What is NW?




What is NW?

NW is an up and coming MMO game which is set in an alternative version of our 17th century. It is a time which many of you might be familiar with as it was the Exploration Era of our real life history. It is an era where colonization began and technology started to evolve in a steady pace with a lot of experimentation being allowed. It was even a time where for the first time ever a public company was formed known as Dutch East India. 

An absolutely interesting fact which is actually addressed in the game through its company system which we will talk a little bit later. The developers at Amazon Games definitely made quite a bit of parallels with our own world but also put some twists as well which will make the game itself much more interesting.

We gave you a little bit of an introduction to this up and coming MMO so not let us dive a bit deeper into what we currently know about it. There has been quite a bit of talk circulating the gaming sphere and we have collected some bits of information that we have to create this article for you. Keep in mind though changes in the game are quite possible as the game is still not released. 

The game is set for release on the 26th of May 2020 with there being a possibility of getting access to it earlier by pre-purchasing it

This is a nice incentive as you will also get some minor loot alongside with this access. The premise for the game is something like a survival sandbox kind of experience alongside other people. As some of you might already be familiar with this type of system, it will be all player based with territories and cities included in that. 

We will have to handle the enemies known as the Corrupted on the island where it is all set. The island is called Aeternum and is located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. The world there is set to remind us of the British America from the mid-1600s where sword and gunpowder were the kinds of the world.

We will have to handle exploring and fighting by ourselves or with groups of friends in this amazingly interesting MMORPG premise. There are also signs of the PVP being a major aspect in the game itself and will hopefully introduce the PVP lovers to something new and interesting. 

While the idea of leaving everything behind and rebuilding civilization in a foreign land might not be the most original, it is definitely still interesting and hopefully well made. The aesthetics of the game are surprisingly familiar and fresh at the same time, which can even be seen in the most recent trailer called “Aeternum Awaits”. 

There were shown ancient Roman armors as well as people that kind of look like metal conquistadors which get corrupted by an ancient evil. Said ancient evil is something that we will have to fight against as it has set out to destroy all aspects of humanity. We will be forced into a fight for survival and progression at the same time. 

On this supernatural island we will also experience quite a bit more except just building and exploration, we will be able to fight in massive 50 vs 50 siege battles. This is welcome news for the Player versus Player fans as it has been implemented in various other MMORPGs with great success. We can only hope as well that it will not be just a zerg type of gameplay but that is yet to be seen.

The crafting section in the game is also quite innovative and in-depth as you will be able to make anything you possibly want and then sell it of course. It basically has a lot of familiar features inside it but they are fleshed out and made so that a lot of people can easily get into them. The idea of the game itself is to immerse you in the world and make you feel like anything you do will leave an impact on the world surrounding you. 

Now we will take you back to what we previously mentioned about companies. As we already said in our world during that time period the first major one came to exist. Now in the game companies will be their version of player ran clans or guilds. The catch here though is that you will be able to experience the actual inner workings of governmental structures with various different roles. 

The company itself will be made out of many various positions like fighters, crafters, traders and many others

We will be able to further immerse ourselves in the workings of this world and its vibe. With this game we can expect a return to the MMORPG genre even if it was forgotten in recent years. We sincerely hope that it will work out because the passion put into this project is evident and the developers have been fleshing it out constantly so that we can receive a quality product worth the price.

In regards to boosting we will offer various services which you might be interested in. As always we will strive to provide you with high quality boosts, performed only by experienced high level players. Anything you might be interested in this amazing game will be on the table. We will always do what we can to help you out and always keep in mind that even if it is not a service on the site, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. 

Lastly we will once again remind you of the release date which is May 26th 2020. Also if you are interested in pre-ordering it, you will get access to the closed beta which is set for April 2020 as well as some other goodies to help you get started. If you have any questions or feedback we will always be happy to hear from you in the live chat located in the bottom right. Your satisfaction and happiness is the most important thing for us.