Settlements and Governance of territories in NW


Settlements and Governance of territories in NW



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There is a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming release of NW. This is an incredibly ambitious game by Amazon Game Studios. Many of the ideas may not exactly be called new but how they are implemented is the interesting part. For example settlements and player run governance of them is not a novel idea but how they plan on doing it is the interesting part. The developers have put a lot of thought surrounding this system and for now it seems to be quite fleshed out. In order for us to get familiarized with it, they have even released some news about it. We have gathered that information for you as well and will be happy if we manage to pique your interest about this incredible game.

First let us take a look at what settlements are exactly in NW. They are locations where players can live, craft, trade, work on the Town Projects and even support their chosen Faction with Faction Missions. Also they are the respawn locations if you unfortunately die during one of your adventures. Overall it is what most people would consider a village or city to be. By the looks of it, it can start off small and then grow into something bigger and better.

Now that we have a general idea of what it is exactly, let us also talk a little bit about claiming one. When creating your character a player can choose between one of three factions.  Once that is done you will be able to join one of the player created and managed companies. Upon its creation, said company will always inherit the Faction of its creator. These companies have the ability to gain and control Territories which contain settlements and forts. In the beginning of the game these territories will not be controlled by players and all you have to do is just purchase the claim fee at the fort. If it is already claimed though, it is a whole different story. You will have to fight for it against the other Company. Keep in mind though that you will only be able to do that if the owner is a company from a different faction.

We mentioned settlements and forts but let us also inform you of the difference between them. The settlement itself is the living hub inside a territory. As previously mentioned you go there in order to craft, trade etc. The fort though is the defense location of the territory. There you will do all PvP and PvE battles in order to claim or defend your precious territory.

The Governor is the person responsible for managing a territory and it is essentially the Company Leader. Governing a territory is not an easy job, as you will have to manage it and make decisions regarding its improvements. The Governor will be responsible for starting Town Projects, maintaining order and adjusting taxes. Selecting what should be built and how to improve a certain settlement is very important as you can even make it more desirable to players in order to have them purchase housing there. There is a lot of work involved with this position and you also have to pay Upkeep to the faction you represent in order to continue holding the location. Imagine playing a game within a game, this is what territory management is.

Now that we talked about the Governor, let us also take a look at the people responsible for helping him manage all this. The Consul is essentially the second-in-command and has some responsibilities as well. The number of Consuls in a Company is not limited so there can be as many as the Governor wishes. They have almost all of the governing abilities as the leader and can replace them during their absence. This is quite important as being a Governor can be a tiresome task at times and you will have to share the burden of it with someone else. This is most likely why this position was though up and as long as you trust the people holding it, you as a Governor can be at ease.

We talked a bit about upgrading the Settlements themselves so let us dive a little bit deeper in regards to how it works. By upgrading the Crafting and Refining stations you will be able to have more powerful items crafted by players and make your Settlement into a crafting hub for example. Then lots of players will have interest in purchasing housing there in order to be able to make better items. By doing this you can make a name for your settlement but keep in mind that it can make others want to take it from you. The more popular a location is, the more people will want to take it from you in order to gain its riches. This is an interesting mechanic for sure. Another way to improve it is through Town Projects, they are large scale activities that have lots of people working together with a single goal in mind. They require a lot of work from the Company owning the settlement as well as its residents that have purchased a home there. This is a great incentive to get people working together even if they are not from the same faction. If a player fancies a specific Settlement, they will definitely want to work on improving it.

We hope that this information was helpful to you with understanding how the game works and what to expect from it. There will be future releases containing a lot more information as well and we hope that the articles we continue making will pique your interest in the game itself and what we can offer for it.