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Stay up to date with everything that is happening in Destiny’s universe. Get the latest information about news and hot topics like:
- Is there a destiny 2 update today?/ What time is the destiny 2 update?
- Will Destiny 2 have another expansion?
- How many DLCS does Destiny 2 have?
and many, many more!

What you can find in this section?

Detailed guides for Destiny 2 Raids – how to go thru them, how to master them and what kind of mistakes you can make while encountering the different events. How our boosters handle them and how do we achieve world top rankings. You can find this and a lot more information about Destiny 2 raids thru the whole expansion and more.

Seasonal events information – Here you can find all the information about when a specific season event starts, how long will it lasts and what kind of rewards you will get while playing the event and how to perform at highest levels while playing the event itself. Also information about any specific unique or exotic weapon or armor piece that you can get from those events! Here you can also find important information about past events or weapons/armor pieces that you can acquire or give us the order to do so for you!

Detailed information about all exotics in the game – everything you need to know about Destiny 2 exotics. Which are good for PVP which are good for PVE and in which situation you should pick them. Detailed guides how many steps does every single one have in its specific quest and what exactly needs to be done step by step to get a hold of them.

Are you a PVP oriented player?

We have what you need! – we will bring you all the information that you need about new upcoming Destiny 2 PVP events. All the new maps, strategies, team compilations, Guardian skill suitable for PVP, Combination about Skill and Weapons. Everything that can be done in the past, here and now or in the future in the Crucible or every other event the game offers, be the 1st one to read it here with us!

All the latest information about the game – everything new coming to the game. Skins, rewards, seasonal information and a lot more. Read our detailed guides about everything that is important in game. This way you will become a better player and your overall in game performance will be improved.