New map and history of OW


New map incoming and the history behind the amazing Year of The Pig skins.

We will start off with something that will hopefully be released on the live version soon, the new map “Paris”. Blizzard released this map on the game’s public test server so that the player base can check it out and hopefully find some bugs to be removed before they officially launch it. If you can’t wait to try it go ahead and check it out on the PC’s PTR. The map itself is an Assault type map where teams have to either capture or defend specific points on the map. You will be able to play on it in either quick play or competitive mode. The map differs from the others with its narrow streets and corridors and interesting and memorable locations like the Seine River, Cabaret Luna, the Pâtisserie Galand, and Maison Marat, which is supposed to be a grand palace hosting a gala in the heart of the city. This will be the first new map implemented in quite a while, the last being Busan which was released in September 2018. Interestingly enough it is also the first Assault Map since Horizon Lunar Colony which was released all the way back in June 2017. Unfortunately we still don’t have a release date for the live version on PC, Xbox One and Play Station 4 from Blizzard. But we speculate that this romantic new map should arrive somewhere around Valentine’s Day this year.

Now we will talk a little bit about history and Blizzard’s take on it. This year the new legendary skins are predominantly from the legendary Three Kingdoms period of China. This period is so famous that there have been numerous representations of it in books, games, and cinema. And so we will see how Overwatch handled the representation of this great period of history.

First we will start off with GENERAL BRIGITTE, her skin is a representation of the generals of the Joseon Dynasty. Although there are rumors that it might be also referring to the Korean national hero Yi Soon-Shin who defeated the Japanese navy numerous of times and never once losing a sea battle in his whole life.

Next we will check out SANYE ORISA, her skin refers to the lion dance performed at the start of the New Year in Korea. Its purpose is to fend off evil spirits and bring good luck, which can be said is what Orisa does in every Overwatch team.

HONG GILDONG TRACER is a skin with an incredibly interesting story around it. Hong Gildong was something like the famous Robin Hood but set in the Korean Joseon Dynasty. His story is one of tragedy and happiness, he was born to a nobleman and a concubine. Unfortunately this meant that he would grow up being mistreated because of his low birth. When he grew up he got fed up with his treatment and created a band of outlaws that would steal from the rich and give to the poor. Unfortunately he gets captured and forced to go in exile on the island of Yul, where interestingly enough he overthrows the king of the island and takes his crown for himself.

GUAN YU REINHARDT is also a skin based on an incredibly famous character. Guan Yu was a general serving under the warlord Liu Bei and together with Zhang Fei he shared a brotherly relationship with the warlord. Unfortunately he was captured at one point by Cao Cao an enemy warlord but he was pardoned by him and given military command. To repay this kindness he defeated a long time enemy of Cao Cao and afterwards returned to the side of Liu Bei. Guan Yu is revered even today in Buddhist and Taoist cultures for his bravery and loyalty.

Next is ZHANG FEI TORBJORN who is a sworn brother to Guan Yu. The two of them shared an inseparable bond protecting Liu Bei, the ruler of the Shu Han region. The interesting thing here is that Torbjorn and Reinhardt also go way back and share a similar bond as the two legendary heroes of the Three Kingdoms.

ZHUGE LIANG ZENYATTA is a skin that originates from the Chinese writer, politician and famous military strategist during the Three Kingdoms period. This character is a perfect fit for the wise and intelligent Zenyatta. Zhuge Liang was often compared to the likes of Sun Tzu also known as the writer of the Art of War. It is also said that he developed his own type of crossbow as he was a mathematical and mechanical genius as well.

HUANG ZHONG HANZO is a representation of the Five Tiger General that served under Liu Bei the prominent warlord that was active during the Three Kingdom period. Although Huang Zhong was famous for his courage and skill throughout the country he was quite old at the time he started serving Liu Bei. But the warlord appreciated his skills so much that he appointed him the title of Five Tiger General. This action brought distain from Guan Yu as he thought that the general is too old for this rank but after proving himself on the battlefield all doubts were erased.

And lastly we have LU BU REAPER, the person this skin represents is one of the most feared people during the Three Kingdom period. Lu Bu was known as the Flying General, and he fought predominantly against Guan Yu and Liu Bei. His skill on the battlefield was legendary but so was his cunning nature, bad temper and betrayals. He would betray anyone he thought that was not worthy of him on the spot, so it kind of matches with the character of Reaper.

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