Necropilis Map Guide



Necropilis Map Guide


Another week another Overwatch map to cover, digging up every nook and cranny from these maps is something we adore doing and while doing that, also learning something newer and newer about that particular map. Bringing the Anniversary event which happened back in 2017 to an end, we are going to be covering the third and final map and that is the daughter map of The Temple of Anubis, being abruptly named Necropolis. This is an incredibly interesting map for those of us that enjoy history and would like to fight between amazing ruins! We will be taking a look at some lore about it and afterwards give you some tips and tricks in order to become better at the game.

Now we are going to go in depth in terms of Lore accompanied with the map

Castillo, the map we covered last, was pretty close to its bigger map, so close that you could actually see it. The same thing is true for Necropolis, but they have some miles dividing them from one another. While the map sits some distance from the city, airborne carriers can be seen traversing the deep blue sky, which in turn gives solid evidence that motor transport between the two seems plausible. 

Also the massive 6-wheel sand crawler which is situated right out of the maps border and so happens to be the same vehicle that you spawn out of when being on the attacking side on The Temple of Anubis. The map is made out of 3 separate buildings, 1 central chamber in the forefront with an open roof and 2 smaller buildings stand on either side. 

Necropolis derives its name from ancient Greek and literally translates to ‘’The City of the Dead’’, which is a rather fitting place for the two presumed dead former leaders of Overwatch to exile and those being Soldier 76 and Ana. 

One major difference between Castillo and Necropolis is mainly their layout 

Castillo is mostly closed off and fighting in tight corridors is the way to go, while the fighting in Necropolis is done mostly on an open field. With that said, Heroes that focused on close quarter and just charging were useful on the last map, here they are stepping back so that the long-range and more tactical ones can show their prowess. 

Heroes that can place turrets and traps are useful on almost every occasion possible and same holds true here, since there are quite a few chokepoints where you can disrupt the opposition from within, be it that stopping the forefront from getting to your backline or cutting off their possible fall back with covering that way with traps. 

Every single sniper is useful here, those being Ashe, Ana, Hanzo and Widow can work their magic here to full effect. Ashe can go charging with the front line or just stay back and pick off everyone she sees, Ana is mostly advised to keep to the back, but can help a lot with the push if such a one does come up. 

Hanzo and Widow can uncover the position of the opposition, while gaining the high ground and we all know that is when it is over. Baptiste can show some massive skill here too, since he can work both ways as a stay back and heal type or just go onward and wreak havoc to almost all that stand in his way. There is a massive hole in the middle of Necropolis, where heroes who have abilities which can push people away, hook in, pull in or just charge with them to certain death are great to have on your team as well. None shine through as much as Lucio and Zarya though, Lucio can run circles around everyone and push the slow ones into the aforementioned hole, while in turn keeping yourself healthy. 

Zarya with one well-placed ultimate can drag everyone to the middle, there you have an option finish them off while they are still being dragged in by your ultimate or just let it finish and watch them fall. Everything has a counter though, Orisa has an ability that can stop all crowd control from affecting her, which can really mess up the opposing teams’ cheesy tactics and if that was not enough, she also has an ability which can pull in heroes, giving them a taste of their own medicine is a great feeling. 

Pharah can take control of the skies and rain justice up from above to those unwary opponents, while keeping herself safe from grounded foes, however not all. As we have mentioned above, snipers here are pretty useful and they can return justice to Pharah pretty swiftly, so unpredictable manoeuvres are the way to go, the more you look like a fly without head the more you will be making it harder for them to end you.

With this map we end this particular event in Overwatch, but we are going to be ending it here though. Stay tuned for more and more maps to be introduced into Overwatch and more and more maps to be covered by us. 


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