What we can expect with NW PvP



What we can expect with NW PvP

The PvP aspect of the highly anticipated Amazon MMORPG, NW is something that many gamers have shown incredible interest in. That is why we have checked all the information we could get our hands on so that we can compile it for you. 

The interest in the game itself is really big and the developers have addressed some of the most interesting questions out there. This is what we will be taking a look at today and we hope that it will be of interest to those of you out there that are thinking of buying the game.

The developers started experimenting with the game itself for the first time during a closed Alpha all the way back in October 2018 and finished in June 2019. During that period they were able to get a lot of valuable feedback from all the participants and were able to test out quite a bit of features. They knew that not everyone will send in information through the proper channels and that is why they kept track of the most important thing in any MMO game, the player chat. 

Through this they were able to figure out what exactly annoys players and what they particularly enjoy

This dedication to fleshing it out is very welcome as they want to make the game just right. Of course upon its release on the 26th of May 2020 a lot more things will show up and patches will be implemented but they will still try their best to publish a quality product. 

During the testing period the developers had implemented a really interesting PvP system where only certain locations were safe. This means that you could be targeted anywhere in the open world and get killed by other players. 

Upon killing you all of your inventory would drop for them to loot but your equipped items would stay. If a player did manage to PK you, they would be flagged as a criminal and if someone got their hands on them and defeated them, they would drop the equipped items as well as the whole inventory. 

Unfortunately this interesting idea led to a lot of high level players camping out low level ones and exclusively staying near location where they would typically be. This led to a lot of frustration with the community and the developers took notice of this.

While this idea was quite interesting it seems to have led to something which the developers did not intend. That is why instead of just implementing minor fixes to this system they decided to revamp it. 

While we still do not know if aspects of it will be in the game, they have revealed other interesting PvP modes which we can enjoy. They definitely know of the interest surrounding Player versus Player interactions and that is why they have decided to have much more fair and skill based battles. 

There will be various options for PvP Factions conflicts and wars for us to enjoy and participate

The currently most interesting one we know of is the 50 versus 50 player mode which will decide ownership of various territories. You will be able to set it up at a time where both sides will agree on so that you can be sure to have all your combatants ready. 

Once a challenge is issued then you will have more than enough time to gather up your forces and have them ready for a fight. With these battles there will be two sides, respectively attackers and defenders. When the combat itself starts the defenders will have to keep their flag safe while the other team will have to take it in order to win.

You will be able to upgrade walls and defenses in order to stop the enemy from approaching but they will also have some tricks up their sleeves. The attackers are able to gather points which can be used to create siege machines and other interesting stuff to help with taking over the flag and going through the defenses. 

Another interesting feature here is that you will be taken to a protected battlefield so that no third party can get involved in these important battles

Also something else that is incredibly important is the fact that even if you lose your territory, the home you have there will not lose any possessions so there is no need to worry about that. Even if you do decide to sit out a battle or just can’t be there on time even if you lose, your character will not lose their progress. The only thing is that even if your side wins, you will not receive any of the exclusive awards which are incurred through participation.

In regards to boosting we will offer various services which you might be interested in

As always we will strive to provide you with high quality boosts, performed only by experienced high level players. Anything you might be interested in this amazing game will be on the table. We will always do what we can to help you out and always keep in mind that even if it is not a service on the site, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. 

Lastly we will once again remind you of the release date which is May 26th 2020. Also if you are interested in pre-ordering it, you will get access to the closed beta which is set for April 2020 as well as some other goodies to help you get started. If you have any questions or feedback we will always be happy to hear from you in the live chat located in the bottom right. Your satisfaction and happiness is the most important thing for us.