What is Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Gunfight mode?



What is Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Gunfight mode?


Today we will be taking a deep dive into the amazingly interesting mode, that all of us Call of Duty fans just can’t wait to put our hands on, Gunfight! This is a type of gameplay experience that will pit you against enemies of your skill level and as it will be a 2v2 there is no excuse for failure. You will have to depend only on yourself and your teammate, but keep in mind that if you are good enough you will be able to handle 2 other players by yourself. The feeling of loss will be harder to handle compared to typical multiplayer modes but the feeling of winning a game is absolutely amazing and exhilarating even!

This mode is overall a hardcore Call of Duty experience which at times feels like a whole other game altogether!  

Here you are not supposed to dive into some meta and play only around it. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gunfight, you have to be ever adapting and master split-second decisions but that is exactly where the brilliance of this mode shows. The constant surprises and sometimes stressful situations are something that will definitely keep you on your toes, at all times! We here think that this will definitely bring some sorely needed fresh air in the franchise. While it may seem too different and make some of the older COD players doubtful, it will definitely surprise them in a good way, when they try it out.

The overall gameplay in this mode is centered on tight spaces and the surprise factor that comes with them. This is a total divergence from the typical COD style gameplay, which thrives on muscle memory, countless respawns and incredibly deep weapon customization options. In this mode you are pushed into trying out new things constantly, because there will be no two games played the same way. 

Also the randomness of getting different loadouts between rounds is also designed to keep you on your toes and experiment as much as possible. The developers have designed an array of loadouts that will be assigned to us between rounds. This means that you will be forced in uncomfortable weapon situations and have to overcome and adapt your built up habits. It is possible to be equipped with a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher, which will lead to quite the strange situations. It is always a surprise what you will be going against and will push you to learn the maps as much as possible, in order to take advantage of them. 

While this might seem strange, the fact that you are unable to decide on your build, keep in mind that this will be something done in order to take you out of your comfort zone. The goal with Gunfight is to be able to win 5 matches overall. This might take you some time to complete if you are matched against a worthy opponent, but if you aren’t, that will be incredibly quick. All you have to do to improve in this mode is to just go with the flow and make the best you can out of the weapons you have. 

Don’t get frustrated if you receive a bad combination for you, as that will distract you in the fight. Always try your best and give a chance to the weapons as you might surprise yourself and find something that you are amazing with. Try your best to cooperate with your teammates as the two of you will have to depend on each other in order to win. This might not seem ideal for some of you, but always at least try to do it.

Overall Call of Duty Gunfight mode is intended to be something fresh, surprising and most importantly of all, fun. 

The developers went to the basics of shooter games with this, but they still were able to make it their own. The franchise is taking quite the risks, this time around but that is exactly what needs to happen. The same old formula gets quite tiring at times and we just can’t wait to see if they will be able to live up to the hype this time around and resurrect Call of Duty. But that is what we shall have to wait and see quite soon.

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