How to get Overwatch 2 League Tokens


How to get Overwatch League Tokens

Today we will be tacking an interesting question which a lot of you might have been asking yourselves. That is how to get Overwatch League Tokens? The developers at Blizzard have always tried to give us chances to acquire interesting skins in the game without necessarily paying real money for them. 

There is always that option for those of you that typically don’t have the time to invest into grinding out whatever you are interested in acquiring. That is quite understandable as a lot of people have something else going on and can’t constantly play the game. Enough general talk about what a lot of you must be familiar with already and let us dive deeper into the League Tokens and how to get them! 

Overall the League Tokens can be used by us players to purchase Team Skins in the game in order to show our appreciation for those we cheer for

Each skin costs 100 Tokens and when purchased you will be rewarded with the home and away version of it. This sounds like quite the deal doesn’t it, two skins for the price of one.  By purchasing them you will be able to represent your favorite team and of course expand your ever growing library of skins. 

Also keep in mind that if you already have purchased such cosmetics in the past, you will also receive home and away versions for them as well. This is a great deed on the part of Blizzard as they take care of their older fans as well. 

They have made it so that the 2018 and 2019 Team Skins will have these two options for players to enjoy. They are all quite well made and while not being entirely different that the base skin, the paint job on them is quite nice. 

They really do try to look like the team the skin represents. It is evident that some work and passion was put into them as the people at Blizzard are also quite passionate about eSports and the community as well. We are always happy to see such an attitude from developers as it is not the most common thing out there. 

We made some introductions about the skins but now you must be wondering, how does one acquire them? 

Now that we have talked about what you can do with the Tokens, let us take a look at how to get them as well. They decided to implement an interesting way to earn them and that is just by watching Overwatch League matches. 

This way they incentivize people to get involved more seriously in the eSports community and also get rewards for doing so. For every hour of matches watched either on the Twitch platforms or the Overwatch League platforms you will get 3 League Tokens. It might not seem like much but even if you just keep the streams running on the background it will award you with them. 

Also since it can be followed on a lot of platforms they are quite easy to get. Keep in mind that you do not have to continuously watch for 1 hour but can take breaks as the system saves your view time. This means that you can watch 45 minutes of streams in one sitting and later on just watch 15 minutes and you will still get the rewards you deserve. This is a very good thing as you are not forced to constantly watch and can go around doing other things as well. 

You will definitely be able to get enough tokens just by leisurely watching so there is no need worry on that end. Also only live matches will count for the timer so you should make sure to turn up for the official beginning of the matches for the day and start the stream. 

Also another reason to stay until the end is to possibly win a random drop of 100 League Tokens, given out to some viewers. One other way to earn some tokens is also watching Overwatch League Picks, which will provide you an additional source to get the desired loot! 

Now comes the part that some people tend to be confused and that is how to become eligible for the tokens while watching the streams

In order for the system to register you, log into you Battle.Net account and link it to you Twitch account. By doing that when you watch it on one of the Twitch platforms they will send out information to the required system so that it can track your view time! 

Also since you can watch it on the Overwatch League Website, you should just log into your Blizzard account on it. In regards to redemption of the tokens, for those of you that play on consoles, keep in mind that the XBL or PSN accounts have to be officially linked to the Battle. Net Account in order to track the progress. Overall this is a genuinely nice gesture from Blizzard which we as players appreciate deeply. 

This also brings more eyes to official Competitive matches, which is always something amazing as the more exposure the Competitive scene gets, the better it is for us gamers as well. Supporting eSports teams is essential in order to show to the world that gaming is serious and should be followed.

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