Season 1 Battle Pass Call of Duty Modern Warfare


Season 1 Battle Pass Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Up next in our line of articles about the amazing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 we will be taking a look at something quite interesting. This is a topic that quite a lot of you might already be familiar with as there is barely a game out there that doesn’t already have it. It has become such a popular feature in modern games that fans have started asking if it will exist in every upcoming title. That being the Battle Pass feature. 

They have brought it to the Call of Duty franchise as well with the Season 1 Battle Pass in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019. The developers at Infinity Ward have decided to go down the route many others have already been on and have had quite decent success. We can say that the content that they have introduced is quite decent and most likely worth the additional fee. 

They have definitely tried to make it worth it for players that are interested in acquiring as much awesome look as possible.  You can expect quite a bit of farming and interest in it and most likely they will all soon play with the amazing new operator they introduced with it.

Enough general talk about it though, let us get into what this Battle Pass offers and other interesting information about it

Overall there are more than 150 items to be acquired by dedicated players over 100 tiers if you pay for it. There are also some interesting free items that you can get and that being new base weapons, blueprints, COD points and other goodies. They have definitely tried to provide good items for those players that do not wish to pay additional money for the game. That is quite a good gesture from the developers as not many others are happy with giving proper free loot. 

To advance through the 100 tiers you will have to play the game as you normally would and also complete various challenges. This will contribute to your overall battle pass XP and that is awesome for those of us that play every day. 

The battle pass will not take too much time to complete if you play the game regularly which is welcome news as not everyone has the time to grind it out nonstop. Even for those players that just want to enjoy the Battle Pass for free there are over 20 free items for them as previously said including the RAM 8 and Holger-26. 

The pricing for the battle pass will be 1000 COD points and you will get various Blueprints, Operator Skins, interesting challenges and a new operative called Mara

Throughout the battle pass you will also gain additional COD points, which is helpful towards the next one. Also for those of you that do not want to grind too much, there is a pack which will unlock 20 Tier skips and also they are sold separately for 150 COD points per skip.

The weapons you will be able to get are a light machine gun Holger – 26 which has quite the amazing firing rate and also surprisingly boasts very good mobility even if it a big boy. This weapon is very good, be it in Multiplayer or Spec Ops Infiltration. Overall it is a very solid gun that is worth the minimal hassle to get it as it only needs tier 15 to be unlocked. 

Most of the players you see around the game will most likely be trying it out as much as possible, so why not do it yourself as well. 

The next weapon that can be unlocked is the RAM-7 Bullup Assault Rifle which is very powerful in close quarters engagements

This assault rifle is a very solid pick if you know that there will be a lot of close quarters fighting in the map that you will be playing on. The tier 31 requirement for it is also not that bad and should not be very hard to reach. Another free gun related item is The Purist assault rifle blueprint that a lot of players will be happy to get their hands on.

Now let us also talk a little bit about the new Operative, which you will have access to

Her name is Mara and comes from Venezuela. She was turned into an Intel asset while still being a teenager and did various operations in the U.S. and even later was invited to join WARCOM in 2017. 

Overall quite an interesting and fun character that deserves to be tried out! The other good thing about her is that there is no need to farm her out as you will get her automatically once the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Battle Pass Season 1 is purchased.

Lastly let us take a look at the COD points that you can get from the battle pass! If you decide not to purchase it there will be 300 COD points which you can earn. Although by buying the battle pass you will be able to get an additional 1000 which will make an overall 1300 COD points which can be used for anything you wish. Be that skipping tiers or even purchasing the next battle pass.

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