Dorado Map Guide



Dorado Map Guide


Today we will be taking a look at the amazingly interesting map, set in Mexico during a festival celebrating the end of the Omnic Crisis, called Dorado. What you can expect here is lots of lights, piñatas, choke points, side alleys and sniper spots. The map is full of ways to move around and flank enemies. The start is quite tricky for defenders and attackers alike so let us get into it.

Keep in mind that in this map mobility is quite important and flanking is the way to go

The reason for this is because the defenders can set up defensive lines on a lot of choke points which can be extremely hard to deal with. But the developers made it so that characters like Genji, Pharah, Reaper, Hanzon, Junkrat, Widowmaker, D.Va, Winston and Mercy can all vault over a lot of the walls. Try to have at all times some of these heroes. 

When you are pushing the payload it’s good to have an offensive flanker that goes ahead of the team and disrupts the defenders. They should constantly harass the enemy and not let them take up a position as that can mean a loss of the attackers. A good choice for this is Genji as his mobility and damage is quite good and he can get out of a sticky situation really quickly. Something else to keep in mind is balconies and sniping spots as they are quite numerous and a well-positioned Widowmaker can obliterate any defending team or attackers.

For the marked when you are defending try to stay near the edge that is close to the bridge, the reason for that is because that position is perfect if you have to back up from an enemy offensive. The back line should be careful of flankers and good communication with the tanks is key. The reason for that is because the front line on the edge of the market should be held by them. And if there are more aggressive attackers they should fall back a little bit. 

A big mistake people make here is to go on the front line with the damage dealers and get killed off by snipers and the like. A good hero you can have here for defence is Junkrat, as he can just spam the entrance to the market and dish out as much damage as possible. A Reinhardt or Zarya on the front line is extremely important as they can take a lot of damage and hold the enemies back. Zenyatta is a good mix between DPS and Support as well as a Mercy is quite good to keep you in the fight for longer. 

For the attackers there are a couple of flanking options they can take in order to get behind enemies and kill the supports and damage dealers hiding in the back line. If you decide to take the straight route through the tunnel and not commit to flanking it will be quite hard. For that to succeed you will have to make a lot of tries in order to get passed the defenders and also your whole team will have to do their job perfectly.

Something else that is extremely important here, as always is the high ground. On Dorado exactly the high ground is something that decides the outcome of the game. As here it gives cover as well as a vantage point against the enemies that you can use.  After you pass the Market all other check points are decided by the high ground. Try your best to contest it with high mobility heroes like Genji, Winston, D.Va, Reaper and Pharah. They will be key to you securing a win. 

Also for the defenders it is quite important to have a Tobjorn, the reason for that is his turret can locate flankers instantly and you will not be caught by surprise. When attacking the last two points it is good to have a Widowmaker as she can reach the high places really quickly and snipe off enemies. The high ground most of the time has cover which can be used to defend yourself.  

Overall a good composition to use is two supports, two tanks and two defensive or more offensive orientated heroes. But for attackers as well as defenders a perfect tank pick is Reinhardt, so if you have someone on your team who is good with this hero tell them to pick him. A tip we can give you if you want to become proficient in this map is to try out the custom game option and play by yourself here. 

The reason for that is you will be able to learn where all the health packs are located as well as all the flanking routes. Take a Genji for example as he has high mobility and roam around to get used to the map and all its quirks. Hopefully this guide was helpful to you and keep in mind that if you have any feedbeck for us feel free to message us at any time. Also if you found this guide interesting we have quite a lot of other articles you can check out.

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