There will be no paid DLC’s in Modern Warfare


There will be no paid DLC’s in Modern Warfare

This is another awesome news from Infinity Ward, giving every player the possibility to fully experience the game environment. 

In the previous versions of Call of Duty, the regular launch of DLC was quite frustrating for some players, especially for the ones that are coming back to the game after a break. In previous versions, in order to have access to the latest in game features, you had to purchase one or more downloadable content packages. 

This was a huge restriction for a big part of Call of Duty community allowing people who wanted to pay for different in game features to be able to play them and those who did not pay for them to be restricted to original version of the game. Especially in game modes like Multiplayer, this was a massive inconvenience for players simply because there were not enough players for a fair matchmaking on the new maps and game modes, making them almost unplayable. 

This problem is solved in Modern Warfare where once you purchase the game once, you will have a free access to all new maps and in-game features, making the gameplay experience much better for everyone. Even if you stopped playing the game for a short time and you are back in a couple of months, you will still be able to play the latest in game modes and experience the content. 

This does not mean that everything in game will be free. Of course, there will be paid features in game, probably part of the story mode content and Co-Op access will require in game purchases, as we as cosmetics in game of course, but they are not part of the essential game core available to everyone. 

There is also quite a big possibility Infinite Ward to implement a different, brand new kind of paid features that are not announced so far, but we will have no information about it before the official game release on October 25th 2019. We will make sure to keep you up to date with everything new coming in Modern Warfare universe.