New Hero Baptiste


Overwatch new hero Baptiste.

Today we will take a look at the recently released hero Baptiste including his amazing backstory and powerful ingame abilities.

First of let’s start off with some lore information regarding Baptiste. Jean-Baptiste Augustin was one of the millions of children orphaned during the Omnic Crisis. He decided to join the Caribbean Coalition because of his desire to help people any way he can. The job that was perfect for him was a combat medic. Unfortunately after his service was over he couldn’t find anywhere to utilize his specific skill set, so he joined the Talon mercenary group along with many of his former squad mates. During his stay in Talon he remained a combat medic and he experienced quite an easy life there as the missions were easy and paid well. As he is and extremely good natured person he always set aside some of his pay so that he could open a clinic back in his hometown. Also while he was there he met Sombra and they became quite close friends over the time. Unfortunately Talon changed a lot and they started executing brutal missions which included assassinations and civilian casualties. This was not something that Baptiste could take well as when he realized what was happening he decided to leave. Unfortunately his former squad mates decided to stay and he left alone to Tortuga. Sadly Talon could not let him go as he knew too much about them and they started sending assassins to eliminate him. Many went after him including even former friends and squad mates but no one ever came back. So that he could stay under the radar Baptiste travelled a lot from place to place but he always tried to aid in humanitarian efforts all around the globe. In the present day we can find him always working towards making a better future for everyone, healing people and also fighting if he was forced. He is overall a troubled soul that can’t forget what he has done in the past but wants to atone for it with his work in the present.

Now let us look at some trivia and his achievements before we continue with his abilities. He is the 30th released hero for no and the ninth new character. He is unique for now as he is the only one with different ammo for his two modes of fire and surprisingly he shares a name with a famous French painter. The new achievements that you can find in the game are the following:

1.       Stand By Me – You have to prevent 4 deaths with a single use of Baptiste’s Immortality Field in quick or competitive play.

2.       Window Of Opportunity – You will have to amplify 2500 combined damage and healing without dying as Baptiste in quick or competitive play.

And now it is time for the most interesting part, the abilities. They are the following:

1.       Exo Boost – It is an ability that allows you to charge up a really high jump when crouching. It takes 1 second to fully charge up and when you release the crouch button the charge will still be active for 1 second but if you press crouch again in that timeframe the ability will reset.

2.       Biotic Launcher – This is Baptiste’s weapon and it is a three round burst rifle that can also shoot out projectiles that heal allies in an area. The three round burst is quite accurate and with little recoil so if you get used to it this becomes a really powerful gun. Unfortunately though while you can heal allies with the healing projectiles you won’t be able to heal yourself.

3.       Regenerative burst – This is an ability that heals you and all allies around Baptiste. The effect is over-time so don’t expect a massive healing burst and try to stay near other allies when you activate it as it is still active even if they leave the area.

4.       Immortality field – Baptiste throws a device that creates an area where allies can’t die but keep in mind that the device can be destroyed and enemies tend to focus it often. An interesting part of this skill is that when an ally enters it and he is below 20% health they will be instantly healed up to 20%. Also be mindful of Sombra as she can hack it and the device will stop working for the rest of the duration. Another useful piece of knowledge is that even if they destroy the device its effect will stay for an additional 0.5 seconds.

5.       Amplification Matrix – Lastly we will look at the ultimate. Baptiste creates a wall that doubles the damage and healing effects of friendly projectiles that pass through it. Something that not many people know is that if you wish to rotate the matrix you will have to press the ultimate key again. A good way to use it is if you have a mercy and she gives a hero damage boost the overall increase in damage will be 230% which can take down tanks like they are paper. Unfortunately though it can be destroyed by EMP so keep that in mind when using it.

Overall Baptiste is an incredibly hero that deserves everyone’s interest as he can act kind like Moira as a damage dealer as well as a healer which makes for much more interesting gameplay. Feel free to try him out and learn his quirks as it will definitely pay off in the end.

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