Latest updates and speculations in Overwatch 2


Greetings Overwatch fans! We here from like the Overwatch lovers we are, are so pumped for the new Archives event of 2019, new character -Baptiste Augusta introduction to the game and much more. Oh we can’t wait! 

The Archives event will most likely be scheduled for April. As for the exact start date though, Blizzard hasn’t made any official statements so far. There are some fan theories though, speculating it to be on 9th of April. Alongside the recently released map Paris, there will be another new map for the event and it will also be included into the regular map cycle.

Blizzard has officially revealed the 30th hero to join Overwatch. In the info released in early February some clues were revealed. Baptiste was a medic and a member of Talon. He uses an array of gadgets-including a device called immortality field that prevents teammates from dying, healing grenades and his ultimate ability which can be best described as a matrix that doubles the damage and healing effects on all squad mates that pass through it. He is believed to bring a new freshness and new play styles in the game so it will be great to see him in action.

With the Baptiste patch there will be some interesting balance changes, here are some of the changes to the game and heroes that will be implemented.

Beam-type damage is getting nerfed, it will do less damage when hitting armor and damage over time effects will no longer aggravate from armor. Damage boost will now be amplified as the shot is fired, not when it hits the target which is going to change a little bit the play style of some heroes.

Blizzard aims to cut back on the CC abilities and focus more on characters with a different skill set.

This means increased diversity of the upcoming heroes

Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow detection radius is getting buffed by 2 meters range, because some of the maps have bigger density and it makes the ultimate ineffective. This change will be of much use to Hanzo as it will give him much more map awareness which as we know is key in OW.

Doomfist is getting some buffs reducing the cooldown on rising uppercut and seismic slam. This makes him little bit stronger but not unstoppable.

Next we have McRee who is getting some nice changes implemented. Whilst fan the hammer damage is getting reduced, dead eye will now lock up to targets a lot faster which will make the ultimate a little bit more dynamic. Moira’s passive heal will be slightly more powerful. Lucio’s speed boost will be nerfed. Orisa’s movement speed while firing will be buffed as well, which combined with her earlier main weapon accuracy and damage buff can be quite useful. Blizzard’s developers are working on a lot of fixes to help balancing the game and clearing in-game bugs as well bringing the game back to life. These changes towards the GOAT meta that is right now is showing Blizzard’s tries to change it and get rid of it with buffs and nerfs all over the place .With Baptiste on the horizon , we are going to see much changes to the current playstyle of the game and hopefully it will be for the better.

Blizzard is working on Replays in ranked, as in CS:GO where you can go back and watch where you messed up, whether you did the right decision or not, where you could improve your skills and etc. More rumors have been circling around that they are working on more social features like clans or guilds. Somewhere where you can team up with friends and roll out in the action as it should be. Players really wanted for a long time and it is something that they have confirmed, we just don’t know when it exactly will be and what exactly it’s going to be.

Now let’s talk about the future of the game. We like to read interesting stuff like predictions etc. Is it possible for Overwatch to go Free-to-Play? According to analysts roaming around the net, 2019 is the year in which Overwatch goes FTP. This shift from the current business model to the free to play model is a way for Blizzard to increase the growth of the game which will lead to bigger interest from fans in the Overwatch League. What that means is that it will introduce a lot of new players that are eager the dive in the action that is Overwatch. This will definitely lead to a massive new audience and most likely a new monetization method as well. The game needs to be freshened up a bit in order to keep the current players and attract new ones. Although it might not sound like a great idea to some of the players we think that it will provide some fresh changes to our beloved game. We as fans are hoping to see Overwatch succeed. It is a fun game to play and to watch as well, the devs are really trying this time. This might be for the greater good of the game and start a new chapter for Blizzard and Overwatch League.  Although again this is just a speculation that it will happen this year but hopefully there will be giant changes to the game soon.

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