What we know about Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer




What we know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer?

The Call of Duty series has been around for such a long time that some people even grew up with it and was one of the first shooters they played. It has always been the giant that made people in YouTube famous and could even be said that the series brought gaming to the limelight and made others understand the value of gaming we all know today. It has evolved in ways that none of us expected, including Nazi zombies, space battles and even the ever growing trend of battle royale games. Some of us that have been there from the beginning most likely will not be able to recognize what the series has become at this point. Which is not necessarily a bad thing as this is to be expected with the fact that there are currently 15 games and we will be expecting the 16th one quite soon. The multiplayer aspect has always been very important and quite competitive but it has grown a little bit too much. Now with the new game, Call of Duty: Modern warfare the developers have decided to move away from the norm and strip it down in order to create something old players will enjoy as well as new ones.

The whole idea of this game is to partly reboot its namesake from 2007 and show some familiar faces to pump up that nostalgia feel and also get away from the perception we have about Call of Duty games. The developers are serious about the gameplay aspect and its importance as the stories we will experience are something like a headline ripped from a newspaper and not just an over powered superhero that is immortal. This means that we will see a more human and gritty aspect of war which hasn’t been shown for quite some time in this series. The goal is to have everything work and feel “just right” in order to have the gameplay be fun and challenging at the same time. 

Something else interesting that we can look forward to is the console and PC cross-play which will get all the players pooled up together to make an even bigger and more unified community around the game. Also they will try to stray away from the traditional season pass way of operating in order to introduce all new maps and downloadable content for free. This is a welcome surprise for all of us players that are kind of tired for paying in advance for items and maps we will receive some day, possibly. 

For the multiplayer they introduced a new mode called Gunfight in order to freshen up the scene a little bit. This mode is overall 2v2 where if you get killed of early your teammate will have to handle the enemies alone. It is very important here to stay together and try your best in order to establish proper teamwork as it won’t be that easy to defeat the others alone. The map design will be little bit tighter and more compressed in order to get those close quarters gritty and dirty teamfights. In order to get a bit of a more competitive feel for the multiplayer the developers have also tried their utmost best to make brilliant sound design. If you want to be good in this game, definitely get yourself some good headphones as that will increase your abilities greatly. 

We will be able to save up to five different loadouts with perks, mods, weapons and the primaries have between 30-60 modifications you can choose from. This means that you will definitely be taking your time in order to experiment and improve on the builds you make. There you will also be able to adjust your killstreaks as they have made their grand return in this iteration. They were given back to us in order to incentivize players to stay alive longer and not just blindly rush against numerous enemies. For those of you out there that enjoy big matches and the mayhem that comes with them we will get to see 32 versus 32 players and even as some rumors state up to 50 versus 50 and more. Overall it is going to be crazy random but also incredibly fun. In some modes you will also be able to revive teammates which is quite an interesting idea that they have implemented. There might be some issues with that as players will use the fact that people will try to revive their friends and just camp bodies. But that is yet to be seen in the official release where people will definitely make a new meta and try out stuff before the end of the first month. 

The mode we all know and love in every shooter game, team Deathmatch, will of course be back again but with the new map design that encourages exploration and positioning we will definitely get a fresh take on it. We will get so much new and interesting things to try out. With all the information we have for now the game is probably going to bring some fresh air to the Call of Duty franchise, which some of you might not believe as this has probably been said for every game in the series but this time there are some high hopes. But all of that is yet to be seen when the game is officially release and all of us get our hands on it and get into the ranks grind.

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