Oasis map guide




Overwatch Oasis Map Guide

Maps introduced in Overwatch can vary from one to other, not in their root as a concept, but more in a gameplay variation of approach. Many have a somewhat standard way of playing them correctly, that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment at all, but mostly that you are going to have a tougher time trying to do something more abstract than what is already solidified. 

The map that we are going to be covering today is Oasis where academics from around the region gather and conduct scientific progress without restraints, which in Overwatch is known as a control map, reminiscent of other maps, for instance Nepal, Llios or Lijiang Tower which are all advanced cities dedicated to scientific discovery and monuments to human ingenuity. Control maps offer different sections of a map, each having the same objective, keeping hold of a control point long enough to reach the dreaded 100% and ultimately win the round or even the game. 

Oasis is no stranger to that concept, even bringing something never before seen in the game, but that will be covered further on. Having been released for over 2 years now, released on the 3’rd of January 2017, it is the only map set in Iraq, since Blizzard wanted to cover a wider range of architecture in the game world, which is always nice to witness. 

As with heroes, maps have certain backstories attached to them, as the lore states it was founded by scientists looking to push the limits of what they can craft, even beyond what it is stated by regulations. Created as a symbol of human ingenuity and invention, transforming a lifeless and boring into an advanced technological metropolis, dedicated to scientific progress. 

Oasis is divided into three playable districts: City Center, Gardens and University

We are going in depth with the Oasis City Center, the first part of the map. Introducing new design elements, rather than having a bottomless pit in the middle of the map, the outer edges have roads filled with pretty fast moving cars. These cars lead to certain death to all the heroes, although with some practice and inevitable deaths trying to perfect, you can step on them and lead yourself behind enemy lines, a pretty unique way to flank the enemy. 

Keep in mind that you can still get the flanking position achieved, the road is not insta-death, the cars are, so moving along its path is not per say, but you do have to dodge a few cars to get there. The flanking route takes you directly to a large health pack, which in turn means that if you playing someone like Sombra, rushing to that point is a wise move. 

Others like Pharah or D.Va could also make quick work of the flanking position, getting to the health pack and using knockbacks to stop anyone from the opposing team attempting to do the same. Another large health pack is situated on the other side of the map, right next to the aforementioned new addition: the jump pads. The pad will propel you upwards rather quick, also helps if you are moving before entering the pad, that in turn give you the ability to keep your momentum. 

One of the best positions to land on and keep withering their ranks away and from a safe distance at that. Some mid-range excel here, for instance Soldier: 76 or McCree, who can observe almost two thirds of the map, but beware, other also will try to take control of the vantage point, giving you two fronts to fight on. 

Best fought a team favoured in short skirmishes with the use of their standard skills and keeping control of the high ground. This district is filled with a holes, which can lead to death as well, heroes like Lucio and his push back or Roadhog with his hook are some to watch out for. Each spawn room has them situated right outside, so beware and keep on the lookout of heroes with the ability to displace you. Best fought a team favoured in short skirmishes with the use of their standard skills and keeping control of the high ground. 

The Gardens section

It does have some rather unique placements of health packs, the first is a small health pack located very close to the control point, in addition to that though, each team has a large health pack placed on the other side near this location, to the side. The team has the same but reversed, one big in the middle and two smaller ones to the corresponding side. 

The control point has a back ledge attached to it, while providing some unique angles to scout out and pick off enemies, careful as it placed you quite near the action. One of the more unique aspects of this particular control point is that it can be contested and controlled on two different levels. 

Standing on either of the two aforementioned two levels, will make the enemy constantly move and check to see if everything is clear and that is the moment to strike on which ever level has the weaker defence. Players who like to take out their Reaper from time to time have the middle hole on the control point, leading to the second level, giving them the perfect opportunity to engage their Death Blossom. 

Since the ceiling on the control point over the given limit that heroes can achieve, Pharah players can make quick and short work of scattered heroes on the control point, as it is pretty tightly situated and their splash damage is going to give them a helping here. 

We come to the final district of the map, University. 

On the back we have small central health pack and 1 more small pack on both team’s side. Wasting resources and time to protect and control them is not that effective, since you will not be able to shoot at anyone there, best used to disengage, heal and come back into the battle. It offers 2 vantage points with each of them having a small heath pack, again reminder for mid-range heroes here, who can pick off enemies or even jump down to contest. 

The control point is located on lower ground and each approach is coming from an elevated position. Having a hole in the middle offers heroes like D.VA a quick swoop downwards and flying back up, while other, not so fortunate heroes do have the steps. 

Attacking the control point is best done by first taking control of health pack rooms, as a way to go and come back fast or the raised vantage point. Furthermore, rushing is the point directly is also a type of approach, but do to it being pretty open and either team has walls to protect them and ways to shoot at you, is it advised to take a different approach when going to the capture point. 

Well designed for heroes at close range or even assassins, since there quite a few different ways of surrounding the point and tight corridors, best to watch out for Sombra or Reaper coming from behind. 

Giving you a plethora of ways to play control maps, each of them is designed to have a certain strategy solidified, but still giving way to improvisation, no matter on what scale. 

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