Who is Osiris?




Who is Osiris?

Today we will be taking a look at one of the most iconic characters in the D2 franchise, who is closely connected to the game story and a lot of Dplayers are quite familiar with, Osiris. We will be talking about his lore and why he is so important to the game. Keep in mind that there might be some spoilers for newer players that have just begun their Dexperience.

Osiris is a Warlock and former Vanguard Commander that was banished because of his constant obsession with the Vex and now he roams around the Solar System and fights against the Vex wherever he can find them. He did not begin his journey as some random vigilante though but was one of the oldest denizens of the Last City and was there during its establishment. 

He even studied beneath some legendary Iron Lords but decided not to join their order due to personal reasons. Unfortunately though after the fight against SIVA not many Iron Lords were left and he ended up without his mentors. 

In the aftermath the Speaker rose to power and established the Consensus and Vanguard with Osiris’s friend Saint-14 who was at the same time the adopted son of the Speaker being made into Titan Vanguard.

After a bit of time Osiris and Saint-14 met and discussed a lot of things together, with the main one being that Saint would have to leave his post as Titan Vanguard in order to accomplish a different mission given by the Speaker. This caught Osiris by surprise as he did not expect such an action to be taken. Upon asking about that said mission he was told that the now former Titan Vanguard would have to become a soldier tasked with taking down all of the Fallen. 

This angered Osiris as in his mind they were not the enemy that should be focused and instead the Darkness and the Vex were the actual threats

Saint-14 disagreed with this statement and said that he was already dedicated to his mission and will definitely be stepping down and that he had even already chosen his successor. The person he chose was Osiris as he was sure that whatever differences they had, he was the only one that could definitely protect the city during a massive attack. 

The Warlock was incredibly surprised by this statement but nevertheless agreed with his decision as it was for the good of the City

He had many disagreements during his post as Titan Vanguard with the Speaker but as time went by they got close and he even became his disciple for a time.

During his time as Vanguard he was thought to have gone mad because of his obsession with the nature of the Darkness and the Vex. He even diverted guardians from protecting the city and the refugees to investigate old ruins and chase down legends. 

This was concerning to the Speaker who thought that his constant search had brought him too close to unspeakable dangers and he was being consumed by them. His radical thoughts had even started a cult that followed him religiously as a Savior that will help them in the future. 

This semi religion that formed around him was something he despised but he still did not take serious actions against them. This meant that they would continue to grow and even engulf different factions in the guardian lines. 

A schism was forming which was extremely concerning as it would eventually lead to a civil war. That is why drastic actions were to be taken and the Speaker called in a summit at which he declared Osiris as a cancer that had to be cut out and expelled. 

During said summit Osiris appeared before everyone and stated that he would leave willingly. During his time in exile he would continue following leads and learning about his enemies so that once the time came he would be able to protect everyone.

During the crisis at the Infinite Forest where the guardians had to fight against Panoptes, he reappeared to offer help

After the defeat of this evil being he went back to the future of the ruined Lighthouse where he meditated until he was rejoined by Sagira. There they talked about possibly averting this sad future but all of a sudden a loud noise started approaching them and they were confronted by a massive shadow of darkness. During said confrontation Osiris said that the first step to stop this would be his resurrection once again. 

After managing to survive and continue investigating the possible futures, Osiris mistakenly thought that he could create a simulation of Dendron, Root Mind and control it. That did not bear any fruits though as that unfortunate experiment started taking over for Panoptes and the guardians were needed to intervene once again!

In the future we once again had dealings with Osiris as an old Vanguard signal was being broadcast from deep within the Forest. Unfortunately though their investigation led to the discovery that said signal matched the Light traces of Saint-14 who had gone missing while searching for Osiris. 

This hurt the old Warlock greatly as he lamented the fate of his closest friend. That is when Osiris and the Young Wolf traversed deep within the forest to reach him and even had to fight against Hagios, Reverent Min. 

Upon defeating him they opened the gate from beyond which the traces of Saint-14 could be felt. Sadly though they arrived at a scene of thousands of Vex bodies and a place where Saint-14 was laid to rest! 

This was an incredibly hard thing for Osiris to see and he grieved deeply but in the end decided to leave his body in the Forest as seemingly the Vex honored the fallen Guardian. The Young Wolf did take the legendary warrior’s shotgun though as the light remnants were coming from it.

Several months later Osiris was contacted by Petra Venj seeking assistance against the Taken curse which was enacted on the Dreaming City. Upon investigating this occurrence something extremely strange was found out. The only ones that could possibly construct such a thing were the Vex but there were absolutely no traces of them. The only factions present were Hive and Taken which left both of them extremely puzzled.

After the destruction of the Undying Mind for the final time, the timeways above Mercury were unraveled which made Osiris come out of the Infinite Forest to help with this calamity. Strangely though Osiris found Cabal Psion Flayers who were trying to take control over the timeways so that the can win the Red War. 

That is why he enlisted the help of the Guardians once again in order to stop the Cabal. In the meantime he also had the mission of saving his friend Saint-14 from his unfortunate fate. He was successful with both and made it so Saint-14 never died in the Infinite Forest.

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