What we can expect for Call of Duty in 2020?



What we can expect for Call of Duty in 2020?

Now this is quite the interesting question we the fans of the franchise have recently started asking ourselves. We saw quite a bit of interesting stuff from the Call of Duty franchise and its newest release Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019. 

It was all quite different and familiar at the same time with its return to the roots. No longer are we space faring soldiers and other futuristic premises. They brought us back to the original question, what is modern warfare in our current time? 

The developers showed quite a bit of dedication to the product this time around and it is evident that they want to continue supporting it as best they can! That is why a lot of us have started wondering what we can expect to see in the future of the game that for the last 6 years has been the most played Call of Duty.

A lot of people thought that the franchise itself was almost at its end as with releases almost every year

We just got used to it a tad too much compared to other games which take a bit of time before coming out as to not tire out the consumers. Keep in mind though that a lot of the older players have voiced their opinions regarding some of the current design choices but that does not change the fact that more of the causal audience enjoys it. 

While this can mean that the longevity of the game itself may be lowered by this decision at least it can bring in newer fans to the game and make a whole new part of the Call of Duty Community.

A lot of post launch content has been planned by the developers and there have even been whispers of the game being active and continuously updated years ahead. The game itself could be planned as a service that will continue improving with the passage of time. Many new battle passes are to be expected and these interesting seasons will bring with them much new content. 

Various maps new and old to be introduced into Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

There has even been talk about the reintroduction of some of our most favorite maps like Rust, Terminal and so many others. Overall there is a lot of content to be introduced in the game.

It is at a visual level already where the aging will not matter that much due to the game itself already being quite beautiful but at the same time realistic enough not to age too quickly. This means that the developers will be able to insert content constantly and make changes in order to improve it. This is all speculation but we could be looking at the future of the Call of Duty games right here. 

Hopefully we are right though as constantly new games can really tire out the market. This time we hope that the developers will try to keep the players for longer. This means that hopefully a year or two down the road there will still be a reason to play the game unlike recent previous iterations of the franchise.  

There is also another rumor going around about quite the big update intended for the game. Keep in mind though that this is all based on rumors and a small map leak but we neither have it announced nor even know when it will come out!

Now let us take a look at the rumor that has been circulating for quite a bit of time

It is quite possible that owners of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 might receive a Battle Royale mode for the game. Interestingly enough we can connect it to the thing we previously talked about and that being longevity. The talk surrounding the game itself is that the Battle Royale mode will be free to play which will bring it quite a bit of players. 

Especially as we know that in recent years this mode has been tremendously popular. If they decide to go down this path and make it interesting and also involve a tad bit of innovative ideas we can expect quite the challenger to the other games in the genre. 

If they decide to go down the free to play route the will definitely not make a mistake as that means players can try it out for free. If they do that and enjoy the mechanics and the game itself, that brings further purchases of the original title which will bring in more players. It will not be the wisest decisions out there if they decide not to go down that way.

We can almost definitely be sure that the mode will come out sooner or later as not only rumors have been going around as well as job listings but in-game content can be found. There have been quite a few players that have investigated the game files and there is quite a bit of interesting stuff there. It is quite possible to even see it in early 2020 so that they can still bank on the hype about the game while it lasts.

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