How to get Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2


How to get Golden Weapons if Overwatch

The coveted Golden gun in Overwatch is something that many players want to achieve and get their hands on. This is a symbol of respect for some players as it takes a bit of competitive play in order to acquire it. 

The cosmetic itself is unique as currently there are no other weapon cosmetics which you can get your hands on. While it does not change the weapon itself in any way except it being gold, still it is something quite beautiful. 

As in many other games the golden weapons are a symbol of ability and time invested in the game itself, the same can be said for Overwatch as well. The only way you can get it is by gathering 3000 Competitive Points which are acquired when playing season games and winning them, as well as the end of season position you have. We will talk a little bit about them as well before proceeding with the Golden Gun information.

While it cannot be said that a player using it will definitely be better than the others, it shows that they are dedicated to their selected Hero and are willing to use them to purchase a Golden Weapon for them.  You can at least expect them to know the ins and outs of the Hero they have selected. 

It is something like a badge of honor for your favorite character. Keep in mind though that it is a bit time consuming to get them especially if you do not get that many wins while playing.

Competitive Points

They are the only current alternative currency to Credits in the game which can only be acquired from playing Competitive matches during active seasons. They are only used to purchase the Golden Weapon skins in the game and as previously said in order to get these shiny cosmetics you have to dish out 3000 CP for each. The points you are awarded per win are 15 for each Competitive Match. 

In case you have a draw match instead you will receive only 5 CP. There is a lot of farming to be had especially if you are typically ranked lower. The reason for that is because you also get end of season rewards depending on where you were placed. 

At the end of each season they are the following:

1.       Bronze – 65 Competitive Points

2.       Silver – 125 Competitive Points

3.       Gold – 250 Competitive Points

4.       Platinum – 500 Competitive Points

5.       Diamond – 750 Competitive Points

6.       Master – 1200 Competitive Points

7.       Grandmaster – 1750 Competitive Points

As you can see especially for player ranked lower they can only get enough through a long and tedious grind. You will have to spend quite some time but in the end it is still worth it as you get another factor that differentiates your hero except the skins. 

There is also something to keep in mind especially if you are just hoarding them for the future. Each player has a cap of 6000 CP that he can own before he stops getting them from wins. Once you reach this cap no matter how many wins you get it will not raise. 

There is an exception though and that is the end of season awards which can transcend this cap

Meaning that if you have 6000 CP wins will not provide you with anything but if you were placed in gold at the end of the season you will have 6250 CP. As you see they have made it in a way that you will have to spend them at some point in time if you want to continue getting them. This incentivizes players to continue purchasing Golden Weapons until they have one for each hero. 

People often start with purchasing it for their favorite one but if you see a player with numerous of Golden Weapons you can be sure that they are quite familiar with the game. The play time that is required to get it is more than enough to become quite proficient at Overwatch.

Overall it is not definitely required for a good player to have a Golden Weapon but it is still quite the evident badge of honor. That is mostly their addition to the game, so that you can at least know except by the levels, who has played for quite a bit and has also experience in the Competitive portion of Overwatch. That is a good sign as they will be more likely to communicate during matches compared to some other players.

A good way we can recommend for you to farm them out is basically the only way especially if you are not typically in higher divisions, that being playing a lot during your day. This can’t always be achieved though as it is normal for not everyone to have the time required to give for the game. 

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