How to increase light level in forsaken

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Here is a detailed guide how to increase your character power level as fast as possible and get ready for the end-game content.

With this guide, we will help you to get ready for late game events as fast as possible.

Starting on a fresh account, you will be set to level 30, so what you will have to do is to get your toon to level 50. After you do so, make sure you unlock Dreaming City as soon as possible. This is required to speed up the process.

While unlocking Dreaming City, make sure you DO NOT complete any bounty, challenge or weekly milestone. This will slow down the entire process. There is a soft cap of item drops before you start doing the activities. This cap of item drops is 500, and we highly recommend you to hit it on every armor and weapon slot before proceed with the next steps.

In order to make this guide as simple as possible, we will simply separate the Light Level tiers by 4 with the activities you should complete in order to achieve them.

Tier 1 – 500 to 520 Light level – Daily and weekly challenges, Milestones, Ikora, spider and level 50 bounties(Vangard , Crucible)

Tier 2 – 520 to 540 Light Level – Nightfall, Petra 8 daily bounties, Dreaming city missions, Gambit weekly bounty

Tier 3 – Last wish raid, Ascendant Protocol and weekly dreaming city rewards, Dungeon level 1 and 2

Tier 4 – Last wish raid, Exotic gear, Dungeon level 3, Wish-Ender Bow

So, here is the fastest way to proceed with every tier.

Tier 1 – Once you hit Light level of 500 on every item slot, you should start competing tier 1 activities. They are Daily and weekly milestones, bounties , challenges. Ikora’s quests, Spider and level 50 bounties. All those will increase your power level incredibly fast. Make sure YOU DO NOT COMPLETE weekly nightfall at this stage. Tier 1 is the easiest and the fastest one. Once you hit Light level of 521 it becomes pretty much less valuable and only gives you +1 light level on your actual highest light. Example – if you are 521 light and you complete a tier 1 challenge. If the reward is a gear piece that is already above 521, it will only give you 1 Light on top of it. Here comes the tricky part. Its highly recommended to grind it a bit and try to get all your gear pieces around 520 which will speed up a bit the process of tier 2 and you will end up a around 523-4 before processing to Tier 2.

Tier 2 – Once you have completed tier 1 You should complete your weekly nightfall challenge, Petra’s 8 daily bounties, Gambit weekly bounty and start completing Dreaming city missions. At first, all those activities will give you items with 3-4 Light above your maximum light. The only problem here is that they are not that much. So the best option here is to complete them all and start Grinding Nightfalls.  The reason behind this is quite simple – For example your total light level is 532, but your chest armor and your boots are 525. So once you start completing nightfalls and you get a chest piece or boots, your total light level will increase with 2-3. This can speed up the entire leveling process quite a lot. The most efficient way, but most time consuming is to Complete 1 weekly activity – for example 8 Petra’s challenges and than proceed farming nightfalls  until you get the soft cap of all your under leveled gear pieces. This will give you 2-3 extra light levels before you proceed to the next activity. Than repeat the process again, until you reach 540 Light.

Tier 3 – the longest, hardest and most time consuming part. First off you should start with Ascendant Protocol and weekly Dreaming city missions. Complete the 100k Nightfall as well. Try to get as high in Light level as you can before entering the Last Wish raid. It is the hardest raid ever released in Destiny universe and it strongly depends on your current light level. This is the only fast way to get from 540 to 580. You can of course keep completing Tier 1 and Tier 2, but they will only increase your Light with 1.

Tier 4 – this is the end game tier. You can only get a light level buff from last 2 Last wish raid bosses, exotic quests and chains and prime Engrams.

Prime Engrams – random drops that increase your Light with 5-6. They can drop from any kind of activity in game. will provide you a professional and fast Power leveling to any of you toons, executed as fast as humanly possible. If you need more information, simply ask in our live chat.
Date published: 18-02-2019