Call of Duty Modern Warfare new mechanic and supposed killstreaks leak



Call of Duty Modern Warfare new mechanic and supposed killstreaks leak

Today we will take a look at two subjects one is a new mechanic implemented and supposed killstreaks leaks. 

First off let’s start with the interesting and kind surprising mechanic that the developers have decided to implement. Reloading is something that most of us FPS players seem to have an issue with. Compulsive reloads have always been a thorn in our sides as they always come at a bad moment. The rage that follows after getting killed while reloading two or three missing bullets is unbearable. 

The developers have decided to implement something interesting to make it a bit more bearable. They will give us the opportunity to reload while aiming down sights, while this will not make it easy for us compulsive reloaders it is still something fresh for the series.

 Any new mechanic implemented is a welcome sight for us that have already gotten used to almost anything that a shooter can throw at us especially the Call of Duty series which has been around for many years. This announcement was made by Mark Grigsby in an Activision blog. He stated that there have always been issues when aiming down sights and reloading. The reason for that is when you reload you take your weapon to the side and lose the position you have marked. 

Also the animations will be different depending on when you reload the gun and what kind of magazine you are using. There will be quite a difference for example if you have half a mag left or an empty one. If you have attached a drum or a long magazine all the movements will be visceral, strong and aggressive. This new implementation might not seem revolutionary, but it is as there has never been such a thing implemented in the franchise before. 

It will also be of major help to those players that prefer aiming down sights all the time instead of hip firing. Me as an example I have always been an aim down sight kind of player and this new implementation makes me quite happy. 

Now let us continue with some juicy rumors that might be interesting for you killstreak chasers out there

There haven’t been many rumors going around this particular iteration of the series. This is a surprising thing as there have always been lots of rumors before the release of a Call of Duty game. This might not be bad as there are people that want to be surprised until the end. But for those of you that like some speculation we have found some rumored killstreaks that might be available in the game. 

Thanks to a certain youtuber we might have the full killstreak list that will be available. As with any rumor this information might become irrelevant or wrong until we get an official confirmation from the developers but let’s check it out nonetheless.  

They are the following:

  1. Personal UAV

  2. Shielded Turret

  3. Care Package

  4. Scrambler Drone

  5. Clusterstrike

  6. Cruise Missile 

  7. Team UAV

  8. Precision Airstrike

  9. Wheelson

  10. Chopper Gunner

  11. Advanced UAV

  12. White Phosphorus

  13. VTOL

  14. Juggernaut Suit

  15. Pavelow

  16. AC-130

  17. Tactical Nuke

According to the leaks there are going to be 17 in total killstreaks in Modern Warfare

Something else that was stated is that these killstreaks WILL be only with kills and not score. As you might remember that scorestreaks were first implemented in Black Ops 2 which is something most hardcore players didn’t like. Also if you noticed a lot of these killstreaks have appeared in previous Modern Warfare games so they won’t be much of a surprise to some of you out there.

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