How many Endorsements to level up in Overwatch


How many Endorsements to level up in Overwatch

Today we will be taking a look at the endorsement system and what it is exactly. It is quite the interesting topic as all of us see it after each game and many might be wondering why exactly it’s there. It might be considered something like a badge of honor system for player but it is not just there to make you feel good, it also provides rewards. That is quite the good thing as it incentivizes players to be interactive and nice in the game.

Little look at the backstory and why this was needed for the game

As many of you players might know, the longer a game is around the harsher the community gets. Just like many other games in the public eye, Overwatch also suffered from this unfortunate part of the playerbase. It got to such a level that new players were constantly bullied and that was not acceptable behavior. 

The competitive scene especially was too harsh and some players, decided not to even participate in competitive matches at all. While we were not left to the wilds and there are even now systems to report such problem behavior, they decided to implement a new system to award those players that try to be nice. It is awesome that they even take in consideration those of us out there that try to help others and avoid being toxic. 

By implementing the endorsements solution, they did not remove toxicity completely but instead made it much better

Now you feel rewarded once you talk to a fellow player nicely and assist your team! The rewards might not be enormous but they are still something to strive for when playing the game.

There are three types of endorsements available for you to select and they all match a different aspect of gaming and how the other person handles them. There are Sportsmanship, Good Teammate and Shot Caller. 

These three are the cornerstone of positivity that the developers at Riot strive for: 

  • For the first one the player is positive and respectful and can not only be given to your teammates you can also do so for your enemies.

  • The second one is for a helpful and communicative teammate that did everything they can to help you win the game.

  • The third and final type is for the person that showed the most leadership material out of all of them.

They helped navigate and coordinate attacks and took charge when leadership was needed. They pulled the team together so that you can all achieve the goal which is winning the game itself. While they might not be the most skilled out of the bunch, they did show the initiative to take the lead and make your team into one cooperative unit. 

This is the most important of them all and these types of players are the most appreciated out there. Especially as this is itself a team combat game and if you manage to cooperate with each other the games will always flow easier. Also when you endorse someone, you will get an additional 50 XP just so that you can get an additional incentive to do it.

Overall you will always start at level 1 and can progress up to a max of level 5 and absolutely each endorsement you receive will impact your level

Also keep in mind that the higher endorsement level you have the better teams you will be matched with. This is incredibly important for a lot of players as you will definitely know that your allies will try their best to help out as much as possible and cooperate with you. 

Another bonus you will get are occasional loot boxes depending on your endorsement level as well as each time there is an ongoing event you will receive a couple more for free. Overall the rewards as previously said are not giant but they are quite a good incentive for you to be a kinder player, especially the part where you get teamed up with better players is alone worth it.

Now you might be wondering how to maintain said endorsement level and does it decay as well. Overall the longer you don’t play the lower it will be as it goes down a tiny bit if you aren’t endorsed. 

The scary part is if you leave a game early as that will cost you a whopping loss in endorsement points and might even drastically lower your level. This will lead to players leaving games less but unfortunately it will also penalize those who unfortunately experience a crash or a power outage which can happen at times.

With all of this information you might even be wondering what is the difference between the end of game cards and the endorsement levels? Overall those end of game cards are there if you showed an especially good play or carried everyone in your team with amazing skills. This does not take into consideration all other aspects of the game and while it may also be a nice recognition it is still a different kind.

It is quite the good system even if it does endorse “fake nice” people but does it really matter in the end if in-game they are nice and out of it they can say whatever. The in-game attitude is the one that affects us as players and can lead to a win or loss.

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