What is Call of Duty Modern Warfare cross platform play?




What is Call of Duty modern warfare cross play?

For the first time in Call of Duty franchise, Infinity Ward implement a new feature called cross platform play in Modern Warfare. This is probably one of the best features Modern Warfare will have, allowing players from all 3 platforms – PC, PS4 and Xbox to play the game together. Yep that’s correct and yep its awesome. 

What are the pluses of cross platform play?

You will need only one license in order to play the game on any platform, not as it was in the previous Call of Duty games – a separate license for every platform. This means, that once you purchase the game you will be able to play on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

You will be able to play with your friends regardless of the platform they are playing on – If you are a console player but your friends prefer PC, you will be able to queue with them and play the game together for all the game modes. This makes the entire game environment much more fun for a group of players without a strict restriction about their platform. You can queue up and play multiplayer or Co-Op game mode and enjoy the game as much as possible.

Lower queue times for consoles

This became a serious issue for some game modes on previous versions of Call of Duty. If you would like to play a specific in game mode but there are not enough people for it on your platform, the queue times were extremely long and frustrating for players. With Modern Warfare and Cross play this issue is solved for once. All the players from a region will play on one server and the queue times will be way shorter than they were before.

The opportunity to find more friends in game

Тhe new cross platform feature allows player from different platforms to play the game together making the social aspect of the game much better. You can meet new people every day and enjoy playing the game with people on different platform, which is awesome.

Of course, with the introducing of the cross play there will be some disadvantages for players:

The skill gap between players on different platform is quite big, due the fact mouse and keyboard allows much better and accurate aim than controllers. This might make the gap between players on PC and consoles extremely big. The Aim assist for consoles would compensate this different a little but still, a PC player will have an advantage in the High end competitive environment than a Console player.

Communication Difficulties

While PC players have the option to chat in game using keyboard, the Console players are quite limited for this option. This will make the communication between players harder due the only possible way to communicate trough different platforms will be voice chat. 

And if for example you do not have a microphone and you would like to chat with your PS4 mate, it will be nearly impossible especially while you are in game. It is not a big thing, but for sure it will affect the user experience.

As a conclusion we would like to say that the Cross Platform is a long waited by Call of Duty fans feature and for sure its advantages are way more than disadvantages. Once the game goes live on October 25th 2019 we will all be able to experience this awesome feature in CoD MW.