Gunsmithing in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019



Gunsmithing in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

We have quite the interesting topic for you today and that is Gunsmithing and what it brings to the table, right now and possibly in the future. In most of the Call of Duty games there has always been a customization of weapons in the multiplayer mode. This has always been amazing for us players as we can make the gun that we love, feel that much better when we use it.

It makes it feel much more personal and different as we are not all the same type of player. The developers at Infinity Ward know exactly how important this is and that is why they went all out with the Gunsmithing in Modern Warfare 2019. They understand how much we enjoy tinkering with the guns and they have given us this exact opportunity to make them feel even more personalized than ever before. 

That is why they decided to make this a whole new system by itself in the game. The possibility to take any single weapon and adapt it to our personal tastes is highly appreciated by the playerbase. With this newly implemented system in the franchise we get a detailed model of the weapon itself and adapt it in up to five distinct places.

We can add and remove quite a bit of new and interesting attachments

The possibility to tweak the barrel, muzzle, underbarrel, optics and the rear stock can change a gun completely. While keep in mind that not every weapon in the game has all these five possible locations to tweak, that does not mean that your pistol for example cannot be custom tailored to your tastes. 

This freedom to make anything is what is absolutely amazing with Gunsmithing. Funny enough it does actually make you feel like you are a smith creating your own personal custom gun which almost no one else has. 

Here we can add almost anything that comes to mind, for example a sniper scope on an assault rifle can be attached with no issue. Silencers, recoil compensators, flash-hiders, foregrips and grenade launchers are just a small portion of the things we have access to. You might be thinking that this has been seen before in previous Call of Duty games and you are partly right.

It has but never at this level of detail and never have there been so many choices

Also keep in mind that here each attachment can offer different benefits but there are drawbacks you have to take in consideration as well. It is not just a crazy attachment party where you dump everything on a gun and make it look like an alien weapon that should not function. 

If you attach a sniper scope on your assault rifle that will give you optimal zoom but the aim down sights speed will also decrease and so will the scope sway if you do not hold your breath. There are also different laser sights and the more powerful ones really do improve your hip fire by a lot but they are so bright that all the enemies can see you from a mile away. 

That is why when customizing the guns we have to consider a lot of things and take care so that there are not more setbacks than bonuses from the attachments. This is what makes it a bit more of a complicated system that it seems at first glance.  

Thought must always be implemented when choosing what you want for your gun

Almost all of the time you will have to make compromises with some things but that is also the charm of it. It provides a fairly balanced bonus to your weapon as to not make it too over powered.

Attachments are not the only things that can be put on your gun as there are various perks that can provide substantial bonuses to the weapon.  With some perks we can see a total change of the type of bullets fired, for example more armor penetration if you implement the Full Metal Jacket rounds. Others can even slow down an enemy’s health regen and much more.

That is not the only thing that they can add though. They also cater to different playstyles that different players employ. Because some are sniper only players and would benefit from infinite breath holding, they implemented such a perk as well. 

The polar opposite of the snipers are the people that rush in and often need to melee enemies, there is something for them as well. There is a perk that will allow them the ability to melee much quicker compared to the normal speed. 

There is even more that we can enjoy in this absolutely amazing system and that is the visual customization option

There are a lot of skins that can make your favorite weapon feel much more special and unique. All of the guns have unlockable skins which we can enjoy and we are even able to change the reticule of the ACOG or holographic sights which is also a nice and thoughtful touch.  

Overall this system is possibly the future of all Call of Duty games that will come out in the coming years but we have yet to see. We are only hopeful that they will introduce even more fun and interesting customization options in the future.

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