Is the new Modern Warfare Call of Duty game a remaster?



Is the new Modern Warfare Call of Duty game a remaster?


Today we will be addressing quite an interesting question and that is if the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 is a remaster or something else. First let us dive into what exactly is a remaster of a game, so that you will have more of an idea what the difference is later on. Overall remastering a game is often quite a hard endeavour as the graphics in this medium show their age, quite a bit. 

There are numerous of reasons for that like fewer resolutions, engine compatibility and flexibility as well as newer graphic technologies, needing to be implemented. These are just a small but important part of the remastering process. 

Because of these exact reasons, remastering is not exactly the ideal thing a game company would like to do. Most of the times they prefer just making a sequel or rebooting the whole franchise overall! That is quite understandable from their point of view as that seems like the smart decision most of the times. With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 we have one of the two previously mentioned alternatives. Here we will be able to enjoy a reboot of the whole franchise with the implementation of recognizable and fan favourite characters like Captain Price! 

Now that we have finally reached the point where we will look at what kind of reboot it will be, we can only say that it is different than what would be expected. With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 we can expect something that is more akin to a soft reboot, to be precise. What is a soft reboot is the next question that comes up. 


What is a soft reboot?

A soft reboot is something that the developers do when they want to keep most of the main characters and idea of the game and series, but still want to have the freedom to implement new things. 

For example if we consider a remastered game, which will mean that everything will have to stay the same, with only the graphics being different there is not enough freedom and nostalgia is the only thing that will carry it. While nostalgia can be something to reel us back in, most of the time it won’t make us stay for longer than a week or so. The developers want even claim that this is a “re-imagining” which is basically the same as what we discussed. 

With this new game in the Call of Duty series, it seems that the Developers strive to bring it back to what it once was and also make a serious statement about war

Recently the franchise has been doing well but not as much as would be expected from the series. The glory days of Black Ops and Modern Warfare are long gone.  With this reboot of the games we are sure that there will be a lot more familiar faces except Captain Price. This is a total speculation at this point and there is no way to confirm it, but there have been some rumours going around, that there will be other instalments of this rebooted series.  It is possible we will see a Modern Warfare 2 as well which will be amazing as I am sure that if they go down that road we could even see the fan favourite Ghost making a comeback. 

We can still only speculate at this point what we will be able to see and experience but we are sure that it will be something that will change everything. This time around as the previous version of Modern Warfare, the devs are asking themselves what is currently relevant and what is Modern Warfare? 

The story will be centered around characters and character development instead of a Bond like story line which is something we got used to expecting in these past couple of years. We will be experiencing missions in various European cities as well as some in the Middle East. While most of the time we will be playing as well geared veteran Special Forces characters we will also be able to experience the life of a rebel freedom fighter with improvised weapons and interesting guerrilla warfare tactics. This will bring us up close and personal with the gritty reality of war and the horrors that come with it. 

The constant stress and edge the soldiers experience in enemy territories and even the fear of terror attacks in our own back yard

This is what we in our current world unfortunately can experience any day. This is what our Modern Warfare is currently. There are rarely battles with two armies standing up against each other. Most of the time it is between civilians and some bombardments, which is what make is scary. You never know where and who the enemy is, it could even be children unfortunately. That is what they are trying to emulate. 

This unknowing feeling and also familiar when you watch the news nowadays! This is why the game is not a remaster per say but more of a soft reboot. They will take what worked and was enjoyed by players and bring it to current day situations. Especially for those of us that played the first Modern Warfare game, this is something that will definitely feel comfortable but at the same time strange.  We just have to be prepared mentally as according to all the information we have, there will definitely be a lot of shocking moments.  Hopefully they will be able to deliver properly and there won’t be shock factors there without no reason but thought will be put into it and feeling as well. But that is all talk currently, we have yet to see more and experience it ourselves first hand. The release date is quickly approaching and we just can’t wait!

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