Wish-Ender Weapon guide



  Wish-Ender Full Quest Guide:


       Hello and greetings from Mboosting.com your favorite spot for all D2 service and today we are jumping with the super exciting Forsaken Guide – News, we are going to break down how to get the Wish-Ender exotic bow. It does start from an exotic quests of swords but it’s really a series of exotic missions so kind of similar to what we have seen for things in the past, hm maybe Whispers of the Worm but in a different format where you actually end up revisiting the mission. There are a couple of different mission that you do in order to get the Wish-Ender bow but as I quick heads up right now, it is a somewhat challenging quest to do, especially if you are around power level 570, because there will be some content which is actually at 590 and obviously that is pretty High End Game stuff, BUT we are going to break down the new bow and how to acquire it in the expansion or of course you can trust us to do it using the help of the best players in the world from right over here on our EXOTIC GEAR SECTION

Let’s start by taking a quick look at the bow:

-It does have the exotic bonus “Queen`s Wrath” – which give us the ability of Truesight, when we are aiming down sights and the bow is fully drawn.

-Anti-Taken Fletching – which increases the accuracy while fighting Taken targets, this is extremely useful in the Last Wish raid.

-High Tension String – will increase our accuracy, slightly slower draw time ( aka we will shoot faster ) and it will Slightly decrease stability.

And last but not least

-Broadhead – piercing attack – the arrow will do damage on entry and exit. One shot can over penetrate multiple targets.

        One of the most important things about this bow is that you can destroy some of the Big Crystals around Dreaming city to get extra loot , that includes the crystals in the new raid that also drop amazing gear.

        But how do we complete the Wish-Ender quest line?

Well firstly you will have to complete the new dungeon – The Shattered Throne, this is the new “secret mission” as bungie call it. You can watch some guides on how to clear it but eventually the best and easy way to handle this is to trust our pro`s, since as mentioned before some of this is pretty thought, you will meet enemies at 590 power and half way thru the mission you will bump in to this statue of a legendary hero who is the original owner of the bow, you will be able to interact with it but it will take your Awoken talisman. After this essentially you can carry on thru the mission (dungeon) and complete it. Here comes the tricky part, after you are done with it , there will be no quest no guides no clue no nothing. You will need to head to the Tangled Shore and there you will find a very similar hidden mission, to the 1st one, that isn’t shown on the map until you are in the area. Its not much of a hustle to complete it but still if you do not have a decent team it will be a nerve breaker, but you can always turn to us to do even a simple step of this quest , we have special offers that can be given to you by our 24/7 live chat support. Once you do complete it, you will be given 3 tokens, these are enemies that you will actually have to spawn and kill back inside the Shattered Throne. Once you are back in the mission (dungeon) you will have to find 4 relics and put them in 4 statues that are supposed to be holding those relics, I know it sounds weird but believe me, it gets clearer. With your interaction with the statues a boss is going to spawn shortly after and they do need to be defeated since they will be empowering the tokens that you recent received(*note: the 1st statue spawns a 1boss , 2nd and 3rd statue spawn 1 more boss and the last one spawns the last boss). After you have defeated all the 3 bosses in their specific areas you can progress deeper in the Shattered Throne and go to the statue of the legendary hero , where you will be able to interact with him and loot the Wish-Ender. We do understand is quite a bit to handle that is why we have made it our priority to focus our staff on completing the mission for you, solo or duo it doesn’t matter, as soon as you need us for a very fair price.