How to be better at 1v1 in Modern Warfare


How to be better at 1v1 in Modern Warfare



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We hope that what we offer is of interest of you and will be able to assist you with anything we can. Now let us get into the topic we have made for you today. Constant new releases and improvements are what make Call of Duty Modern Warfare such a great game. Today we would like to help you be better at the ever infamous 1v1 in Modern Warfare. Ever since there have been FPS games on the market a lot of player have enjoyed facing off in such duel type of matches. The ability to compare your skills in a One Versus One type of match is something highly enjoyable. A lot of people are always interested in this and that is why we would like to assist you with some tips and tricks to be better at it. The list we have compiled for you is quite easy to follow and will definitely improve your abilities. Let us get started:

1.       Preparing for Battle – Creating a One Versus One type of loadout is slightly different that the one you would typically make for normal modes. Here you will have to rely on your rapid movements and quick relocation so that the enemy does not know where you are. Selecting a weapon is incredibly important and you should always pick the one you feel most comfortable with. While close quarter weapons might give you a slight advantage, if you know how to position yourself you can even fight off with only a sniper. Selecting perks that conceal your movement noise is always recommended as you can create ambushes and catch the enemy of guard.

2.       Selecting the proper skin – While the operator skins are all purely cosmetic, they still offer certain advantages. In order to blend with the background you should always select a skin that fits well with the setting of the map. The couple of seconds needed to spot you can make all the difference in One Versus One combat as you will be able to make the first shots.

3.       Strategy before the game – You should always have an idea of the map and the perfect spots to use in order to gain an advantage. Prepare yourself with a couple of ideas of how to start off the game and always try to change your positioning when you can. Predictability is your worst nightmare as once the enemy figures out your spots, they will start countering you. This is why you should always keep them on their toes and do things they would not typically expect.

4.       Starting Position – The opening stages of a round are incredibly important and dynamic. You should try and position yourself as quickly as possible so that you can have the advantage. Try to do that as stealthily as possible in order to not be seen by the enemy. It is very important for them not to know your position as they can flush you out by various means.

5.       Study the enemy – Your enemy is human as well so you can expect repeating patterns to appear when they play. Depending on their style you will be able to get a hang of what they try to do each round. Some might constantly rush while other will take a more defensive strategy. Figuring this out and countering them is your way to succeed in the game and defeat them. Once you manage to figure out the pattern try to be one step ahead.

6.       Be aware of your surroundings – If you are scouting out the area and are unable to locate the enemy, there is a chance that they have already seen you. In some cases they will throw their lethal or tactical equipment at you in order to get an advantage. If you manage to survive it or run away on time, try to estimate the location it was thrown from. By doing this you will have a general idea of where they are. Afterwards you can focus yourself on finding them and taking them out. Another thing you can do is throw your equipment at a location, where you suppose they are hiding at. Often if it is thrown in the vicinity of an enemy, they will definitely run out and while sprinting, you can take advantage of it and get the kill.

7.       Throwing Knives – These little beasts can insta kill your enemy if they land properly on them. If you manage to master the skill of throwing them, you will gain a big advantage. Correctly predicting your enemy’s movements and throwing them in the location they are running to can get you a quick and easy score. They are a little tricky to get used to at first but once you get the hand of them, everything will fall into place.

8.       Listening – A headset is always recommended when playing FPS games and especially modes with less people on the map. By listening you will be able to figure out where an enemy is located. Most people tend to just rush around the map and make a lot of noise, which is a dead giveaway of their position. The same goes for you, try not to make too much noise as a prepared enemy will be able to ambush you without a problem.