Multiplayer in Call of Duty Modern Warfare


Multiplayer in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

What is up gamers? With the newly announced Call of Duty Modern Warfare, most of us Modern Warfare fans surely got struck by nostalgia. I personally remember the good old days, playing Modern Warfare 2 when I was in high school with my buddies. We used to go home after school immediately, fired up our PCs and joined our Skype group call, yes Skype with records of 10 to 15 hours of conversations and jumped into the action. Each of us had unlocked every perk in the game, every single gun, dog tags, everything. The most fun we ever had in Call of Duty was in Rust. I am sure you all have some great memories on that map. 

Now in 2019, 10 years since the release of Modern Warfare 2 if you join MW2 Multiplayer game you will see that even now, with several Call of Duty released players still enjoy that game. For me and I am sure that many of you will support me on this one, Modern Warfare 2 is still one of the best Call of Duty games of the franchise. Even the single player campaign was lit. It has 18 levels lasting up to 8 hours of gameplay. 

The single-player campaign gave us a variety of experiences in the battlefield, unlike older games in the brand. The game was relevant with its story, covered many of the world’s problem back in the time. In Special Ops, Modern Warfare 2 gave us 23 co-op missions, separated from the solo campaign. Players can play them alone or they could team up in two-player cooperative and fight off computer controlled enemies. In those modes players could fly an aircraft, ride snowmobiles and make all sorts of different plays and tactics.

The online multiplayer is where most of us spent a lot of time

Players can choose between 6 multiplayer game modes – free for all, demolition, capture the flag, domination, as well as search and destroy and team Deathmatch. All the weapons, class customization, perks, kill streaks even map design. The map design in Modern Warfare 2 was incredible. The gameplay is fast paced, dynamic, chaotic even. But that is one of the things we used to love about it.  It was easy to pick it up and play, even in the early stage of progression we got to blow things up. It was and still is pure casual fun, but it has a lot of room for the competitive players to get better and take it to the next level. 

When it comes to the weapons in Modern Warfare 2, every gun has its role to fulfill

The equipment is great. Players can use claymore for tactical defense or attack, a throwing knife, when they feel like a stealthy assassin and making a decision of weapon and equipment can be crucial for your experience, but a big part of what your loadout will be is a matter of personal preference. 

Like I said each weapon has its role – the Famas excels and is best used in mid to long range firefights with its three burst fire mode. The SCAR is a high damage and accurate riffle and it’s preferred by newer players, due to its lower recoil rate. The AUG is a Light Machine Gun with a magazine slightly higher than most assault rifles, but lower than other LMGs. 

These are all different weapons, for different players with a different playstyle. It is important for players to find their style of play, class tuning will surely take time but it will be worth it.  Try different attachments to your favorite guns, play around with the combinations. 

The multiplayer’s addicting progression and leveling system goes hand to hand with its customizations and wild variety of guns

Modern Warfare 2 isn’t perfect, but unlike Black Ops 4 the perks here are much more important and very well designed. The right perk and class will give you a helping hand when you most need it. There are benefits here to take one perk over another, if there wasn’t then why do they even exist? With the arrival of Modern Warfare 2 the formula for the kill streaks was changed forever. The game was never really meant to be balanced. Right from the start the plan for MW2 was to be crazy, stupid and chaotic fun. 

You have UAVs, air strikes and attack helicopters just like Call of Duty 4, but here you can actually strike down the UAV, there are counter UAVs, random care packages, you have a Sentry gun for both offense and defense, the Predator missile and the most fun killstreak – the Emergency Airdrop. Not only you get 4 random kill streaks falling from the sky with chance for Chopper Gunner and AC-130 in the same drop, but this kill streak adds a little more chaos and disruption in the game where your team is trying to secure the packages and back you up and the enemies are doing their best to steal them. 

The area around you is becoming like a mosh pit where everyone is trying to survive under fire. We know it can be super annoying to die from some of these overpowered kill streaks, but we all love the game for it. Even the Nuke kill streak. It can be frustrating when there are campers sitting everywhere, trying to get that Nuke and it can really ruin the experience, but we all want that feeling no matter how annoying it is.

In that game, map design is one of the best in all Call of Duty games. In modern online multiplayer games maps are overly safe and predictable. They heavily restrict player freedom and that makes them boring, because you know what you are going to play even before you join the lobby. Maps need their unique architecture and aesthetic detail to feel alive and real and Modern Warfare 2 have the most memorable maps. It maps provide players interesting designs, which lead to multiple possibilities of choices. 

Game designers brought to the audience incredible designs with low grounds, high grounds, all sorts of covers, ladders, bunkers. Those kinds of things make maps playable over and over again, newer and newer ways to attack and defend. The levels of the game have good flow, which means that players are able to freely move around the map, get to covers quickly, multiple routes and options on the maps which a player can take and when the players learn the map they begin to understand it. The maps are different, fun to play. 

We should hope that the new Modern Warfare takes those risks too and give the freedom back to the players. I think the gamers will really enjoy the refreshed Call of Duty. Activision learned their lesson and brought back the single player campaign, which was missed in the previous title of the game. 

The remastered Call of Duty Modern Warfare will now support DirectX Raytracing (DXR), this means that Activision and Infinity Ward are working on upgrading the IW engine to support the latest version of DirectX, version 12. The Raytracing feature will even be used for audio. The latest instalment of the game will mot feature a zombie mode, but the developers are working on a possibly bettered version of Special Ops co-op missions like in Modern Warfare 2. Co-op missions, new multiplayer 2v2 mode, called Gunfight, a single player campaign and the classic multiplayer is what Activision will have in store for us. 

The developers said in an interview, that for now, Modern Warfare will not include Battle Royale mode, but it is also not completely excluded from the idea of the game, since we can easily see 15 vs 15 or 20 vs 20 players on larger maps. Also there will be no season pass, which means that players will have more free maps and content. The game will be available only in, just like Black Ops 4 with three options people can chose from – a standard $60 edition, 80$ for the operator edition which comes with some digital premium items and last but not least, a 100$ for operator enhanced edition which will include 3000 Call of Duty points plus the premium digital loot and we can’t wait to find out what it will be and will it be worth the 80$ and the 100$ price tags.

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