Did Call of Duty Modern Warfare live up to the hype?



Did Call of Duty Modern Warfare live up to the hype?

Today we will be tackling quite the interesting subject about the game we all expected for some time and got our hands on the 23rd of August 2019. Even before its release date there was quite a bit of talk surrounding the game itself as well as hype which we will talk about today. This thrilling shooter which has a history so long that you could say that today second generation players have started to get into the game itself! 

The people that used to play it way back have grown and alongside that their expectations have changed as well but we all keep the old games close to our hearts as we have player them for countless of hours. Every year we expect a new game which is part of the overall Call of Duty franchise and let us be honest it did get tiresome at a certain point. 

We would always get a triple A quality game that can be enjoyed and the single player as well as the multiplayer portions of these games have become a staple in the industry but still something was missing with later iterations.

That is why the developers themselves stated that they were planning on going back to the roots of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise with this “Soft Reboot” of the games. They claimed that the decision was made for the game to once again ask us what is modern warfare. The game itself would do what the developers did with the original Modern Warfare game and see what is relevant in current times and what could also possibly happen to absolutely every one of us. 

The campaign section is centered around locations that while not exactly the same as the real world but still recognizable enough for us to make the connections and get the feeling of familiarity. The questions that this game asks and tries to answer are the same ones that the modern time newspapers and other types of news agencies ask almost every day in our political climate. Overall the game was supposed to be a call to the origins of this amazing franchise.

Now let us talk about a little bit more of the campaign in further details to see if it did live up to the promises of the developers at Infinity Ward

This time around we were introduced to some new faces like Farah and Hadir that are freedom fighters in a fictional Middle Eastern country that know only war and pain. They can be considered terrorists by certain sides and saviors from others as it typically goes in the real world. 

The passion and voice acting of these characters definitely gave us goosebumps at times as you could definitely feel the dedication and pain they feel as their home is a constant battleground. Proxy wars that rage around the world but at the same time affect us all is something that the developers have taken a look at as well in the campaign. 

While not perfectly at times but still quite comprehensively shown how they are waged and who they hurt. We even see some very familiar faces which while slightly reimagined still carry the air of nostalgia and familiarity around them. Captain Price who has always been a fan favorite makes his return in this game.

An incredibly interesting and good mission overall with Captain Price is where you and other members of the 22SAS unit have to enter the house of a certain enemy target

There the pressure is incredibly big as you will have to decide in a split second who is an enemy combatant and who is a civilian. The mission itself is incredibly well made as it keeps you on your toes every time you have to breach a room as you do not know who you will find inside. 

It might be an enemy brandishing a gun at you while at the same time it can be just an innocent person trying to survive. The atmosphere of the mission as well is enhanced as you have to use NVGs and it makes it even harder to differentiate between an enemy and someone else. 

This mission is the one that can be said to make you feel as closely to an operator as possible as we are put in their shoes. It is not always black or white in the modern wars as it used to be where you know who the enemy is at all times. 

Here you are never sure as a normal civilian can start shooting at you and this constant fear is what happens to most of the people that engage in the current wars we experience. While some of us are not as closely affected by what happens to some areas in our planet, this is sort of a slight waking call for those who listen. This was the idea of the developers and in the amazing campaign they have definitely lived up to it.

This exact idea that war is not just good guys and bad guys is what they were striving to show us. It was talked for quite a bit before the official release but we can say for certain that they did a really good job at what they wanted to show us. 

The campaign is so well made that at times it can even make you think what happens all around us and our daily lives. It shows us that nothing is ever simple and to be honest campaign wise they delivered on what was promised.

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