Call of Duty Modern Warfare Patch 1.13


Call of Duty Modern Warfare Patch 1.13


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We hope that what we offer is of interest of you and will be able to assist you with anything we can. Now let us get into the topic we have made for you today. Constant new releases and improvements are what make Call of Duty Modern Warfare such a great game. The developers continue providing support for the game with the desire to make it even better. This is why the latest patch which was released is quite a big one. For PC it has the whopping size of 48GB which is quite a bit but the content provided with it is also quite a lot. There is a new type of weapon, additional loadouts, various bug fixes and even more. We have compiled the more important updates for your convenience.

There has been an update to the playlists as Capture the Flag and Shoot the Ship have been added to the rotation. While Shoot House 24/7 was removed from it but Aniyah Palace also makes a return in its place. The loadout slots have also been changed as 5 more have been added to the game. The most interesting part of this patch is the new weapon which was introduced. The Crossbow is an amazing new introduction to the game that can be unlocked with a quick task. By using a Marksman Rifle with a Reflex Optic and getting 5 kills in 25 different matches you will unlock it. Overall this is not an incredibly difficult to achieve task but it does take some time as you will have to play 25 different matches.

Now that we talked about some of the new things that were implemented into Call of Duty Modern Warfare, let us take a look at what was fixed. There was a really frustrating bug recently where if you got close to a certain bush near A Flag on Port you would instantly die. It seems a kill trigger was somehow left in it but thankfully it was fixed. Krovnik Farmland was overall removed from rotation currently as it has so many issues with it that they will have to take their time to fix them.

There used to be an issue with the Daily Challenge of getting 10 Claymore Kills and its rewards. It gave out the “One Shot” spray, which should have been given out by default. Now it properly awards players with the “Soft Serve” spray. A slight adjustment was also made to the “Get X Kills while Injured” challenge in order to make it a bit easier for player to get. The damage threshold was raised as there were a lot of difficulties with achieving it, the wat it was before. Various graphical errors also appeared on Ground War maps and thankfully they were addressed here as well. Player collision is something that is not typically available in the game but unfortunately there was a bug which made it so. This has been fixed by the developers and players should no longer be experiencing it in the game. Invincibility is something that is not ok for a shooter game but unfortunately there was an issue with exactly this. The bug itself made players unkillable but thankfully they addressed it in this patch.

Field Upgrades are something that was touched upon as well. There was an interesting issue with using the “Stopping Power Rounds“ Field Upgrade. When using it with an empty C4 slot it would cause the detonator to appear before reloading with the Stopping Power Rounds. The Weapon Drop Field Upgrade was commonly used by players to get to unintended areas around the map. It was addressed by the developers as well. Now you should not be able to use it in such a way to get an unfair advantage. Lastly with the field upgrades changes we have the stopping power rounds not applying the correct headshot damage. Now that it is fixed all should be normal with these headshots and hopefully it will stay like that.

Lastly we will talk about weapon changes and bug fixes which were added in this patch.  The 1911 pistol had an issue where if you attach the 1mW Laser it would not show up in the Gunsmith menu.  The M4A1 Blueprint “OG” ADS position was moved forward in order to provide players with a better sight when playing and now it blocks a little bit less of the screen. Five more bullets were provided to the RAM-7 Extended magazine raising its cap from 45 to 50. The bullet penetration for the MK2 Carbine has been increased as well.

Overall there is one major release with this patch and that being the Crossbow. Keep in mind though that it does not mean the patch itself did not improve a lot of things as well. Such dedication to the game after release is what makes us happy as it shows that the Developers want to improve the game and keep it relevant. This type of attitude and dedication is always appreciated by us players and we hope that it will continue this way in the future. Hopefully all the information we compiled for you is useful.