


This is an incredibly hard weapon to get from the Warmind expansion, but it is definitely worth the hassle. It has a high ammo capacity and its Tempered Edge and Infinite Guard perks mean you don’t lose any efficiency when choosing between defensive and offensive capabilities with the blade. 


To get the Worldline Zero, you have to find 35 of the colored test nodes hidden throughout the Warmind expansion. Do try to get this amazing sword as it will definitely help you out in the game, also it looks absolutely gorgeous.


Ace of Spades

The amazing weapon is used by Cayde-6 and it can bring a lot of hurt. You will be able to acquire it after completing the main story campaign for D2 Forsaken. To get it you will have to kill invaders with hand cannons and then get hand cannon kills in Strikes and Crucibles. Following that you will have to track down some caches and complete a mission on Titan. It takes some time to get it but it will be definitely worth it.

Hopefully this information was helpful to you and will assist you in making a choice on what guns to pick up and try out. 

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