Who is the former emperor Calus?




Who is the former emperor Calus?

Today we will be taking a look at quite the interesting persona that has had quite an impact on the story so far and will continue to do so in the future! In short he was the former emperor of the Cabal before he was overthrown by Ghaul with the help of the Consul. He was deeply involved in the Leviathan, Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars Raid lairs. Also he used to be part of the Cabal species but after encountering an unknown force he was transformed into something else and currently we do not even know his true form.

Now let us dig deeper into the story of former Emperor Calus

His rise to power began when he overthrew the Praetorate from power. His populist roots led him to be loved by the people and won him the title of Emperor. The first thing he did once in power was to move the capital to the platen Torobatl in order to be closer to the common people. Another kind gesture or more like a brilliant move was to distribute all of the wealth of the Praetorate among his people as well as granting citizenship to the Imperial Legions. 

Because of his decisions he became immensely popular with the people and even befriended a poor tea merchant called Iska’al who would be one of the people that led to his undoing in the future. One of his pleasures during his reign was the even interesting to watch Coliseum games. There he met somebody that all of us D2 player know, Ghaul. During one of his numerous visits he noticed the albino gladiator, the thing that caught his eye was how Ghaul displayed patience and intelligence compared to the others. Because of this he became his favorite and even made him Primus of the Red Legion. 

Everything was going well for Calus until one faithful midnight where the conspirators led by the Consul and Ghaul removed him from power

They could not execute him as he was too popular with the people but he was cast out on the board of the Leviathan on a pre-set course to nowhere. Calus was distraught for a long time but after he managed to get back controls to the giant ship he decided to get back his lost power. In order to do that he started roaming the galaxy in order to find followers for retaking his empire, as well as visiting numerous of mysterious locations. 

He even created an elite group of champions that he named “The Shadows” which were sent to eliminate all of the conspirators that removed him from power. They were quite successful as everyone except Ghaul and the Consul were promptly eliminated, wherever they were hiding in the galaxy.

Now we get to the part where he met us “the Guardian” we first found out about him when he invited us to the Leviathan in order to congratulate us for defeating his most hated enemies. He greeted us with various challenges aboard the ship and even a robotic copy of himself which we had to defeat. After doing all that he offered us great power just like his and also tons of loot. 

After some time we were invited by him again as the Leviathan had consumed a part of Nessus that housed Argos and he needed our help with fixing this. The main issue was that Argus, the Vex mind was starting to take over the ship and in order to fix it we had to step in. After we managed to remove the threat Calus congratulated us and awarded us again with interesting treasures. 

And yet again after this the former emperor had need of us as the new Red Legion Dominus called Val Ca’uor managed to launch an invasion on the Leviathan. We agreed to help him yet again and the following battles left many of the Loyalists and even the robotic copy of Calus dead. Yet again we managed to save him and earn various rewards for it.

One year after the end of the Red War, Calus brought us to his sail barge on Nessus where he awarded us with something you might recognize from our previous news articles, the Chalice of Opulence as well as granting us access to his Menagerieon the Leviathan. Later on because of his fixation with integrating the Hive into his empire he made a very costly mistake.  He made one of his followers to put on the Crown of Sorrow which is used to control the Hive around the user. 

But the follower went insane as the crown itself was actually a trap made by the Witch Queen with the idea of controlling the former Cabal emperor. The now crazed follower invested the Leviathan and we were once again called to assist Calus. After we defeated his enemy yet again he decided to give us and our fire team the status of Shadows as well as numerous rewards as always. Hopefully this sheds some light behind the notorious former Cabal now something more Emperor Calus.

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