What is the Best Gun to use in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare?




What is the Best Gun to use in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare?

This is quite the hard question to address as gun preferences are quite subjective. That is why we will talk about a couple of the guns that are considered the most useful and provide some thoughts about them. Hopefully after this article is finished you will have some general idea of what might be to your liking. 

Before we hop into the thing you are interested and that being guns let us talk a little bit about Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare! The game itself was released in 2007, and was developed by Infinity Ward. Interestingly enough the story of the game is based in 2011 where we have a terrorist leader assassinating a president in the Middle East and a Civil war is raging in Russia. 

As the developers wanted the whole idea was taken out of the newspapers at the time of the development of the game. They wanted to show us, as the name says the modern warfare that soldiers experience in such conflict zones. They decided to try out something new, which the developers hadn’t dived in before and that is the possible modern problems that we as people could experience. It seems that they did their job properly as Modern Warfare became a classic in the shooter genre. It was critically acclaimed and won various rewards for its amazing story telling and amazing narrative. 

The multiplayer, while it did not introduce some amazing innovation in the FPS genre, still did its job perfectly as it was smooth and fleshed out. It gave us a lot of what we knew at the time but better. The highest level we could obtain was 55 and we could unlock various weapons when levelling. Afterwards if a player wished, they could begin the Prestige climb which could be repeated up to 10 times with different insignias being given out. 

Let us start off the guns that could be interesting to you and talk a little bit about them

Please keep in mind that the order in which we give them does not necessarily define which one is the best. They are the following:

  1. Colt AR-15A3 – This is one of the main assault rifles in the game and can be used by numerous factions. This gun is quite useful and during the single player part of the game, you will definitely get used to it. That is a key feature if you plan on playing multiplayer as getting used to a gun is incredibly important. This gun is kind of jack of all trades and that is why it is preferred by a lot of players.

  2. M60E4 – This big boy is interestingly enough named incorrectly as the game version is actually the M60E3. The weapon itself is not the most accurate one but for those of you out there that like to lay down a lot hurt for a long time it is perfect. The fully automatic fire with high power is effective at medium to long range. While not the most enjoyed weapon in the hands of a professional it can be amazingly powerful and useful. 

  3. M14 – This gun is a single-fire assault rifle with a lot of kick which is amazing for medium to long range shooting. The fact that it is a single shot rifle is amazingly good, the reason for that it in the hands of an accurate shooter. A lot of professional players prefer this baby as even if you encounter someone at close range you will be able to dominate them without no issue.

  4. Desert Eagle – This is the most powerful pistol in the game and it is like a cannon which can annihilate anyone. While it may have the worst recoil ever, the power more than compensates as if you manage to land a proper shot they are dead before even knowing what hit them. The magazine capacity is only 7 bullets but still more than enough most of the time.
    A trusty side arm that can be always useful for sniper builds, when you need to fight someone at close range. Interestingly enough in the multiplayer this bad boy is one of six weapons that can have a Gold Finish. The only difference is that the Desert Eagle’s Gold Finish can be acquired when you reach level 55 and not through challenges.

  5. Barrett .50cal – The most iconic and powerful sniper rifle in the game. This amazing gun is often chosen by players that focus more on sniping, because of its accuracy and power. Most of the times you can one shot a person with it, which makes it the powerhouse of the multiplayer gun roster. If something can be considered the best by the majority of the community it is this amazing weapon. But that is till subjective as there are some people that do not enjoy the single fire and would definitely prefer an automatic weapon. Something that a lot of people do is to put an ACOG sight on it so that you can roam around the maps and still be able to react fast and kill the enemy.

  6. AK-47 – The ever iconic gun that just has to exist in any game out there. We also have it here and it is still as powerful as could be expected at this point. The gun is quite powerful and somewhat accurate but it has so much more going for it. The gun is extremely loved in competitive circles, because it is reliable and flexible. It can be used in almost any situation and there is something even more interesting about it. The AK-47 also has a Gold Finish, which is probably inspired from the gold-plated gun of Saddam Hussein. A fact slightly unnerving but still interesting enough to mention.

  7. Ak-74u – The smaller cousin of the previously mentioned AK-47, this little guy is quite the useful weapon as it mixes the fast shooting rate of an SMG with the penetrating power of an assault rifle. This gun is basically a mix of an assault rifle with its stopping power and the adaptiveness and close range prowess of an SMG. Overall quite an interesting weapon, as it is the best of both worlds.

  8. M1014 – This semi-automatic shotgun is a force to be reckoned with on the multiplayer matches. Because of its rate of fire it is a go to choice for people that prefer to be up close and personal with the enemy. While its magazine capacity genuinely isn’t the best, the weapon is still often picked in matches.

  9. FN P90 TR – The restricted and often banned gun of the competitive world of Modern Warfare. This weapon is really easy to use and get into when playing the game. Because of its “Spray advantage” it is often restricted in competitive play and a lot of people genuinely hate seeing it in-game. This might be considered a bad thing by some players but that is not necessarily so.

  10. SVD Dragunov – This is a very interesting sniper rifle as it is the gun with the best damage multipliers but it is not that used in the multiplayer scene. There are some players that are extremely dedicated to using it but, we don’t see them that often, but when we do they dominate the field. It is a weapon that takes some getting used to but if you feel comfortable with it, go ahead and try to master is as much as possible, it definitely deserves a chance.

Hopefully this information was helpful to you and you managed to get a slight idea on what can be most useful to you. The most important thing to remember is that all the guns can be useful, and you should definitely try them out in order to find the one for you.

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