Season 1 Call of Duty Modern Warfare



Season 1 Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Today we will be taking a look at the hugely anticipated Season 1 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This has been announced for quite some time and fans of the franchise have been patiently waiting for its release. 

The developers at Infinity Ward have already said that this will be the biggest free content ever released for the Call of Duty franchise. There will be new and old maps introduced to the game as well as numerous of weapons and modes. Some of the fan favorites will be making a return like Crash, Shipment and Vacant and even two new ones called Cargo and Atrium will be provided to us to play with. 

They play on releasing these maps as well as others during the duration of the Season which is something that is awesome to hear especially after we have already gotten used to paying for games we own. This new model that the developers have decided to invest into is amazing for us gamers that enjoy the game and want more of it. 

The introduction to old maps is something that those of us that have player the old Call of Duty games will especially enjoy. The nostalgia that comes out of it as well as the new graphics, which we will enjoy with the remade maps are an amazing sight to behold and interact with. 

While the fact that they have also decided to introduce two new maps shows that they did not just revamp some old stuff and decide to try and play it off as new. We can also expect to experience new sensations and fun on these original and different maps, which we have not played on before. 

The next new thing that will be implemented is also a new map for the amazingly fun mode Groundwar

The map will be called Port and should introduce to the game quite the interesting setting while we fight between numerous of containers next to the seaside. Another new implementation will be the three new maps implemented for the Gunfight mode, which will be called Atrium, Cargo and Shipment. 

New game modes will also be introduced into this free content update and they will be Reinforce, Infected and O.S.T. Gunfight. With the Reinforce mode you will have to work as a team in order to capture the required zones and make it out alive. Infected is a mode that a lot of gamers should be familiar with, especially those of us that played custom Call of Duty Maps. 

Here you will have to infect everyone else or survive the infection, depending on what you are spawned as, basically this is a shooter zombie mode which is always fun to play. With the Gunfight O.S.P. we will be dropped into the fight with our bare fists and will have to do our best to locate weapons around the map.

Now in regards to new weapons in the game, there will be the Ram-7 Automatic Rifle which is a bullup perfect for close quarters combat. The other one will be the Holger-26 which is a fully automatic machine gun for us to enjoy.

Now something awesome for those of us that especially enjoy Co-Op Spec Ops missions, there will be a whopping 4 new ones implemented

They are called Bomb Squad, Grounded, Just Reward and Pitch Black. With them we will be able to experience what it is to take control of an airport or stealthily infiltrate well-guarded estates while the slightest mistake can bring down tons of enemies on our heads. Even going around a city and defusing bombs. 

There was a lot of thought put into these missions and we are very happy about that. The Co-Op scene has not always been appreciated in Call of Duty Modern Warfare games but it should always be given a chance. 

This is the perfect mixture for players that just enjoy playing through the story and want to have more of a chill experience with some friends against the AI. The amazing thing here is that while it may not always be the most difficult mode in the game, at least it is quite eventful and entertaining at all times.

Something else that we can expect is the Battle Pass mechanic being introduced into this season. It can be said that it is expected at this point to be in every game but still it took us slightly by surprise in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. 

Overall it will be a typical Battle Pass system where you unlock cosmetics and other goodies but if you do not wish to purchase it, you will only get partial rewards from it. Still we can expect some thoughtful cosmetics at least to keep us interested. 

Now lastly this is something that we will not receive once Season 1 stars on the 3rd of December 2019 but there has been some leaked information. It was about a game mode that consists of up to 200 players that will fight each other. Overall it will be the thing almost everyone knows about at this point, that being the Battle Royale Mode. But it is still yet to be officially announced, so we can just wait patiently for the developers.

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