What is the difference between playing Overwatch 2 on PC and on Console?





What is the difference between Overwatch on a PC than on console?


This is one of most frequently asked questions among players thinking to start playing Overwatch – Which platform should I choose? In this article we are going to explain all the differences between both platforms with their advantages and disadvantages.

Starting with the pure user experience playing the game – the Frames per second(FPS)

The winner here is clearly one and that’s PC. Based on your PC configuration as well as your monitor refresh rate, you can play the game on up to 200 Frames per second. The experience is extremely good and game is running super smooth.

Even with not that good PC configuration, you can still play the game with 100 to 144 Frames per second which makes the experience quite good and smooth. On the other hand, the maximum FPS you can play Overwatch on PS4 and Xbox is limited to 60 frames per second. This is a bit frustrating for players willing to experience the full visual potential of the game.

Controller vs Mouse and Keyboard – which one should I choose?

That’s the biggest question for the newcomers to Overwatch. And of course, this is strictly personal for player’s playstyle and overall gaming experience. But lets state the advantages of both.

Mouse and Keyboard advantages:

  • You can have way better control of your aim with proper gaming mouse settings. This, combined with shooter skills will help you perform better in the game.

  • Faster reactions while fighting. Mouse and keyboard allows you to have better 360% view of everything happening around you with proper mouse sensitivity settings. Controller’s looking speed kind of limits this, so if for example someone is behind you, it will take more time for you to turn around 180 degrees and kill him.

  • Keyboard and mouse customization. You can bind the key bindings you feel most comfortable playing with to your keyboard or to your extra mouse buttons. So for example, if you have previous experience from other shooter games, you can simply rebind the keys to the one you are comfortable with and perform better while playing the game. Unfortunately, on controller you got a way lower possibilities of different bindings and this might reflect on your overall performance.

Mouse and Keyboard disadvantages:

  • In order to have perfect gaming experience, you will need to purchase professional or semi professional gaming gear. In most of the cases this is quite pricy compared to controllers.

  • You need a comfortable desk and chair. For a lot of people, this is not a problem, but for some it is. In order to dedicate and perform at maximum level in game the most important thing is to feel comfortable while playing. You need place where you can only focus in the game, and this is not possible for everyone.

Controller advantages:

  • If you are a console fan controller is the better choice for you, since its quite hard to move from controller to mouse and keyboard and perform at the same level.

  • Comfort while playing. This is probably the biggest advantage playing Overwatch, or any other shooter game with controller. You can sit on your couch in front of your TV and chill while playing the game. That’s something mouse and keyboard does not offer.

  • Aim assist. Due to the higher difficulty to aim accurate with controller, game developers applied Aim assist – a tool which helps you to shoot in the target you would like to more precisely. And it’s a big advantage for new players. You simply need to practice a bit and as a new player you will perform way better than with mouse and keyboard.

Controller disadvantages:

  • Limited binding possibilities.

  • Limited overall view of the entire game process.

  • In some cases, you will have to stop playing once your controller’s battery goes low. This is quite frustrating especially if your battery dies at the middle of a match for example. Also, it might take up to a couple of hours in order to fully charge your controller. Willing to avoid this happening often requires to have a cable from your console to your controller.

Overall conclusion about mouse and keyboard vs controller

Based on the goal you are willing to achieve while playing Overwatch you can choose the option you feel more comfortable with. However, if you are willing to get professional player in the game you only have one choice and that’s mouse and keyboard. Also, there is no professional scene for console players. If you simply want to have fun while playing the game and chill for a couple of hours daily, than the better choice for you is probably controller.  

Social aspect of the game

Since the game does not offer cross platform play, which means if you play on PC you can only play with and versus PC players and so on for all 3 platforms, you will have to carefully choose if you prefer playing the game on PC or on console.

Also team play is one of the most important aspects while playing Overwatch in order to have the most out of the game. If your friends are playing on PC, than you should hop on the PC version of the game, however if most of your friends are console fans you should choose either PS4 or Xbox one.

However, if you do not have friends playing game and you are willing to find people to play and enjoy the game with, it will be way easier for you to play the PC version of Overwatch. 65% of overall player base of the game is playing on PC, while 20% play on PS4 and 15% play on Xbox one. So if you are looking for a team PC will bring you way better social experience.

Which one is more affordable to start playing on -  PC or consoles?

You like the game, you would like to start playing it but you have a budget? We will give you some useful tips which one you should choose. Based on the experience you would like to have from the game your PC configuration as well as the gaming gear you are willing to play on playing on computer will be the more expensive choice.

You need a good PC, good monitor and at least semi professional gaming gear. If you are willing to experience all the advantages of Overwatch’s graphics your configuration might cost a couple of thousand dollars.

Consoles are for sure the cheaper option. All you need is to purchase a console itself, which normally goes with at least one controller and to have a TV or purchase one based on your needs.  The price of Virtual copy of the game or physical one is absolutely similar for both PC , PS4 and Xbox one.

What is the waiting time difference in order to get in game for different platforms?

Due the fact PC community of the game is way bigger than consoles one, while playing the game on PC you will find games – either normal or competitive way faster than on PS4 and Xbox.  The region and the time of the day, as well as the skill rating you play on if you play ranked, are also quite different on different devices.

For example if you are from Oceania region or South America region the waiting times on high skill rating are quite long. Its same if you prefer playing during nighttime.  If you are playing on the High populated regions, there is no difference in the waiting times to find a game on PC and consoles.

Is the game content different on PC than on console – no it is not.

Content wise the game is absolutely similar on both platforms. All the updates, characters, maps and events are launched at the same time for all 3 platforms – PC, PS4 and Xbox. The maps, the abilities of the heroes , skills and objectives are absolutely similar on both PC and console.