Hollywood Map Guide Overwatch 2



Today we will be taking a look at the Hollywood map in Overwatch and how you can get better at it. We will try to give you some pointers on what to look out for as well as some tips and tricks as well as team comps and builds. With this Hybrid map if we are the attacking team, our objective will be to escort and protect a famous movie director through all the sets. While defenders, of course will have to stop this from happening and defeat the attackers before they reach the last point.

With this map we often get a slight claustrophobic feel and while the map is quite fun and has a couple of ways to navigate, the high ground like always is key here. We have quite a variety of ways to get to said high ground but as it always happens in Overwatch a lot of players will ignore them and fight in the small rooms around the various sets.

Let us dive into our recommendations and tips for this map

Overall Widowmaker is quite a strong pick for this map, be it for defence or offense. The reason for this is that we have quite a bit of balconies and other sniping spots on the high ground which gives quite the vintage point to our favourite sniper. 

Another good pick here is Junkrat, who as we know loves spamming his grenade launcher left and right. The vintage points we mentioned are very useful for him as well.

For the first point that the attackers have to capture before starting the escort section it is always recommended to choose a high mobility hero in order to be able to pass by the defences and hit the enemy in the back. That first chokepoint is quite hard to get passed if there are a couple of well-coordinated defenders.

For example some excellent choices are a Torbjorn or Symmetra while defending there are a lot of locations you can utilize for the turret and the sentries. That is valid a lot of the time for them as they are in the top of the Overwatch tier list in terms of defence. There is quite a lot of line of sight which is amazing for that ever annoying turret and the many turns and angles around the objective are ideal for Symmetra.

When you get passed the first part of the map, afterwards the difficulties for the attackers do not end

Until you reach the hangar part of the map there are a lot of locations where you can get ambushed and sniped from. That is why you should be extremely vigilant and not stray too far from your tank.

The most useful one out there is Reinhardt. This beast of a man is key for advancing to the objective and escorting it afterwards. Winston also can be used not so much as a tank here but he is an ideal assassin that can get to high places and take out snipers as well as escape afterwards.

As always be careful of your surroundings regardless if you are attacking or defending as in Overwatch there are a lot of heroes that can show up behind you, without you even knowing how they got there.

The map escalates is difficulty, the closer you get to the last point when escorting. In the hangar part of the match, when defending it is best to go with the strategy of bunkering up. Bastions, Symmetras and Torbjorns are powerhouses in that location.

The closed up corridors and the straight line of sight is ideal for those heroes. Always remember to have people watching your flanks as well. You don’t want to be playing a bastion and shooting someone, then in the next moment realize that there are two enemies next to you.

Try to have a couple of heroes that are dedicated to protecting you and watching for flankers, while the tanks hold off the enemy. In this part mayhem is kind so it is normal to get distracted from time to time, but always keep your eyes on the prize and don’t overextend. Now in regards to the attackers, in the hangar part of the game it is important to have a lot of shields and barriers. 

You will be constantly barraged by enemy fire so it is key to have a Reinhardt and an Orisa to keep you in the fight. A risky pick here is to have a Widomaker that takes out the defenders, but keep in mind that they have to be quite good as not to let chances past them. Always stay on the payload is something that can be often heard but rarely done. Each meter you advance at this point is crucial for your Victory.

Another thing that you can try out when escorting is to get a Reaper and teleport to the upper platform above the gate. By doing that you will be able to get behind all of the defenders and even surprise them with your ultimate. Just don’t overdo it as that will make them become used to flanking.

Be extremely careful when taking this decision so that you get the maximum out of it and manage to make the final push.  Overall this map is not the best when attacking but teamwork and communication will definitely win you the game!

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