Black Forest Map Guide



Black Forest Map Guide

There is a certain type of game mode in Overwatch aptly named Arena, however it is divided in a few modes, named Elimination, Lockout Elimination, Mystery Duel and Limited Duel. We are just going to be calling it Arena as to keep it simple. Contrary to other modes, where you are tasked to attack or defend a central objective, here you rather eliminate all members of the opposing team. 

The game plays it in a few rounds and players cannot respawn until the respective round has reached its end. Arena, unlike other modes, has a few maps designed from the ground up just for that purpose, these are smaller maps and advise quick thinking, rather than long stalling from tanks in tight corridors. 

The maps in question are: 

  • Ayutthaya

  • Black Forest

  • Castillo

  • Ecopoint: Antarctica and Necropolis. 

Today we are going to covering the most atmospheric of them all, Black Forest is situated in a rather drawn out plane, cut off on all sides by a stream off tall trees. Other maps in this mode, namely Castillo and Necropolis, have a certain connected feeling to them, Castillo overlooks the main city of Dorado, while Necropolis can see the lights of the Temple of Anubis shining across the dunes. Having gained that information, one can assume that the castle in the background of Black Forest is actually the same castle as found in Eichenwalde, just situated on its backside. 

However, the geographical presence found in the Eichenwalde map gives something else to think about, since you can see that the line of trees breaks and leads into another city, but that is not present in Black Forest. The map is covered in a thin layer of mist, engulfing the structures and streets and even continuing outwards into the outskirts of the map. It is comprised of three structures, two watermills and 1 windmill. 

The watermills are even still turning, despite being long since abandoned, everything present here is barely keeping itself together or is already broken. Being again part of the omnic crisis which happened in full force on Eichenwalde, here there is still sings of it being present, albeit not on that grand of a scale. In the whole retrospective of things, this is without a doubt one of the more interesting maps introduced into Overwatch as a whole, but let us continue on with what you are here for and that is a guide of the map.

Here we are introduced to the concept that is Lockout elimination

In simple words, lockout elimination gives you the opportunity to play 3 randomly selected heroes out of the whole roster, and the other person gets the absolutely same ones, from round to round you can’t play the same ones, just once thought the whole match. To keep the nature of randomness ever present, that means that there will be matches where some heroes will never be picked and that is just because the game did not randomly select them. 

To get something out of the way, there are no healing pack present on the map, so if you get cornered and find yourself lacking those precious health points, better hope that you picked the right character or just get a lucky shot. Some characters do excel in these kinds of situations, namely those in terms of 3v3’s or 1v1’s, the characters that are safer and can outlast the opposition or just have some way of healing themselves are pretty high up there in picking order. 

Roadhog is a prime contender here, as the aforementioned self-healing heroes are a must, he does fall under both categories above, being a tank means that he is safe and being able to self-heal means that there is no need to rely on a support to keep you healthy. Why we are picking him is mostly because of that 300 heal ability, no other character can match up to that, also if you don’t pick him, you can be sure the other player will and you are going to have a hard time beating that. 

Another hero that can rain absolute chaos and mostly frustration is Mei. That is mostly by having an ability that just cuts off damage from a certain direction, using it while having your back on a wall can give you breathing room or just encapsulate yourself in your cone for no damage at all while healing yourself. Ana comes on in a solid third place as being the most versatile of them all, however being at most decent versus Mei and Roadhog, but against everyone else, she can hold herself up quite respectively. 

Sniping your enemies from across the map and if they don’t have some sort of healing, you can just hit them and let your damage over time do your job. Here is where the versatility part comes into play, she can heal herself whenever she pleases to, but can actually still attack while being healed, since Roadhog can move but not attack and Mei cannot do both. On bonus note, that healing grenade that Ana has, can actually prevent the other characters from healing. 

Continuing on to the DPS side of things, both Soldier 76 and Tracer have this pretty much covered. Tracer, can be as annoying as Mei to fight, but for a whole other reason, while Mei is slow but can make you freeze, Tracer is fast but if you do actually manage to hit her, better make sure it is a killing blow or get ready for round 2 with Tracer being full HP and you without your killing move. 

Furthermore, do not be discouraged to play other heroes here, testing is one of the main reason that games continue to be relevant years to come, having 1 and only 1 meta is a game killer. Despite other heroes not having a way to heal themselves, they can end them pretty quickly with 1 well placed blow, except Roadhog, good luck killing him.

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