Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 – Update 1.12



Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 – Update 1.12

There is quite an interesting update that was made recently to the game we all love, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which introduced quite a lot of changes and new implementations. Today we will be taking a look at this update and what it gave to us the players. There is quite a bit of stuff to look at so let’s get into it!

Infinity Ward released this patch on the December 18th for all platforms and it is quite a big one. In short the new content is two new Multiplayer maps, two new Gunfight maps, new Spec Ops Missions and a new multiplayer mode called Cranked. As well as a new Operator called Nikto and that is just the major stuff excluding bug fixes and other implementations. 

The new maps are Shipment, Vacant and Winter Docks from which Shipment is both for the Multiplayer and the Gunfight mode

A playlist update was also included which provided Vacant and Shipment 24/7, the new mode Cranked and Gunfight. A new Special Operation was introduced as well called “Strongbox” and two Classic Special Operation Missions were given to us as well, called “Disinform” and “Bomb Squad”.

In regards to bug fixes, they removed the bug where players were stuck in “Update Requires Restart”. The bug where custom modes would prevent players from accessing private match game mode options was also addressed. 

The “TURTLE” error code and the issue where some Xbox players would experience “drift” when using the controller were also fixed. Care Packages no longer fall through the roofs of various building in Port, the bug where players were unable to swap Field Upgrades when selecting Field Upgrade Pro was removed. 

Even the two bugs that caused players to accidentally use multiple XP tokens which made quite a bit of players frustrated was fixed! Some slight UI changes were made to the base and officer rank progression screens were implemented so it is easier to differentiate them. Watches which were not appearing in modes with preset loadouts were also addressed. 

They even added a new menu that allows players to launch specific Trials

And lastly the notoriously frustrating bug where keybinds would reset to their default status was also fixed. This last one affected quite a bit of players and we are happy that we will no longer experience it. It is often quite frustrating to have to constantly fix keybinds before every match.

Some new features were also implemented where for keyboard and mouse a new feature can be selected and that is auto move. For controllers though once selected in the options menu, you will have to push the movement stick twice forwards to activate it. This is quite the neat implementation as a lot of players have been asking for it. Even those that did not care much about it now have the chance to try it out. 

For the weapons in the game there were also some changes introduced

The hip spread for the .357 Snake Shot will now have a consistent spread regardless of the stance. The finch for the Kar98k, Mk2 Carbine and EBR-14 was also reduced.

Lastly we shall take a look at the implementations and changes introduced to the Classic Special Ops operation which fix quite a bit of exploits. There was an unfortunate issue where players would receive an inconstant amount of XP which was also addressed in this update which made quite a bit of players happy. The rank up UI splashes did not previously work as intended but now that should not be an issue. There was also an interesting exploit/bug where the pistols would do much more damage to all Juggernauts compared to all other weapon types which the developers patched out. 

There was also a really funny issue where using a Rocket Launcher would not alert any enemies in Operation Crosswind and would be considered a stealth weapon. Another accidental problem was that players could go prone with the minigun if they are revived once it is equipped which was addressed as well.

Overall the update itself is quite big but it was definitely worth it. They addressed all of the things we mentioned as well as other minor changes that do not impact the game that much. Even the introduction of the COD caster was quite the pleasant surprise as they added an in-game data view which shows many different kinds of stats to the interested players. Also they even added support for it in Domination. 

We waited for quite a bit of time for many of these changes but at least we are happy that they were fixed. The wait was worth it and while not every bug in the game can be fixed all at once this was a major step in the right direction. This is why we are sure that the developers at Infinity Ward plan on keeping the game alive instead of moving on to another project. 

The constant attention from them and the steady stream of new stuff is quite appreciated by us players and we can only hope that they will continue doing it. We have really high expectations towards the longevity of the game and hopefully one day it will bring the franchise to its amazing glory days.

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