How to get Overwatch 2 league skins


How to get Overwatch league skins

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Hopefully our introduction to the services we offer is of help to you. Now let us take a look at what we have prepared for you. A lot of people might be wondering what exactly Overwatch League Skins are and how to get them? That is a question which we will do our best to answer so that you are able to acquire them as well. In order to be able to purchase these incredible skins and show which team is your favourite there are a couple of things that have to be done, which we will mention down below.

First let us talk a little bit about the cosmetics themselves and what they represent. As with every sports competition a lot of the viewers are particularly fond of a specific team which they want to win. This is understandable and has also transferred to the competitive gaming circle. The introduction of these skins is also something really similar to what is done with other competitive real life games. It can be thought as something like official merchandize of the team which you can acquire in order to show off your favourite team. Imagine purchasing a football jersey of your favourite team and you will be able to get a more clear idea of what they represent. This has been done in various other games but Overwatch gives it a little bit of a different take. While typically they would only be sold with the in-game premium currency, they are instead purchased only with another kind of currency, called League Tokens. Also keep in mind that these cosmetics cannot be acquired any other way that directly purchasing them. This means that normal loot boxes will under no circumstances drop them for you. Don’t let that get you down though as if you enjoy watching Overwatch competitive games, getting the Tokens won’t be that hard for you.

Now let us talk a little bit about how to acquire the League Tokens we were talking about up until now. There are two major ways that you can get them from. One is just purchasing a pack of them, which there are a couple of options there.  The options start from 4.99 USD to 87,49 USD which are of course subject to change. If you really want a specific skin and just don’t have the time to farm it out this is the easiest way. Keep in mind though that this currency can only be used to acquire the Overwatch League Skins which are available at the store at the time of the event. It does stay with you and you can use it the next time a Competitive event with skins is on, so if you have some left over do not worry. The purchasing option can easily be located only when browsing the competitive skins, which is quite convenient so that you do not make a mistake when purchasing.

There is also another option for players that do not wish to give real money for the game. They have made it so just by watching the games you can earn League Tokens to spend on the amazing League Skins. Keep in mind though that before you start farming this currency, you will have to link up your Blizzard account to the platform you will be watching it on. There are numerous of ways to watch the matches themselves but the developers have thought of that. Numerous of supported sites can be used to link your account with. This first step is really important so make sure to do it in order to not waste your time needlessly.

After you are done linking up your accounts, the next step is to start actually watching the games. For each accumulated hour spent watching, you will receive 3 League Tokens. The good thing here is that you do not have to do it all at once. Your view time is saved so for example if you watch for 30 minutes and then stop, the next time you hop on the timer will continue from where you left off. In order to not waste your time watching recordings, keep in mind that coins can only be accumulated during live matches. If you are unable to watch the stream constantly, be that because of work or something else, there is something to be done. A small tip which we can give you is to open up the stream in a new tab and lower the volume of Chrome for example and you will still count as a viewer.  Muting on the site you watch the stream though will not count you as an active viewer. For console players that view the streams at home, you can just turn it on through the Twitch app and shut off your TV. You might now be thinking that this way takes too much time but there is no need to worry as if you are lucky more Tokens await you. After the final map of each match finishes during the live broadcast a lucky few will be awarded with 100 League Tokens. The drop is not guaranteed as it is always random so do not expect getting it every time. Those are the ways with which you can get your favourite Overwatch League Skins, hopefully we were of help to you.