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Modern Warfare Beta


Today we will be taking a look at the highly expected Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta which we gamers just can’t wait to get our hands on as soon as possible! We as games as well can absolutely understand the desire to play this nostalgia inducing game and that is why we will tell you how to get access to it early and have fun with it before its official release date!

Overall there was an Alpha test that some people had access to in order to check out everything and possibly get interested in the new iteration enough to spread the word about its good points. And all that we can say is that they were quite successfully with this. The hype for Call of Duty has not been this much ever since the glory days of the franchise some years back. 

Lots of old and new COD fans have been dying to know as much as possible about the game before its release, which is great for the game. We can only hope that we won’t be disappointed from the hype but for now there are no signs of this happening. But since the alpha was only available on PS4 we want to know how it will run on other platforms as well. 

That is why a beta was announced by the developers and it will take place during two periods of the month September this year. Although because Activision has a special deal with Sony PS4 users will be able to start off the beta earlier than others Xbox One and PC players won’t be far behind. Overall there is no need to worry as everyone will be able to try out the game before release and make their own opinions of it. 

First let us start with the Beta that we can experience sooner, which will be during the period of 12th-13th of September. But keep in mind that it will be only available for players that pre-purchased it on the PS4 only. Afterwards while still exclusive to the PlayStation from the 14th to the 16th of September every player on the console can download it and play.

Now where everyone else comes in is the 19th of September where players that pre-ordered it on PC and Xbox 1 will be let through the door to experience it. And afterwards the developers will open the whole floodgates so that absolutely everyone will be able to try it out starting the 21st of September. It will be active from the 19th to the 23rd. 

An interesting fact for the second round of Beta testing, there will be cross-play support included and players from all Platforms will be united into the same matches. This decision will definitely stress test all of the servers and will show if the game will be able to handle it. The beta will almost definitely not carry over progress to the official release of the game in October as none of the previous iterations have done so when they implemented such things as Betas.

Now an interesting question is what can be expected from this beta test and that will be definitely experienced soon enough and most likely we will receive some surprised on the official first day of it. We can definitely expect to see the new, highly anticipated mode called Gunfight which will be a 2v2 showdown between gamers. While there are no signs of the Single player being available during beta, there has been some talk going around that we might be able to experience a small part of the amazing story which the game revolves around. If not then at least we will probably see some new information released before we officially get our hands on the game itself.

Something you must expect is the large size of the game that has to be downloaded before you can be able to play.  As every other Beta until now you will definitely have to plan on spending some time downloading it so play accordingly! Overall this is something that we sincerely hope will be amazing and will bring the life back to the series so that we are able to enjoy it again. But nevertheless we will see soon enough and make our own personal opinions on it!

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