Who is Saint-14?




Who is Saint-14?

Today we will be taking a look at one of the most famous Titans in the game universe of D2! He is an incredibly interesting and powerful character whom a lot of people know of at this point, he has always been a paragon of Virtue and Honor. He served as the first Titan Vanguard in the history of The Last city and was a close friend to Osiris and the Speaker. 

They were all very close and he even at times was the person that would stop the other two from arguing constantly. Even when Osiris was banished and disappeared from the city, Saint-14 decided to go after his friend and prevent him from disturbing the Vex. 

Unfortunately though after going into the Infinite Forest to search for him, after defeating hundreds of Vex he was vanquished

Keep in mind that he was such a ferocious and amazing warrior that the Vex even dedicated something like a shrine to him even if they did lose a lot of troops. Later on we even came into his life and saved him through a time-travelling intervention. We gave you a brief summary of his life but let us dive a bit deeper for those of you that want to know more about this amazing hero.

He was there during the Battle of Six Fronts and successfully defended the Last City. His fight during that time was fueled by his vision that one day a mysterious savior Guardian would come in order to save humanity itself. 

And even after the destruction of the Iron Lords he was one of the few people trying to keep order in the Last City, which was in no way an easy job to do. He was even crucial in the creation of the Consensus and Vanguard, taking the position of Titan Vanguard in the new order. 

He would even recommend his friend Osiris as the Warlock Vanguard but as always when it came to his friend, there was a lot of opposition from various parties. He did not waste time idling around and was tasked with hunting down the infamous Fallen mercenary called Taniks, the Scarred. 

He was sadly unsuccessful but because of this, another infamous Guardian showed up to the main stage, that being Cayde-6. Cayde was successful in tracking down this mercenary and even killed him in order to avenge a friend that died by his hands.

There was even another case after that which would make Saint-14 into one of the most famous Guardians to have ever existed

The Titan was asked with hunting down Solkis Kell who was a part of the House of Devils and one of the main causes for the Fallen’s attack on the Last City. The battle itself was ferocious and extremely difficult but in the end Saint would stand victorious above his enemy. The win itself was nothing short of a miracle due to almost all of the Titan’s light being used up. 

In the last moments he was able to gather up absolutely everything he had left and head-butted Solkis, even piercing him with his horned helmet. After this, the Speaker welcomed back his adopted son and even announced him as the greatest Guardian of the city, which was a very high honor. 

Unfortunately though Saint-14 was also informed that Osiris was on Mercury and was doing something to the Vex

He was so concerned of this fact, due to the possibility of Osiris bringing war on their heads once again that he went after him. His idea was to stop his friend from any foolish actions that could destroy the hard-won peace he had.

When he arrived on the planet itself, he found out that his friend Osiris had entered the machine called the Infinite Forest which was created to make predictions of the future and simulate various realities. It was something like a labyrinth which is almost impossible to navigate. 

That did not stop him from entering though even if his last thoughts before entering were of those close to him whom he could not speak to once again. He was already prepared to lose his life in this place and still his courage and dedication prevailed. 

Due to the time altering capabilities of the Forest Saint-14 fought for hundreds of years against the Vex and even defeated thousands upon thousands of them. The destruction and mayhem he caused to them was nothing short of a miracle. 

He was such a problem to them that in the end they even designed a special Mind that would take away his light and make it so that he would never come back. Their battle was hard and the Titan succeeded in defeating his enemy but still all his light was now drained out of him. 

That was the last breath he took in his 14th life. His fight left such a big mark on the Vex that they even laid his body to rest in a tomb surrounded by melted Vex shells so that they would always remember what he was.

After Osiris found this out he vowed to do anything he can in order to bring his friend back and even started making a time machine

Interestingly enough while it did work as intended he was unable to pinpoint exactly the time he needed to go back to. There were various failed attempts and at the end he gave up on this idea. The remnants of the Red Legion though found out about his machine and high jacked it in order to get revenge for their loss and turn the already over war around. 

That is when Osiris requested the help of the Young Wolf once again in order to defeat them and even help Saint-14 survive. Together they were victorious and even started the path of saving the famous Titan. The Guardian went back in time to Saint-14’s first mission off-world and helped him in defeating the Fallen. 

At the end of the fight the Young Wolf gifted him with the Perfect Paradox and showed him a future of the Last City where it is thriving. This gave the strength to Saint-14 that was needed to make him one of the most powerful Titans ever. 

That was not the end though as we were able to calculate the exact time to go back to in order to save Saint-14

We once again went back in time but on this occasion it was the correct moment as we went back to the exact moment before Saint-14 was supposed to die. We started fighting the Mind in order to stop it from fully taking the Guardian’s light and in the end we were even successful. 

After defeating the Vex we talked with the Titan and he told us to go back to our time and open up a portal for him, so we did as we were asked. That is how he came back to our time which was something incredibly new for him. He is still getting used to everything but we are sure that he will continue playing a major role in the future.

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