Nepal Map Guide



Overwatch Nepal Map Guide

Today we will take a look at something quite interesting, which is the Nepal map and what it offers, some lore about it as well as some tips we can give you so that you can take advantage of its geography and hidden stuff in it.

Overwatch launched on the 24’th May of 2016 with exactly 12 maps, while more and more maps are being added on a regular notice and do they bring newer and newer tactics and features to the game, they are overshadowing the original maps. In a way to remember the old days, where we had fewer places to explore, let us focus on one of the original maps, Nepal. 

Gaining enough knowledge in a map can really help in your overall enjoyment of the map and we are here to help to boost just that. This is to make you better at the game overall through positioning and knowing where best to engage enemies from. Those are some of the most important parts of the game if you want to get as good as possible.  If you learn all you can from this guide we are sure that you will definitely improve quite a lot. 

Before we continue with the different sections of the map let’s look at some interesting lore to get us started. Years ago after the infamous Omnic Crisis, a monastery was founded on the ruins of an ancient one in the Himalayas by a group of spiritually awakened Omnics. It became a place where open minded Omnics could gather. Led by their spiritual leader Tekhartha Mondatta, whom you might remember being assassinated by Widowmaker in one of the earliest shorts that Blizzard released, the group of Omnic robots preached unity and equality between everyone. The monastery became an incredibly popular place of pilgrimage for Omnics and humans alike that felt lost and wanted peace and understanding and wanted to meditate on the nature of life. 

Something else interesting is that the robotic monk we all love Zenyatta left the monastery due to a disagreement on how they should spread their beliefs. Although Zenyatta left his prized pupil Genji remains in the village located bellow the monastery, he turned it into a home where he meditates on finding a greater truth and achieving spiritual awakening. 

As all control maps, Nepal is divided in three districts: Sanctum, Shrine and Village 

We are going to focus on the first front of the fight Sanctum. Out of the three districts, fighting can really become the most hectic. Testing various heroes here is advised, although it is true that a solid strategy has been created from the ground up, it is one of those maps where almost all heroes can get creative kills and even change up the pace in an interesting way. 

Also a map where the possibility of environmental kills is pretty high. Junkrat is one of the better heroes to play here, giving way to certain chokepoints do to his grenades. This strategy works for most FPS games, since that is the way to maximize damage due to enemies being clustered together. Furthermore, due to his grenades have Area of Effect damage, the possibility of taking away a tanks shields or some deployable and every time it happens, it comes as a surprise, but a welcome one. This technique also works for Pharah her rockets work in the same way as rockets, except the gravity part, Area of Effect is still present and still as destructive as well as they can be used to clear control points of enemies. 

Roadhog, as well all know, is a tank and as a tank, he is meant to be at front and take as much punishment as possible, however here you can play him in a rather interesting way. Staying near the pit and hooking people from the other side, while keeping your distance. Just imagine being a squishy hero and let the fantasy play on. 

Exactly the extremely big possibility to make environmental kills is what makes this map so interesting. Sometimes when people play on this section they forget to focus on the objectives and just try to get some sweet environmental kills, try not to do that.  While it may be a lot of fun it gets distracting which can lower your performance. 

Something else you have to keep in mind is your positioning at all times

Since you can get thrown down the hole without even knowing who or what pushed you. At all times keep an eye on your enemies especially Pharah and Lucio as they can be the most annoying to deal with as they can push you out of the capture point. Also if you see a Roadhog use their ultimate, just try to run away as fast as possible before he pushes you out of the middle platform.

Shrine is the second district, whose capture point is in a building that has a dedicated roof and a center obstacle. Pharah, yet again, gives one hell of a challenge for everyone else, raining justice from the skies and giving your fellow teammates covering fire. Furthermore, heroes who excel at ambushing an opponent are also a great pick here, since there are plenty of pylons and different edges, where you can wait and strike when you think the moment is right. 

Tanks are not that beneficial, I mean they are good for keeping the points and taking the punishment, but are not that viable to fight here, tight and filled with obstacles maps are not for them.  Something else you have to be careful of is teams just camping the middle with a Bastion and Orisa. This has been a tactic used so much ever since the beginning of the game only that it was paired with a Reinhardt so you will definitely meet this composition ingame. 

When you see that just try to use the environment as an advantage to advance on the enemies. Pick out scattered enemies so that if possible only the Orisa/Reinhardt is left with the Bastion. When that happens just swarm them as quickly as possible and destroy that annoying moving turret. 

We arrive at the Village for the final district, here keeping close to your team is vital for your survival. Either of the teams have great opportunities to set up an immovable defence. On the other side, since you are covered from all sides, making long range heroes like snipers rather useless, but focus on more get in and break through. Giving them more than what they can handle is the way to crumble any strong defence. 

Keeping your ultimate active and coordinating with your team, although it works on every map as well, is especially advised here since that is the only sure way to break through this well fortified capture point. Just remember to not give up and always push together that will definitely break the enemies encampment sooner or later with a couple of well placed ultimates throwing you out of capture points.

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