Call of Duty Modern Warfare game modes



Call of Duty Modern Warfare game modes and what we can expect with the launch of the game?

The information about the different game modes in Call of Duty Modern Warfare is quite a few yet, but we will try to summarize it in this article. From the official information provided by Infinity Ward – the game developers of CoD MW, with the launch of the game there will be 3 different game play modes – story mode, Multiplayer and Co-Op.

What is story mode in Modern Warfare?

The story mode is a single player based set of missions. The game developers announced that this game mode will be a soft reboot of the original Call of Duty Modern warfare from 2007, but on a completely new engine – Physically-based material system, which will make the user experience while playing the game incredibly different from everything that the CoD fans has seen before. 

Besides, the plot story line of the game will contain only the best missions of the original Modern Warfare game and a lot of new missions will be added. The entire story line will provide a long time, unforgettable user experience with a wide set of challenges, difficulties and a lot more. Once the game is announced, we will make a full list of all Story line missions, challenges and different types of gameplay in the Story mode.

Multiplayer – similar to previous Call of Duty games there will be a multiplayer game mode where you and your team mates will compete for completing different objects trough a wide variety of maps. The team that complete the objects first, wins the game. 

Modern Warfare Game Modes

The game modes will be quite similar as Black Ops 4 ones – Control, Kill confirmed, Hardpoint, Search and destroy, Team deathmatch and Domination, separated in Core and Hardcore playlists. Core based playlists will be the standard ones, where every player starts with a fixed amount of health and is more skill based due the different map objectives and game mode tasks you have to achieve in order to win the game. Hardcore Game mode on the other hand, is a game mode designed mostly for fun, were you can 1 shot your opponents, making the games much faster and luck based.

Similar to the previous Call of duty versions, there will be a prestige system in Modern Warfare with a 55 levels in each prestige. With every level up you will get a new weapons and scorestreaks available. Once you hit level 55, you will be able to prestige which will reset your level to 1, remove all the weapons, perks and scorestreaks you have achieved and give you a permanent unlock token with which you can unlock a weapon permanently(you can use it anytime regardless of your level). There will be 10 prestige tiers in the game, after which – the Master prestige tier with a total of 1000 levels on it. For every prestige unlock you will get a different in game portrait, as well as calling card.

Camo system

Every weapon in multiplayer game mode will have a preset amount of camos available for unlock. Every camo requires a different amount of kills or specific tasks to be complete. After those tasks are done, you will unlock a new outfit for the weapon you have played with. Also, after complete all camos for a single weapon, you will unlock a Golden camo for it. Once you unlock all golden camos for a weapon class(for example assault rifles) you will get a diamond camo for this weapon type. And when you unlock diamond camos for all weapons, you will get the Dark matter camo – a weapon skin that upgrades in game after a pre-set amount of kills.

Co-Op game mode

This is so called multiplayer campaign game mode, where you and your friends can complete against various AI opponents, complete specific missions or achieve specific tasks in a pre-set Environment. The further you progress, the harder Co-Op game mode will be. For every mission complete you will unlock different weapons, perks, scorestreaks and armors, which will help you to progress trough the Co-Op campaign easier.