How to improve as Baptiste in Overwatch 2



How to improve as Baptiste in Overwatch

The common understanding of these types of games, the type that Overwatch gracefully falls under, is that they are easy to get into but take a lot of time to master. Most free to play games have this imbedded in them, take it as a curse or a blessing, it all depends on the person playing the game. Overwatch, an ever changing game is doing just that, giving more and more options to new and existing players to play around newer and newer heroes. It does bring in a fresh flavour to the game, but at a cost.

To start things off on a high note, let us begin with some general coverage of the game and then get more in depth with the hero in mind. As we are all already accustomed with the game, Overwatch requires some precise shooting in order to be effective in the game, that all comes with practise and barely anything can make up for that. 

Patience and a calm mind are also not something you should lack, as this game can get you pretty ruffled up and quick at that. Getting to know all the heroes, as fast as you can, can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the game. For instance, that only Soldiers 76 has infinite sprint, while it is true that some others have a way to boost speed, his is infinite. 

D.Va is way better upfront and personal with other heroes, rather than from a range, since her way of shooting is way too spread out and does little damage to them, although when you are off your robot, the other way is to be advised. 

Winston can activate his shield while in the air and that way he bypasses the animation, landing on the ground with a ready shield. As Moira, it is best to fight in tight corridors as to be most effective, since her spheres bounce multiple times from walls and in that sense, you will be doing the most possible damage. 

Bastion is best played in tandem with a tank at the forefront or support at the back, shielding and healing, while you shred them up. Different heroes cover a wide range of playstyles all dependant on how the player chooses to play. 

Tank, being one of the main three roles in the game, the others being Damage and Support, are the frontline of almost every skirmish. Their role is to distort the opposing enemy team, be it with full frontal charge, gravity manipulation rays at the fore-back of their forces, sacrificing your ride to enable an advance or just staying back with the shield, soaking up damage. 

Almost every team composition requires them to be present so that the first line of defence happens to be toughest. Supports are there to keep everyone healthy and ready for the next fight, their ways are quite different to teach other, boosting your damage, reviving you, giving you shields, opening portals for you to traverse the map in a way to attack for the back, or even not letting you die at all, as with the hero we are covering today. Their playstyle requires a patient player to be at their upmost efficiency, ready to help and attack but also to heal and protect. 

Damage heroes are there to flank and sometimes even lead the charge for an eventual turnaround, giving ways to some particular skills, like bullet deflection, snipers at the high grounds picking their targets and deleting them, one-shot possibilities with some or even just auto-aim if you get tired of trying to shoot. The aggressive playstyle is appreciated here, since these require the swiftest thinkers, here you do not have the beefiness of the tanks or the heals and shields of the supports, if you get caught, you are mostly a goner. 

Baptiste is the newest addition to the game, which is already sprawling 29 heroes with the newest rounding things up to a solid 30. He enters the battlefield equipped with an LMG, also called the Biotic Launcher, with burst fire enabled and being also a grenade launcher that heals allies in the middle of the fight, it does give him a unique feeling. 

The grenade launcher with its primary and secondary way of firing is quite amazing. While it cannot heal you personally, you are able to heal teammates with your healing grenades. You have to find another way to do that and is best shot at clustered allies or predicting which way they are going to go, since the grenade does have travel time. Being most effective at mid-range, shooting at their fore-front tanks or trying to flank, while still paying attention to your team in case they are being overrun is the way to go here. Being evasive of their long-range snipers is advised, but if you do spot them trying to shoot someone down, you do have a way to counter that, we will get in depth with that in a moment. 

His first skill is called ‘’Regenerative Burst’’ which is a healing burst to him and his allies around him, it heals overtime to a certain point

That certain point is 150 health points, unlike some of the support heroes that have to do something more to heal, for instance Mercy, while healing, can do only that, sacrificing everything else. When playing in Overwatch Baptiste try to maximise its usefulness, try to position yourself between as much allies as possible, but keep in mind that your teammates may not know his range and may stray away from you. This skill is pretty flexible in terms of gameplay, keeping the fantasy of the combat medic alive and on the constant move. It can be used in mostly two ways, as a way for constant healing on the slow but certain advance, keeping everyone ready for a surprise flank. 

The other way is to charge or flank with the Damage heroes, a good way to keep the advance healthy is to be with Soldier 76, who can help with the healing while you are waiting for the correct moment to engage and Baptiste while on the move. 

His second skill is what he is most known for, the ‘’Immortality field’’

As the name already states, you cannot die while being under its effect. Baptiste throws a device which activates and builds a big cylinder around you and all players, you can see if someone is under its effect if on their health bar is a golden part at the end that is the threshold which they cannot fall under. Snipers are countered by this, as they can no longer one-shot your teammates, buying time for you or someone else to take care of them by any means necessary. Although it does stop someone from dying, it can be chipped and even destroyed, your device can be targeted so be ready with the 

‘’Regenerative Burst’’ as a counter measure. 

Positioning it behind champions with shields, like Reinhardt or Orisa, can prolong its life and prevent possible flanks. It is game changing skill, so try not to throw it away for no reason and keep it for some clutch moments or to combo it with another team member’s skill during team fights. 

His third skill is what he uses to traverse the various regions called ‘’Exo Boots’’. Activation is pretty straightforward, holding the ‘’Shift’’ button begins to charge up an enhanced jump, the longer you hold it down the higher you will jump, but it does have an upper limit. 

Giving you a way to disengage from the enemies when playing Baptiste and place you in strategic position to rain grenades or to just reposition yourself. Best used to reach heroes on the higher grounds and quickly coming back to help the grounded champions. However, if you do choose to focus more on the ‘’Combat’’ part of the ‘’Combat Medic’’, you can place yourself behind the enemy lines and do some damage instead of staying behind and doing only splash healing with your alternative fire. That is the only skill that is just focused on him, while all others are there to benefit you and your teammates.

His fourth and final skill being his ultimate ability the ‘’Amplification Matrix’’ gives way to some interesting plays, but it does have a steep learning curve attached to it. Learning how to place and where is kind of tricky at first, but you do get used to it. 

As a rule of thumb, placing it at tight corridors, gateways or just linear streets is advised, while in wide open areas is not. Its main purpose is to boost anything that you and your teammates shoot through it, greatly adding to the damage and healing effects. It does stack with some other ultimate abilities, Ana’s and Orisa’s for instance, as well as the damage boost by Mercy, coordination between these players can destroy any team comp, with the amount of damage being set upon the enemy. Furthermore, the ability may look like a shield, but alas it does not block damage coming through, making for some funny experiences all around. Finding the balance between offense and defence and what to do and when, is the way to go with Baptiste.

Overwatch is still going strong and their heroes are there to show for it, introducing newer and newer heroes with different quirks that they bring to the table is for sure a good sight for it. We are eager to see who they introduce next and what he or she brings next.

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